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Are Michael and Asia from Ready to Love still a couple?

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Published: 2020-09-28

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Are Michael and Asia from Ready to Love still a couple?

Based on the latest news reports, it appears that Michael and Asia from the reality show Ready to Love are no longer together. The two had been a couple since meeting in the series finale, but vowed to take some time apart to further assess their relationship before making a further commitment.

It would appear that they have since gone their separate ways. They have both publicly addressed their post-show stint, each confessing that they hadn't found what they were looking for in each other. On her Instagram page, Asia announced that ultimately "We did not align as well as we wished, so it is best if we continue our journey on our own paths”. Michael has echoed similar sentiments stating “I respect and hold her in high regard…but I also need to love myself and stay true to my values”.

Although fans of Ready to Love were rooting for Michael and Asia, despite their best intentions it does not appear to be meant to be. We can only wish them both luck as they individually pursue love in the future.

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Are Brandon and Melanie from Ready to Love still an item?

Ready to Love, the hit reality show on OWN, had fans swooning at the romance between Brandon and Melanie. The pair quickly had viewers at the edge of their seats as they experienced a deep connection while on the series. After the show ended, speculation and rumors ran rampant regarding the future of their relationship.

The answer to whether or not Brandon and Melanie from Ready to Love, are still an item is a resounding yes! Although not officially engaged, the duo kept in close contact after filming wrapped up, with Melanie often posting photos of them out on dates and tagging Brandon in her posts. This had fans rejoicing with many saying they were "cute together". In January 2020, it was officially reported that Brandon and Melanie were indeed still dating.

Although many couples who come together for a reality show relationship end up separating shortly after production ends, it looks like this isn't the case for this romantic pair from Ready to Love. Each have posted comments regarding their journey on social media showing they still have strong feelings for one another. So all you fans can continue shipping this couple as they're currently still happily portraying their love story!

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Has Kenya and Miles from Ready to Love parted ways?

Yes, Kenya and Miles from Ready to Love have definitely parted ways. This was confirmed recently by a statement from Kenya revealing how much she appreciated her single status as she was finally free of the drama that transpired throughout her and Miles’ relationship. This isn’t the first time that the couple has split – they even reunited during their time on Ready to Love – but this time it seems they’ve decided to call it quits for good. After multiple news outlets reported on their break-up, Kenya took it to social media to confirm the news and share her thoughts on being single again. She divulged that she was happy, because it felt like “she could exhale” after all of the stress that came as a result of her relationship with Miles. Miles has not yet responded or made any statement about their break-up, so many fans are still wondering how he views this distressing turn of events. Nevertheless, it seems that for Kenya this separation is an opportunity for her continue to discover her true self and build an identity outside of being part of a couple with Miles. Ready2Love viewers certainly wouldn’t be surprised if they got back together yet again; so, only time will tell what happens between these two in the future!

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Have Giannina and Damian from Ready to Love broken up?

Ready to Love, the Lifetime dating reality show that has been capturing the attention of viewers nationwide, has been full of drama—especially between Giannina and Damian. Fans everywhere are wondering: Have Giannina and Damian broken up?

Although things certainly haven’t looked good for this couple lately, their current relationship status is still a mystery. After some of their more heated arguments- it was reported that Giannina was seen packing her things and leaving the house- viewers were left wondering if this couple had finally gone their separate ways. But a recent Instagram post by Giannina suggested that they may still be together. In the post- which only featured her foot wearing a golden sandal next toDamian's black one- she simply captioned “Sol Mate”.

The silver lining in all of this speculation around them is that they have clearly stirred up some very strong emotions amongst their fans. Everyone wants this love story to have a happy ending! Given all of the drama surrounding them both on and off screen, it doesn’t seem likely that we can say definitively whether or not they have broken up until the season wraps up. For now however we can take comfort in knowing that even at their worst, this couple has shown us how passionate and powerful love can be!

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Have Cortney and Zack from Ready to Love split?

Ready to Love, the hit show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, has been captivating audiences with its compelling story of two single people looking for lasting relationships. Unfortunately, the latest news is that Zack and Cortney - two of the show’s central figures – have split.

This breakup has sent shockwaves through fans of the show and those who thought Zack and Cortney’s potential was undeniable. Many are hoping for a reconciliation, but at this point the couple hasn't issued any sort of public statement addressing their split.

Rumor has it that both Zack and Cortney have been very busy balancing their work life with their journey to find love on Ready to Love. Industry insiders speculate that this juggling act could be at the heart of their current break, with neither having the time to make it work in spite of all odds. In addition, there is some speculation regarding what else may have gone wrong between them outside of external pressures from a third-party production team. Ultimately, only Zack and Cortney know for sure what caused them to part ways but regardless one thing is certain: viewers will be sorely missing this dynamic duo in future episodes as they root for a return next season!

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Are Dave and Alex from Ready to Love still going strong?

Dave and Alex, the dynamic duo from Ready to Love, have been turning heads ever since they wowed audiences on the show. While not all of their fellow contestants can say they’re still going strong, Dave and Alex continue to get closer and closer every day.

The couple first started things off with a bit of a rocky start but it soon became apparent that their bond was unbreakable. In fact, it almost seemed like Dave already knew his soul-mate when they first met. They enjoyed getting to know each other while taking part in group dates and the conversations during their one-on-one dates were simply magical. As things progressed viewers were absolutely loving their journey together, seemingly knowing just how much potential was there for them to last for a long time.

The pair seem to be going even stronger now that the show is finished its run. Updates on their lives are shared between them often and pictures of them looking as happy as ever together show an ever-deepening connection between them - one that many fans of the show continue to celebrate! All in all, with how strong this couple’s bond has been from day one it would appear that Dave and Alex are still going strong!

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