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What happened to christina from love after lockup?

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Published: 2021-05-30

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What happened to christina from love after lockup?

Love After Lockup followed the journeys of couples navigating the complexities of navigating their relationships while one or both partners were on parole or probation. Christina and her inmate, Mekhi, were one of the most-talked-about couples on the show.

In the season finale of their season, Season 2 Episode 4, Christina and Mekhi had a big blowout about him not wanting to stay with her family on a previous trip. When Christina asked Mekhi why he was treating her so badly, he said it was because of all of the difficult things in his life that he had to face since getting out of jail. Despite screaming at each other, this moment also served as a milestone for Christina as she recognized that maybe there was something deeper going on with them both.

Things went from bad to worse for them in Season 3 after Mekhi was arrested and sent back to prison when he violated his parole. He made Christina vow that they would make it through this together until Mekhi was released on supervised release.

At first, it seemed like things were finally looking up for the couple when Christina and Mekhi reunited just before Christmas at an aftercare facility outside Los Angeles. But despite their promise to remain loyal to each other, their relationship didn't last much longer as they broke up shortly after after realizing they weren't compatible anymore.

Christina has since moved on from her experience on Love After Lockup and is now married with three children. She often shares stories about parenthood and married life on Instagram with fans who continue to follow her story despite how long ago her time on Love After Lockup ended.

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What has become of Scott and Lizzie on Love After Lockup?

Lifetime’s Love After Lockup has become a sleeper hit since its debut in 2018. The reality series is a spin-off of its top-tier show, 90 Day Fiancé, and follows couples from whom one partner recently emerged from prison.

One of the more beloved couples on the show is Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes. The couple met when Scott was in prison for his most recent sentence for drug smuggling. Before serving his sentence, Scott had been imprisoned three times before due to other stints of drug smuggling.

On Love After Lockup, viewers watched as Lizzie’s seemingly unconditional love for Scott slowly deteriorated in light of his refusal to accept help with quitting drugs – primarily oxycodone and cocaine – despite being a convicted addict multiple times.

Since leaving the show, it appears that the couple has broken up; although they still follow each other on social media. Not long after filming ended, Scott moved away to Jacksonville and recently had a close brush with the law when facing charges of credit card fraud. He is now out on probation while trying to stay sober and living with family members in Alabama where he runs his own podcast channel, Unit 614 Podcast Network. Lizzie moved between states following filming but ultimately settled in Iowa where she lives with her son Kyle and works as an entertainer at a gentlemen’s club. Scott did reach out to Lizzie during a recent episode where he attempted to work things out but unsuccessful.

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What happened between Shane and Maria from Love After Lockup?

On the popular reality show Love After Lockup, Shane and Maria had a fairly tumultuous relationship. At first, the two seemed like they had a lot in common, sharing similar backgrounds and a strong attraction to one another. However, as their relationship progressed, cracks began to form. Shane was incredibly controlling and possessive of Maria while they were together, pursuing her relentlessly and enforcing strict rules on her such as not taking other jobs or being late for anything. He believed that if she followed these rules he would “protect” her from life’s “dirty little secrets." This level of possessiveness eventually caused too much strain between the two and led to their separation. Maria had her own issues with fidelity that also added to their troubles. She was caught cheating on Shane multiple times, which made him understandably jealous and hurt. In addition, it wasn’t long before Maria found herself drawn into a relationship with another man while she was still with Shane. The combination of Shane’s possessiveness ultimately drove Maria away and ended the relationship between them for good. For viewers of Love After Lockup, Shane & Maria's story is an all-too-real reminder that if someone demands too much control out of you in a relationship, it can have disastrous consequences — as it did for these two reality stars.

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What is the current status of Andrea and Lamar from Love After Lockup?

The current status of Andrea and Lamar, two of the most talked-about couples on WeTV’s hit show Love After Lockup, is a topic that fans love to discuss. We last saw this volatile pair arguing before Lamar left to go back to prison after being released on parole. The situation has left many viewers wondering what could possibly happen next for this tumultuous relationship.

In April 2020, it looked like things improved between these two when Andrea got a major surprise from Lamar—a romantic dinner inside his office at a halfway house with flowers and champagne! Though the dinner seemed to be going well, Lamar later called into a radio show and revealed that he had called off their engagement and moved out of their apartment because he didn’t want to live with Andrea anymore due to how she was treating him. It seemed all hope was lost for this once-happy couple.

Fortunately, there has been progress since then. In July 2020 Lamar revealed in an interview that he was willing to reconcile with Andrea if things can change between them. And in September 2020, Andrea shared on social media that Lamar told her he loves her, so it’s possible the pair could reunite once again after all of the drama they have experienced together! Overall, it is clear that this passionate couple still has a long way to go but at least there is a glimmer of hope for their future together.

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What has happened between Marcelino and Brittany from Love After Lockup?

Marcelino and Brittany have been one of the most captivating love stories to come out of Love After Lockup. As audience members, we have witnessed Marcelino and Brittany's whirlwind journey towards love, one which has been anything but straightforward.

