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What if I told you I love you lyrics?

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Published: 2021-04-04

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What if I told you I love you lyrics?

If I told you I love you, it's because my heart and soul have been longing to express these feelings for quite some time.

Love is not just a word but also a feeling, and I'm willing to put it out there in the open.

I'm done being scared of love, scared of what could happen if I let it all out.

And if we both have taken this plunge together then nothing can stop us now!

Life really has a way of surprising us – with its highs, lows and occasional twists and turns. Through them all though, we can rely on each other to make it through together because we've admitted our love for one another openly. We should learn from our mistakes but never regret them; after all life needs little anecdotes to always remember our story by.

No matter how complicated or difficult things get from here; no matter how many walls stand between us from time-to-time – know that I'll be standing on your side forever because when I said "I Love You," those three very simple words carry with them everything else that needs said too!

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What is the artist of the song "What If I Told You I Love You"?

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you’ve probably heard the stunning song “What If I Told You I Love You” by Ali Gatie. The 25-year-old Syrian/Canadian artist has quickly become one of the hottest names in modern music with his unique blend of R&B and pop.

First released in 2019 as part of his debut EP titled “The Idea Of Her,” “What If I Told You I Love You” is a bittersweet love song that serves up plenty of emotion from start to finish. Ali Gatie sings about taking a chance and confessing his love for someone he can no longer have. His unique vocal delivery is filled with hints of joy and sadness at the same time which lends to the intensity and depth his fans have come to expect from him.

The single garnered critical acclaim and cemented Ali Gatie's place as an important artist in contemporary music today with its hypnotic chorus that always leaves listeners longing for more. On top of this recognition, it also spawned plenty of Gen-Z related memes that helped it become one of TikTok's most popular songs! With lyrics such as ’I may never cross your mind but girl you cross mine, if nobody told me just what love is then i'll tell them what yours felt like', it's easy to see why this track resonates with so many people who've ever had their hearts broken over unrequited love before.

So if you hear someone humming this beautiful tune wherever you go, make sure to let them know its none other than Ali Gatie – the talented young artist behind ‘What If I Told You I Love You'.

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What are the full lyrics of the song "What If I Told You I Love You"?

If you've ever wondered how love feels, but never found the courage to take the plunge, then this song is for you. This beautiful ballad from singer-songwriter Ali Gatie expresses that fear and uncertainty of falling in love - what if I told you I loved you? Verse 1:. What if I told you that I want it all. Like a fairytale come true. What would your response be? Would it scare away your doubts or make them run even deeper? Why do we wait so long when time has passed us by? I could tell by now but some fears just don't die. Refrain:. Oh, oh oh oh              What if I told you I love you?             Would your heart ever be brave enough to admit what's true?    Cause every other day we play these games of illusion So many dreams have turned to dust and faded away as confusion. Chorus:. All those nights dreaming of one thing Trying hard not to think ahead     Just know, my heart is here with open arms Leaving all of what could have been behind. So can't deny the feelings that are running through me    Willing hands only able to do one thing                                         What if I told yooooooouuuu...I Love You Now…….. Verse 2: Fear takes our hearts in knots for such a long time We can hide it all so fast like changing mind The years seem like a start then we count them down again Dreaming finally comes alive if time become an end. Refrain 2: Ohhh, oohh oohhhh............................................................. What if I gave these tears away after so much hurt and pain? Would yours pick up right where mine left off again? Suddenly truth is revealed without any repression Wishin’ forever was really real instead of daydreams' lessons , Chorus 2: All those nights dreaming of one thing Try not think ahead just feel the wind coming Can't go back now when things look different Its more than words words mumbling (what?) What If Told Yooooooooo... Oou Yeah!

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Who wrote the song "What If I Told You I Love You"?

If you’re a fan of contemporary music, then you may have bumped into the heart-wrenching song What If I Told You I Love You. The song was written and produced by Alicia Moffett, a Canadian singer-songwriter.

The Quebecois artist has been gaining world-wide attention for her deeply honest lyrics and passionate vocal delivery. What If I Told You I Love You is no exception to this – her production combines acoustic guitars with delicate synths while she questions the risk of being vulnerable in a relationship.

