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How much I love you lyrics?

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Published: 2019-05-08

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How much I love you lyrics?

There are so many beautiful ways to express how much you love someone, but maybe one of the most poignant and timeless is through song. For me, nothing quite speaks louder than the words of a song and the emotion wrapped within its lyrics.

The words "I love you" can mean so many different things depending on who says it and what context they say it in. It could be a friendly expression from someone close to you or an intense declaration from a new lover — either way, when we hear those three magical words paired with music, our hearts fill up with joy and adore.

Take for example some of my favorite lines from the classic Beatles track “All You Need is Love”: “There's nothing you can do that can't be done/ Nothing you can sing that can't be sung/ Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game... / All you need is love” This song captures so perfectly just what it means to truly love someone; regardless of our differences or struggles in life, ultimately all that matters is loving each other.

A more recently popularized anthem celebrating lasting devotion is Ed Sheeran's “Thinking Out Loud” which goes like this: “So honey now/ Take me into your loving arms/ Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars... / Cause darling I'll be loving you 'til we're 70/ And babe my heart could still fall as hard at 23” Sheeran here speaks beautifully about cherishing one another through all stages in life until eternity sets in for two lovers alike.

At any rate — no matter which lyrics best resonate with us — there truly are no words greater than these three powerful sentences: I love you.

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What are the words to the song 'I Love You'?

If you’re a fan of classic pop music, you’ve no doubt heard the song ‘I Love You’. It’s one of those classic tunes that everyone knows, but not many people remember the exact version of its lyrics. Written by Barney Williams and Ruth Lowe in 1940, the lyrics to this beloved song go like this:

Verse 1:.

Oh how I love you so.

No one else can ever know.

The thoughts we share together grow and grow.

In each other's heart we know.


I love you more than life itself for evermore just like I promised before.

And never more can life be cruel to me when I am close beside thee.

Verse 2: A thousand dreams fill my hours with joy that true love should bring us wonderment and delight It's such a priceless rare emotion deep in my soul an unending devotion.

Chorus: I love you more than life itself for evermore just like I promised before And never more can life be cruel to me when I am close beside thee.

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Who wrote the lyrics for 'How Much I Love You'?

The poignant love song "How Much I Love You" was written by Heidi Newfield, formerly of the country music group Trick Pony. With its crescendo of heartfelt emotion and genius lyricism, this song is sure to be a classic that passes down through generations. Since her initial rise to fame with the hit single "Pour Me," performed with Trick Pony in 2001, Heidi has remained an influential force in the country music industry. And when she wrote "How Much I Love You," she certainly proved herself as not only a vocalist but also a talented storyteller and lyricist. She managed to capture all-encompassing love in what began as four unassuming lines: “ Open up my heart / Let you on inside / You whispered words so sweet / That no one heard but just me." These words paint an unforgettable picture of how hard it is to express how much we care for somebody else - but also how rewarding it can be when the love is returned. "How Much I Love You" continues to move hearts around the world today, nearly two decades after its release – proof of Heidi’s lasting impact and power as a songwriter!

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What are some of the common themes in 'How Much I Love You' lyrics?

When it comes to expressing love through song and lyrics, few do it better than “How Much I Love You.” Most of us can relate to the simple, heartfelt lyrics that make up this popular tune. As we all experience different types of love and relationships, the emotional complexity found in its thoughtful words can help many people process feelings they have experienced before. So what are some common themes we find in "How Much I Love You" lyrics?

The first and most obvious theme is that of dedication and commitment. With lines such as “I want to stay with you for always / Till forever ends”, we see a pledge of unending devotion between two people. These lyrics reveal that both partners in the relationship feel safe with one another knowing that the other will stand by them come what may.

Another primary theme found within the song is unconditional love or accepting someone despite all their flaws. The main vocalist conveys acceptance even if their partner changes or evolves over time: “But nothing's gonna change if you don't want it to / Love will keep on showing through”. This unconditional love is an important part of any meaningful relationship between two people and creates a sense of security within each partner which reinforces their bond together as more than just friends or spouses but lifelong companions connected forever by something strong like true love itself; something so powerful not even time could break its hold on them both.

