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When I was 13 I had my first love lyrics?

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Published: 2022-08-01

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When I was 13 I had my first love lyrics?

Love is a funny thing. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and at the tender age of 13, I was lucky enough to have my first love. But what does it feel like to be so young and have your heart so consumed by this emotion?

At 13, the song lyrics that resonated with me most were those that depicted a feeling of innocence. Beautiful ballads expressing adoration for someone special without any sort of complication or expectation. Songs about taking time just to enjoy being in love without worrying about the outcome or allowing outside influences to interfere with the process. These lyrics made me feel understood and inspired me to live life more deeply—to follow my heart wherever it took me no matter what society said was right or wrong.

In essence, these lyrics encompassed everything that I found special in my first love experience: pure joy in its simplest form; openness instead of confinement; complete anonymity; unadulterated adoration... It was beautiful, if not a little naïve—but all together it added up one memorable moment that still made its way into some of my favorite songs today!

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What are the lyrics to the song "First Love" by Justin Bieber?

"First Love” by Justin Bieber is an upbeat and inspiring song about cherishing your first love. The lyrics to the song are a heartfelt tribute to those special times with your first romantic love, reminding us not only that our firsts can be never forgotten, but also that we must never take them for granted.

Verse 1:.

"I still remember all the things you said to me/ And how you held my hand when I was feeling lonely/ Down in the grass where we had just laid down/ In between us all of the stars gazin' around".


"It was my first love, it will be my last/ Our lives together no one could ever replace; and if God gave me a second chance for true love again, I would choose you girl - it's always been you."

Verse 2:.

"We were young enough, yet so naive/ Lovin' each other through whatever life believed/ You were who I trusted when everyone else wasn't there/"Never expected from anyone this much care”.


"It was my first love, it will be my last /Our lives together no one could ever replace; and if God gave me a second chance for true love again, I would choose you girl - it's always been you."


"Then we went our separate ways but all that time apart hasn't taken away what is in our hearts Soon enough we'll find each other soon enough arrive forever more same fire alive inside This time won’t let us hide anymore..."

Outro:        "My First Love".

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Where can I find the lyrics to the song "At 13 I Fell in Love" by Leona Lewis?

If you’re a fan of Leona Lewis and looking for the lyrics to her song “At 13 I Fell in Love,” then you are in luck. The beautiful yet heartbreaking tune is one of her signature songs and its dreamy story can now be yours to read or sing along to. You can find the full lyrics to this song on numerous websites, such as and Lewis wrote “At 13 I Fell In Love” as a tribute to her first teenage love, who was taken from her tragically after suffers from severe mental health issues which led him to make some devastating decisions about his life. Not soon after their lovely relationship ended did it take a dark turn that resulted in him committing suicide when he was just 19 years old; this news struck emotionally hard for Leona and she felt she had no other way but channel those raw emotions into songwriting: "I had so much pain bottled up inside me from losing my first love that the only way out seemed like songwriting," says Lewis. "The melody sort of created itself... it wasn't long before '13' came together." And what a perfect testament these lyrics are – they bring tears even when being read silently, so being able contemplate on every line while singing along must feel quite liberating for every fan. So if you want an emotional escape through music, then take some time right now with Lewis’s ethereal voice singing words like “Innocence within me lost now all thats left is memories", giving balance between regret yet glowing with remembrance of what once will never come back again – although painfully beautiful!

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Who wrote the song "Teenage Love" about first love?

Having young love can be a beautiful yet complicated experience, and it's something that many of us have gone through in our lives. Whether it was a teenage fling or with someone you will never forget, there's no denying that first love has a special place in our hearts - so much so that many musicians have written songs about it! The song "Teenage Love" is one of these tunes.

Written by the talented singer-songwriter John Prine and his longtime collaborator Phil Spector, "Teenage Love" was first charted as far back as 1975. This classic tune celebrates the joys and complexities of young love with captivating lyrics such as:

"Come runnin' like the morning sun/Oh look around the corners just begun/I'm tryin' hard to keep those days alive/And all those Teenage loves I can't deny".