While Marcelino was serving his eight year sentence for burglary, he and Brittany first connected over social media, starting what would become an intense and passionate romance. Despite his initial apprehension about falling for someone on the outside, their strong connection eventually broke down the barrier Marcelino had built up and the two soon became a couple.

However, as with any long-distance relationship, trusting one another could only take them so far and soon enough reality set in. While dealing with financial woes and a plethora of other relationship issues, suspicions that either of them were not being entirely honest with each other began to creep up. In the end it became too much to bear, culminating in Marcelino famously walking out of the season finale dinner once he saw who had really been paying their rent.

At their last meeting just a few weeks ago, Marcelino confirmed that they are indeed no more than friends at this point due to the trust issues they faced while he was still locked up. Even though it seemed like they could make it work despite all obstacles put in their way, ultimately it wasn't meant to be for this captivating duo.

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Where are Clint and Tracie today from Love After Lockup?

Clint and Tracie from Love After Lockup have recently been spotted living it up in San Francisco. After Clint’s release from prison in 2017, they decided to pack up and move to California’s Bay Area. Though the couple faced some minor obstacles in the beginning of their journey, they have successfully been rebuilding their relationship through the fresh start.

They often take time away to themselves, exploring different shops, restaurants and landmarks that San Fran has to offer such as riding on a cable car and spending quality time to together at Twin Peaks. With over two years of experience under their belt filled with growing and learning, it is clear that this couple is only getting stronger as the days come by.

In terms of where Love After Lockup is now for Clint and Tracie, according to recent interviews by US Magazine, the couple has no plans for a move anytime soon and plan on sticking around for a few more years! Perhaps this means we may even get the opportunity to see even more of the two together in season two? Stay tuned!

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What happened between Megan and Michael after Love After Lockup?

Megan and Michael’s story on ‘Love After Lockup’ definitely captivated viewers with its intense drama and unforeseen twists. The lovebirds who found solace in each other’s arms during Michael’s incarceration were always flirting on the edge of disaster that threatened their relationship. After Michael’s release they decide to take a chance on a new beginning only to quickly find out that happiness never comes easy.

The couple had a tumultuous time while they tried to adjust to the reality of life after prison and the fresh challenges that it posed. Whether it was Michael testing his limits or Megan trying her best to keep him grounded, there were always obstacles in their path that made for quite intense viewing and stressful days for the couple. Eventually, despite all odds against them, Megan and Michael moved in together and got engaged.

However, a few months after their exciting engagement episode, Life & Style Magazine revealed that the two were no longer together, ending their year-long romance after having accusations flying from either side about cheating and untrustworthy behavior leaving a bitter ending for what seemed like would be an everlasting relationship. Since then both Megan and Micheal have remained rather private about their ended story but we can say for sure that once an inmate, always fighting the world outside his cell.

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Related Questions

Who is Lizzie Kommes from Love After Lockup?

Lizzie Kommes is the central character in Love After Lockup, a reality television series aired on WEtv.

Is Lizzie ready to split from Scott on love after lockup?

Yes, Lizzie is ready to split from Scott on Love After Lockup due to his inconsistent behavior and manipulative nature.

What happened to Scott Davey on love after lockup?

On Love After Lockup, Scott Davey reports back to prison after leaving halfway house and stops communicating with Lizzie which lead to their break up.

Who was Lizze Kommes' ex-boyfriend Scott Davey?

Ex-boyfriend of Lizze Kommes was Scott Davey who she met while he was still serving jail time for charges related to identity theft crimes.

Who is Lizzie Kommes?

Lizzie Kommes is a former nurse datng an ex-convict whom she met through a dating site for inmates’ families & friends called Meet An Inmate(MAI).

What happened to Lizzie from Love After Lockup?

At the start of season 2 of Love After Lockup, it's revealed that despite her initial apprehensions towards entering into such a relationship amidst financial hardship; Lizzie ends up finding happiness & contentment even though there were issues between her & Scott conditionally being able to continue seeing each other while he was in prison as visits were not allowed often or unrestrictedly as per legal regulations imposed at that time/prison facility where he resided then onward..

Who was Lizzie's 'girlfriend' before Lizzie?

Emily Symank.

Who was Josh Simpson's 'girlfriend' before Lizzie?

Miley Guzman.

What happened to Lizzie and Scott from Love After Lockup?

They ended their relationship shortly after filming the show’s finale episode and have not been seen together since then.

Who was Lizzie Kommes’ ex-boyfriend Scott Davey?

Scott Davey was Lizzie Kommes’ ex-boyfriend and father of her two children before she moved on with Josh Simpson from Love After Lockup.

Why did Scott call Lizzie out?

Scott called Lizzie out for moving on too quickly with Josh Simpson and being a bad mother to his children while they were still together in public posts he made on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter soon after they had broken up officially, which further added fuel to flame speculations among fans regarding their split till date6 Still alive