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How great is your love chords?

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How great is your love chords?

I'm often asked "How great is your love chords?" and it's easy to see why. With its soaring melody and uplifting message, this classic hymn remains one of the most played and most cherished songs of all time.

The music and lyrics for “How Great is Your Love” were written in the early 1970s by Joseph Mittleman, an American singer-songwriter from New York City. The words themselves capture an eternal truth -- that God’s love for us is unmatched.

The song is usually sung with a simple three or four chord progression making it very accessible to even beginner guitarists or anyone wanting to give it a try on the piano or keyboard. The song can be broken down into these basic chords: D, A, Bm7 & Gmaj7/B♭m7. Beginning with D, you'll move over one fret at a time, repeating until you reach Gmaj7/B♭ after which you go back around again in reverse order until all chords have been completed - a perfect circle of worship!

This simple but powerful chorus expresses our feelings of thanksgiving perfectly: “How great Your love that reaches down so deep that I can truly comprehend / It carries me beyond what words could ever bring me to our Lord’s embrace." These lyrics make us realise just how much we are loved by God as well as filling us with hope and joy during difficult times.

"How Great Is Your Love" truly stands out among popular Christian tunes today due its applicable message coupled with easy chords that are accessible for both seasoned players as well as newcomers creating their own renditions of this beloved hymnal favourite!

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What are the lyrics to "How Great Is Your Love?"

When it comes to worship songs, few can parallel the power of “How Great Is Your Love.” Originally written by Chris Tomlin and Ed Cash, this modern hymn has become a staple in contemporary Christian music.

The lyrics center around God’s love and seek to exalt Him as the source of everything good. From the top of a mountain to the depths of the sea and everywhere in between, God’s love remains unchanging and steadfast:

Verse 1:.

Your love is higher than mountains higher than mountains.

Your grace is deeper than oceans deeper than oceans.

And your hands are big enough to hold me when I'm broken.


Oh how great is Your love for me oh so high that I cannot climb oh how great Your mercy be oh so deep that it won't run dry.

Verse 2:.

You are faithful ever reaching stretching across all time.

Your Word will never fail me Heaven's promise divine.

Chorus: Oh how great is Your love for me oh so high that I cannot climb oh how great Your mercy be oh so deep that it won't run dry repeat ()Bridge: All my fears You take away you never fail till the break of day all my burdens cast on You no sorrow or grief there's nothing You wont do verse 3 : Angels stand around us seeing what You say shaking heaven with their sound Soul amazement fills our hearts cause we will never leave apart chorus 3 : Ok How great your Majesty How you reign upon this earth Oh your Kingdom every breath we breathe declare who you are outro : Oh How Great Is your Love Repeat ().

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Who wrote the song "How Great Is Your Love?"

The song "How Great Is Your Love" is a timeless classic written in 1972 by the late gospel legends Andraé Crouch and Sandy Patton. Both singers were successful multi-instrumentalists, songwriters, and producers. Andraé Crouch was one of gospel music's most influential figures during his lifetime. His unique style blended R&B sensibilities with traditional gospel music. He wrote numerous hit singles that were recorded by other artists as well as a number of commercials along with his own albums during his career. In addition, he served as a mentor to many of the greats in modern gospel music like Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond while also touring with Michael Jackson on the latter’s world tour after the release of Songs in the Key of Life (1976). Not only was Andraé an amazing musician but was more importantly known for his devout Christian faith which inspired generations through both words and actions." Sandy Patton worked as both a backup singer and producer for Andraé Crouch throughout much of her career. Her soulful yet passionate vocals on "How Great Is Your Love" are still remembered today despite being relatively unknown outside the gospel circles until later after her passing away in 2008 due to heart attack at age 52 years old . Before then she made over 20 records either solo or collaborations on famous gospels from Raymond Myles, Dorothy Combs Morrison & Vanilla Fudge to name few among them; though her biggest impact would be through this collaboration together with AndreCrouch resulting it into becoming one timeless hit. We’re thankful for their dedication to creating beautiful songs such as "How Great Is Your Love," that lift our spirit even today all these years later since first produced way back in 1972!

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What is the correct key signature of "How Great Is Your Love?"

The correct key signature for the song “How Great Is Your Love” is D major. The song is written in a slow 4/4 time, with a relaxed feel and an upbeat tempo.

The key of D major is constructed of two sharp notes, F# and C#. This creates a very bright sound due to the combination of 6th interval suspensions on multiple chords throughout the piece. It also incorporates the minor 7th near the end, creating that more complex harmonic flavor that gives “How Great Is Your Love” its unique feeling.