With its catchy melodies and fan favorite lyrics, “Teen Rage Love” remains one of Prine and Spector’s most enduring tunes even today - an ode to innocence lost but not forgotten.

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What are the lyrics to the song "Young and in Love" by Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift’s song Young and In Love is a heartfelt anthem of youthful love and joy. The song celebrates the sweetness of being so innocent and in love at a young age, something all of us can relate to. Here are the lyrics to this classic Taylor Swift hit:

Verse 1:.

We were tearing up the town ‘til four in the morning, yeah / Only seventeen but we could pretend we were both stories yet untold / From flirting on a porch swing 'til 4am, yeah.


We're so young, but we're both in love / We don't know wrong from right / But tonight it feels alright though our summer never lasts that long/ We’re young and in love oh yeah!

Ohhh! (Ohhh!) Ohhhh! (Ohhh!) / Young an' in Love oh yeah! Yeah-eh-eh-eh-eh (yeah)

Verse 2:.

Days on sand dunes with you make me feel like I could fly away/Tryin' to outrun time it's still always one step ahead of me, yeah/And no matter where tomorrow brings us, I won’t forget that night.

Chorus 2x: We're so young, but we're both in love / We don't know wrong from right/But tonight it feels alright though our summer never lasts that long/We’re young and in love ooh ooh ooohhh!(Oohh) Ohhh!(Ooohh) Young an' In Love Ooh Oooohhhhhh!!

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What are the lyrics to the song "First Love Story" by Hilary Duff?

Hilary Duff's 2010 hit, "First Love Story," opens the doors on a brand new beginning. This romantic and heartfelt song captures the indescribable feeling of falling in love for the first time with contagious optimism.

The chorus reminisces about all of the special moments between two enthusiastic partners, as they excitedly explore their fledgling relationship:.

"We were young and naive, with our innocence so sweet/Felt like nothing else mattered, when I was next to you/And I still get that feeling nobody can take away/Our First Love Story".

The upbeat tempo speeds up as the lyrics quickly move into an optimistic proclamation about unconditional love overcoming any obstacle:.

"Our love is strong enough to make it through anything/We got something that nobody could replace," sings Duff.

In her powerful bridge lyric she adds urgency to her determined tone: "Still gonna stand by you if we ever get caught in a storm/I'm still infatuated by your side I'll find a way." Her words shine light on how exceptional first loves can truly be.

Though each verse recounts different aspects of being in love, one truth remains consistent—relationships take effort from both parties. Duffs' optimism parallels her desire for long-lasting commitment as she passionately pleads: "But I'm never gonna give up 'cause no one else compares to your touch." Her message reflects infinite dedication to this newfound connection and serves as a reminder that true love is worth fighting for.

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Who wrote the song "Teenage Dream" about young love?

When you think about young love, it is hard to not bring up Katy Perry’s classic hit "Teenage Dream". The song was released in 2010 as the second single from her major label album of the same name. The entire music video takes place in a high school-style setting and captures the optimism and blissful energy of being young and in love—all heightened by Perry’s pop-perfect sound.

But who was behind this instant classic? "Teenage Dream" was actually written by three highly successful songwriters: Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and Benny Blanco. All three are successful producers and writers who have written countless hits across multiple genres of music; more specifically, they all have a knack for crafting memorable pop songs with infectious hooks. In fact, Dr. Luke has since co-written some of Perry's biggest hits since then including “California Gurls” as well as other chart topping singalongs for superstars such as Britney Spears or Kesha.

Meanwhile, Max Martin is one of the most successful producers/songwriters that modern music has seen with over 20 Billboard No1 singles (including “…Baby One More Time!”) under his belt so far! As for Benny Blanco, he has worked on massive hits from an even wider range of artists including Maroon 5's “Moves like Jagger” or Ed Sheeran's recent smash “Shape Of You” to name a few examples where him us showed off his impressive ability when it comes creating hooky melodies with simple yet effective lyrics which sums up perfectly why Teenage Dream became such a success!

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