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Love is so complex. It can make us do extraordinary things, while at the same time hold us back from doing certain other things. We may love unconditionally yet still have limits as to what we'll do for that love.

The lyrics to "What You Won't Do For Love" by Bobby Caldwell perfectly captures this mixture of feelings and emotions when it comes to matters of the heart. He sings,

"What you won't do for love.

I'll do for you, I will.

You know I wish that I could just make you understand.

But if my loving cannot make you see what is real.

Wouldn’t it be a crime if I let go of your hand? "

These words draw attention to how desperately we want to show someone our devotion, goodness and truth in spite of their refusal or inability to understand. Even though it may cause suffering or pain on our part, we find ourselves choosing not only stay but come through on our intentions out of a sincere and deep love for them Despite the insurmountable odds against us-we accept those terms all in exchange for even a moment with the one who owns our heart.

What are the words to the song "What You Won't Do For Love"?

Though there are plenty of classic love songs that have been remade and covered over time, one of the most enduring and timeless love songs is Bobby Caldwell's "What You Won't Do For Love." This track was originally released in 1978, but continues to evoke emotion and stir people's hearts today.

The lyrics to this soulful song of devotion provide an ode to true love:.

Verse 1:.

Oh, won't you tell me why must it be so hard? / This ain't a matter of sorrow / Is there something that I can do, oh baby? / To make your loving easier for me to swallow?

Chorus: What you won't do for love / No one else can do it for ya / What you won't do for love / Better think about it before you cast it aside (Oh don't go).

Verse 2: Though in your pride what seems easy enough/Troubles may take from ya/Maybe someone will come around with a word or two/To make the thought of loving start growin' through ya?

Chorus 2x : What you won't do for love/No one else can do it for ya/What you won’t do for love/Better think about it before cast its aside(Don’t go don’t go).

Bridge: Oh what kind of fool am I(must be crazy)/ A-ramblin' around thirsty like a nomad over desert sand (don’t know why) I would walk away when I just need one good try cause...(ohhh yeah yeah ……..) \ Repeat Chorus x2

Who wrote the song "What You Won't Do For Love"?

In 1978, the world-renowned R&B artist Bobby Caldwell released the classic hit single "What You Won't Do For Love". The song contains a timeless sound and catchy, sensual lyrics that many people have come to love over the years.

The song was co-written by Bobby Caldwell and Alphonso Mizell, who is a part of the famous production group called "The Corporation" along with Berry Gordy, Freddie Perren and Deke Richards. This group has produced some of modern music best hits, including Motown classics like Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” and Diana Ross’ “Ain't No Mountain High Enough”.

Despite being released more than three decades ago, “What You Won’t Do for Love" still resonates with listeners to this day—a testament to Bobby Caldwell and Alphonso Mizell's expertly crafted composition. This song would be covered multiple times in different styles over the years by artists such as Stevie Wonder or interpretations especially made by later hip hop artists such as Vaneese Thomas & Mos Def in 2013 or DJ Paul Nice feat Maylay Sparks & KRS One in 2001.

Who originally sang the song "What You Won't Do For Love"?

The song “What You Won't Do For Love” was originally recorded and released by the singer/songwriter Bobby Caldwell in 1978. The lyrics and music for the song were written and composed entirely by Caldwell himself, giving it an intimate, personal edge. He stuck to his smooth jazz-inflected style with this one, making a great groove to dance or just enjoy listening to.

It's hard not to love this classic soul/R&B track from its timeless lyrics about undying love that has inspired generations of singers, songwriters, and musicians alike. Since its release in 1978, the track has been covered plenty of times too since it become so popular; some notable cover versions include those from Natalie Cole & Julio Iglesias (2001), Marvin Gaye (1988), Ronnie Jordan (1992) as well as jazz interpretations by Joe Sample (1984) and Stanley Jordan (1995).

No matter what version you listen to though - whether Bobby Caldwell’s original release or one of the many covers - you are sure to hear captivating soulful vocals layered on top of a catchy but sophisticated jazz-tinged arrangement that will make your heart melt.

What year was the song "What You Won't Do For Love" released?

"What You Won't Do For Love" is a timeless classic. Originally released in 1978 by Bobby Caldwell, the song still resonates with listeners today.

The single, released as a part of Caldwell's self-titled debut album, was a critical and commercial success. It topped the US Billboard Hot 100 Soul Singles Chart and peaked at #7 on both the US Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart and Dance Music/ Club Play Single Charts. "What You Won't Do For Love" achieved global success across charts in Australia, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and New Zealand.

It has received numerous covers by other performers including José James for Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Bubblers Seven Compilation (2008), Al Jarreau (2015) Captain & Tennille (1979) Kool And The Gang (1980), Gladys Knight & The Pips (1981), Joe Cocker (1982) as well as many more throughout the years – showing just how enduring this single is to fans around the world.

The beautiful chant-like chorus; “all that you need is a hand to hold onto” continues to be an inspiration for lovebirds everywhere - providing encouragement that true love finds its way despite any obstacles that may come along with it in life’s continuous journey forward.

So while we enjoy this romantic 70s soulful pop classic forty-two years since its initial release in 1978 - those swinging rhythms will continue to have us all singing along hopefully right into 2022!

Who released the song "What You Won't Do For Love"?

It was the American singer and songwriter, Bobby Caldwell, who released the classic song "What You Won't Do For Love" in 1978. The song has since become one of the most popular soul-funk tracks in history, reaching #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and selling millions of copies worldwide.

Released off of his self-titled debut studio album Bobby Caldwell, "What You Won't Do For Love" was written by Caldwell himself with Alfons Kettner. Described as a reflection upon pure love and romance, it stands out for its infectious groove that connects with listeners regardless of their age or music preferences.

In addition to its commercial success nearly 40 years ago, "What You Won't Do For Love" remains widely covered by countless artists over the years—from independent musicians to jazz giants like George Benson. Without a doubt one of R&B's greatest contributors to music history has to be Calvin’s timeless classic—a stunning example how powerful love can be when expressed in musical form!

What genre is the song "What You Won't Do For Love" classified as?

The classic Billboard Hot 100 hit song "What You Won't Do For Love" from 1978 is classified as a soul/R&B ballad. The beloved track was released by Motown artist Bobby Caldwell and has been covered by many other recording artists throughout the decades, including jazz groups like Astrud Gilberto, American Idol Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson, and even comedic folk-rock duo Tenacious D.

In its nearly five-minute duration, "What You Won't Do For Love" rapidly builds into a lush musical experience full of heartfelt vocals, strings and horns. This blend of soulful melody provides the perfect backdrop for Caldwell to showcase his unique vocal capabilities; indeed it has become one of his signature songs.

Caldwell himself has said that while its lyrical content is intended to be romantic in nature he sees it “metaphorically as love being defined so broadly that it can be interpreted almost any way one wishes.” This universality is what makes this track such an enduring favorite among music lovers everywhere for over four decades now – more than enough affirmation of its true classification: a timeless R&B/soul ballad!

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