Moffet delivers an emotionally charged performance on the track - capturing all of the fear, hesitation and eagerness that love can bring. It’s no surprise that fans have found her words to be so powerful - even if they just capture one small fraction of what love can feel like at times!

The release marks the start of an ambitious journey for Alicia Moffet as she continues to showcase her expressive songwriting talent through meaningful music - lyrics that challenge our understanding on relationships in 2020 and beyond!

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What genre is the song "What If I Told You I Love You" in?

"What If I Told You I Love You" is a modern love song that falls mainly into the Pop genre, with elements of Romance and Ballad. The song has a light, romantic tone that speaks to the uncertainty of whether or not one should express their emotions as well as the courage it can take to do so. Musically, it follows typical pop structure and its laid-back instrumentation includes piano and strings that support singer Ali Gatie's tender vocal delivery. Lyrically, he sings about asking for permission in order to say those three little words ("What if I told you I love you?") His plea is heartfelt yet playful –questions alternate between "Why wait for fate?” and “Let's just take it slow".

This latest single from Gatie celebrates vulnerability and gently encourages listeners to open up themselves in matters of love. It leads us on an emotional journey while also reminding us that while life must ultimately reside on our own terms -love requires some level of risk as well.

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Who originally sang the song "What If I Told You I Love You"?

If you’re out of the loop in the music world, there's a new song on the rise that is quickly becoming one of the most popular love songs this year: "What If I Told You I Love You" by Ali Gatie.

Ali Gatie is an up-and-coming artist from Canada who first released his version of the song on YouTube and other streaming platforms in 2019. He has since earned over 750 million streams for this catchy single and it even reached #6 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. It has also been featured on many major radio stations including Apple Music, Spotify and Pop Radio.

What makes this song stand out from others is its simple yet powerful lyrics about being brave enough to tell someone how you feel about them. The chorus sings “what if I told you I love you/ what wouldcha do?/ Wouldn’t have to guess 'cause I already know," which speaks volumes without even having to use any complicated words or concepts.

Ali Gatie not only proves he can produce hit songs but also demonstrates his vocal range with a gentle acoustic backdrop and catchy melodies that draw listeners in with each listen. This heartfelt attitude towards tender subject matters attracts a variety of people who are listening to connect with it in their own ways, as many fans mention they've cried tears or felt a deep understanding when listening. So if romanticized pop ballads bringing out your emotions are your jam, be sure to add this must-listen track "What If I Told You I Love You" by Ali Gatie into your playlist!

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What album is the song "What If I Told You I Love You" from?

The beloved track “What If I Told You I Love You” is from Alan Walker and Ava Max’s 2020 released album “Alone, Pt. II.” The album was co-authored by both Ava Max and Alan Walker, who are two of the most admired artists in the EDM-pop crossover genre. Released on 4 December 2020, it is their second joint collaboration after their first successful hit single from earlier that year, titled "Alone".

The track serves as a sparkling representation of edm-pop crossover sound with playful electronic breakdowns and offbeat rhythms that are juxtaposed against an infectious chorus which strikes for its ‘80 style grooves to give this song an unforgettable whirlwind flurry of retro charisma with alan's signature cinematic soundscape bringing a perfect color on top! It brings together different sounds, styles and aesthetics to deliver a cinematic yet pop fuel experience - something truly special has been created here.

At only two minutes long it captures enough emotion while still maintaining an up-tempo energy – but how do our two superstar performers pull off such an emotive force within such short time? Well they do more than pull it off – in just two crisp minutes they create an immersive landscape where listeners find themselves filled with all kinds of feelings - joyfulness, curiosity but also nostalgia and wonder as if these emotions had been bottled up for so long that even when sung strongly twice throughout the track we can't help but feel differently each time around.

So whether you're looking for a powerful reminder of those fiercely powerful emotions we experience or simply the hottest dance beat around? Then "What If I Told You I Love You" from Alan Walker & Ava Max's album: Alone Pt 2 could be just what you're looking for!

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