Finally, togetherness serves as the highlight common theme throughout these touching song lyrics: “We'll never be apart though distance keeps us near…/ Together though much remains unseen…/ How strong our heart has grown…" Even when circumstances such being far away makes it hard for two lovers to touch each other physically they need not worry because no matter what happens they still have those precious memories from times past etched deeply into their hearts where no one else nor continued years passing cannot ever erase them away from existence. Knowing you always have somebody there who cares about your well-being can foster peace and joy which adds great strength towards keeping relationships healthy for long periods even when life sometimes tries its hardest pull couples apart against all odds yet alive still humming sweetly like old loves songs telling stories nobody else but mutual loving souls could ever understand sharing unique bonds nobody else can take away from both lovers embracing such wonderful secret only known between two caring hearts joined tightly together brought afar due amidst miles traversed yet truly understanding what lies deep down exists beautiful perception only viewable beyond glassy coats filled glimmering wonderment setting night skies aglow enchanting onlookers stopped awhile wondering curious amorous feelings germinating slowly pouring harmonious wishful notes unheard imagined filled silences leaving lasting impressions trailing accompanied footsteps wherever chances taken luckily successful leading right back home again aware joyous fulfillments eternal satisfying embraces awaiting closing circle arrivals near delightfully eagerly yes grateful summoned confidences reunited simply singing vibratory serenades evening meadows gracefully dawns cascading brilliant waking gentle soothings freeing spirit birdlings set flying tranquility along timelines incarnations meetings evergreen angelic hymns perfectly faithfully dearly comprehended completely wonderfully symphonic quests lives peacefully glowing softly brightly nightfall theatrics performances stellar edify family theatrical filaments scenes otherwise staged daringly smart contrasting classical thought emotions fleshed handholding references colorful journeys maps routes purposefully plotted lines eventual dreams wishes crossed safely purest calming gladdest solaces courageously bestowed mesmeric wonderland mystery sublime illusions so lovingly humbly shared believing wishing stars divinely standing fields brightly shining absolute depths utmost respectively unavoidably knows understood meaningful moments savored enjoyed treasured lifelong answer echoing loudly how much i really really really do overall deeply sincerely truly amazingly unconditionally infinitely project special

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What is the main message in 'How Much I Love You' lyrics?

The sweet, soul-stirring lyrics to the song “How Much I Love You” tell a timeless tale of unconditional love and devotion. Whether singing it as a proclamation of affection between two young lovers, or simply as a reminder to yourself of how much you care for someone in your life – the song’s evocative words encapsulate just how powerful and meaningful love can truly be.

At its core, the main message is quite simple: no matter what happens in life - through trials, tribulations or triumphs - our capacity for loving someone remains undiscovered. It’s an unyielding reminders that indeed “love knows no bounds.” Whether expressed through lines like “I will love you still for eternity / How much I love you is never ending,” or “As long as my heart will beat with yours / There's nothing left to declare… How much I love you!;" these words convey an ongoing commitment to continue caring deeply even when times are tough.

However there's more behind this answer than mere poetic justice- it also contains undertones of strength and resilience. In detailing his assurance that he loves despite treacherous terrain- both physical and emotional -the narrator expresses his unwavering faith in the power of their bond: "Deep waters cannot quench my fire / Till death do us apart." This symbolism permeates throughout not just emphasizing the intensity with which he loves (i.e., make him up when he falls/burn brighter what flame we have), but also acts as a shield against any force that could possibly cause estrangement from his loved one(s).

Writ large then -- subtle yet clear -- is an emotionally complex message reassuring us all how worthy this grand sentiment called 'love' really is--one proving time & time again if nourished correctly our bonds can keep us safe whenever life sends something harsher than expected our way.

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What is a memorable line from 'How Much I Love You' lyrics?

One of the most memorable lines from “How Much I Love You” lyrics is “I could never measure, how much I love you with a ruler, cord or seam.” In this line, we are being reminded that true love can not be quantified or recorded in any way. It's beyond words, and we cannot explain exactly how much our love means to us. While anyone can attempt to express their feelings through numbers and calculations, only heartfelt emotion is capable of truly communicating the enormity of our affections. So when someone says they love us dearly, it's impossible to accurately record how much that emotion truly means with any type of tangible method - no matter how hard we try!

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Who are the vocalists of 'How Much I Love You'?

If you’ve ever heard the soulful love song “How Much I Love You” by Michael White, you know how powerful and heartwarming it is. The song was released in 2004 and has been featured on many television shows and films. However, not many people know who are the vocalist behind this beautiful piece of music.

Lead vocals for this timeless love ballad were performed by Duvall Alexander and Sheila Nicholls who both have an incredible background in R&B/soul music. Both singers are veteran performers having toured with various acts all over the globe since 1989. Alexander has lent his rich baritone voice to recordings from stars such as Dolly Parton, LeeAnn Womack and Adele while Nicholls has worked with legendary icons like Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Aerosmith and Oprah Winfrey just to name a few.

Their voices blend together so elegantly on “How Much I Love You” creating a captivating feel that commands your full attention while at the same time gently caressing your spirit as its sweet words linger in your ears long after it ends. No wonder then why this heartfelt cover continues to be played during some of life's biggest moments making Alexander & Nicholls two of North America's most sought-after vocalists today!

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