Another great characteristic about this key signature is how it allows for different instruments to shine during various sections of the piece - something which is often overlooked when composing music in major keys with three or more sharps or flats involved! Having two sharps creates an extremely vibrant atmosphere for both bass players and guitarists alike, as well as allowing space for vocal harmonies to fit together perfectly without overcrowding each other out too much from one another.

All in all, choosing D major as your key signature when playing “How Great Is Your Love” will instantly give you wonderful results - no matter what instrument you are playing! Give it a try today!

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What tempo should I use when playing "How Great Is Your Love?"

Playing the song “How Great Is Your Love” can be an enjoyable experience, but it may be difficult to determine a tempo that fits the song. Here are some tips to help you select the right one.

First and foremost, consider the feeling of the song. This beautiful worship song is meant to reflect deep heartfelt adoration for God and convey love and gratitude through music. Therefore, take a few moments to ponder how your audience will feel when they hear it - consider its impact on their hearts as they join in worshiping with you. Once you have taken into consideration these emotional aspects of the song, you can then decide on an appropriate tempo that best matches this feeling.

An energetic, upbeat tempo will likely not match well with this ballad-type of hymn, so look for something more gentle and reflective in 4/4 time signature. A "rubato" approach is often used for slower ballads like this one; think slow but steady rhythm where each note is given full value without rushing through any part or dragging along other sections - maintaining a consistent heartbeat throughout helps bring a beautiful flow to it all!

Finally, remember that since playing “How Great Is Your Love” is such an intimate experience between musician(s) and listener(s), don't be afraid to tweak tempos as needed - sometimes going slightly faster or slower in different parts can add more sparkle and emotion into it's overall interpretation! All said and done though, try aiming for somewhere between 60-80 beats per minute (BPM) when playing 'How Great Is Your Love'. Taking all these elements into consideration will ensure an enjoyable performance of this exquisite hymnal classic!

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Is there a bridge in the song "How Great Is Your Love?"

No, there isn't a bridge in the song "How Great Is Your Love" by Maverick City Music and Chandler Moore. This contemporary gospel and worship song was released in March 2021 on their dual EP album called To The Ends of the Earth. The track is part-acoustic and part-electronic, with a catchy pop production style, and its main focus is on praising God for His immeasurable love.

The lyrics express a deep sense of awe at how incredible God's love truly is: "How great is Your love, it has no beginning or end/ There's nothing like it/ How great You are". The pulsing beat supports soaring vocals that lead to an uplifting chorus— without ever needing a bridge section. As you listen to this track you can feel the power of congregational singing capture your spirit— no need for a bridge here!

But even without one, "How Great Is Your Love" features emotive moments that allow us to explore our relationship with God in ways both tender and transformative. They remind us just how amazing our Creator’s love really is and invite us into deeper faith as we launch into one heartfelt cry: “Your grace abounds forevermore!”

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What are the guitar chords for "How Great Is Your Love?"

Playing the song “How Great Is Your Love” can be a wonderfully rewarding musical experience. The song, which was taught in many churches and Sunday school back in the early days has now become widely known amongst guitarists who want to add a bit of classic flavor to their playing.

The chord structure for this traditional tune is full of beautiful progressions, making it perfect for strumming along with singing, or just playing away on your own. The chords are A7, Dm, E7, B7 and Em in that sequence throughout the song. Here’s how you can use them:

A7 (002224) – This chord is used at the beginning of the chorus and then again at the bridge at around 1:10 from start.

Dm (xx0231) – Used on both phrases of verse & 1st Chorus - 0:17 - 0:43 & 2nd Chorus -1:35 -2:00 respectively as well as during chorale line beginning at 1:42 until end of song.

E7 (020130) – Used once in first phrase after A7 being strummed along with vocal line until end- 0:48 till 01:0 :50 & 2nd chorus bridge intersection line accompanying "How great is thy love" lyric phrase happily played out during transition towards last verse and 3rd chorus - 2 :15-2 :18 From there it drops continuously further on onto Em chord (022033) utilized mainly throughout choral section and outro starting up again beginning- 01 :43 till 02 :21 meaning each side phrase also closing off whichever lead melody between which every respective accompaniment itself was performed earlier on..B 7 ((247XXX)).. appearing one last time before introing titular repetition there ya have it!May you enjoy learning how to play this beautiful standard, happy picking!

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