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When love takes over lyrics?

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Published: 2019-07-11

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When love takes over lyrics?

When love takes over, it can be an overwhelming and powerful sensation. Often described as a whirlwind of emotions, when love takes over, it can bring with it strong physical reactions such as butterflies in the stomach or a racing heart and extreme flashes of joy and happiness.

The lyrics to the song “When Love Takes Over” by David Guetta embodies the power of these intense sensations that come with falling in love. The lyrics share an instant connection between two individuals when they find each other – “It's like nothing I can explain/Been losing hope/I'll never find/An ever lasting love again” – conveying to listeners how all-consuming this emotion is that hits like a strong wave during times of loneliness.

Most importantly though, the lyrics share how surrendering to these feelings result in freedom: “And suddenly you trusting me completely/oh oh oh suddenly there's nothin' holding me back” Guetta speaks to listeners about allowing themselves to open their hearts despite prior reluctance against doing so due to hurt from past experiences, truly exemplifying what falling head first into true love feels like – liberating and free from all else but them two.

Overall, the lyrics for "When Love Takes Over" poetically narrate how blissful being deeply in sync with another person can be - a special state where loving someone brings both comfort and an element of unexpectedness that keeps things electric between two partners; something that many strive for but never end up fully understanding until it happens for them personally.

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Who wrote the song "When Love Takes Over"?

The song “When Love Takes Over” was written in 2009 by a trio of some of the biggest names in contemporary electronic music. The track was composed by David Guetta, Kelly Rowland, and Frédéric Riesterer. It was first released as a single on April 21, 2009 and made its way to 10 countries' top singles charts.

Guetta is one of France's most renowned DJs with hits like "Get Together," "Feel Alright," and "Love Is Gone." He has worked together with Rowland before “When Love Takes Over” when they recorded their previous smash hit “Disturbia” in 2008. Riesterer is an incredible French composer who had previously collaborated with Guetta on many projects such as the popular club anthem “Delirious". He also co-wrote other successful tracks such as Usher's Grammy winning single “Yeah!” in 2004.

The three artists combined forces once again to create the power ballad that is now known around the world, embracing both pop culture and artistry all at once. With its powerful piano melody infusing itself over Kelly Rowland's soulful voice, this song still resonates loudly with listeners almost 12 years after its release and continues to inspire people seeking to find the power of love within their lives today.

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Who first recorded "When Love Takes Over"?

When Love Takes Over is an iconic electronic dance music song by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland, released in 2009. It was a groundbreaking hit combining powerful vocals from the superhumanly talented Rowland with a rumbling electro beat from Guetta's trademark production. But who first recorded it? The answer to this question is none other than David Guetta himself. He first wrote and recorded the track as a solo instrumental without any vocal contributions from Rowland. While he was initially attracted to the tune’s potential as one of his own releases, he sent it over to the R&B diva after hearing her previous work with artists such as Nelly, Destiny’s Child, and her solo albums Simply Deep (2002) and Ms. Kelly (2007). Rowland felt an immediate connection to the track and flew over to Paris where she could work in-studio with Guetta on what would become one of their most emblematic collaborative efforts: When Love Takes Over. Both performers were relentlessly enthusiastic about how their collaboration had turned out which translated into remarkable success for the song all around Europe but also across US territories such as clubs, radio stations, online streaming platforms… The track soon became a major hit topping singles charts in more than ten countries worldwide!

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What year was "When Love Takes Over" released?

If you're an avid music fan, chances are you've heard the iconic song "When Love Takes Over," at least once before. This feel-good electro house hit was released in 2009 and has since gained massive worldwide success becoming a classic song even ten years after its initial release.

What makes "When Love Takes Over" so special? Well, it's not only an up-beat catchy tune but it also features multiple GRAMMY award-winning recording artist Kelly Rowland as the featured vocalist alongside French DJ/producer David Guetta. With this combination of powerhouse talent, it's no wonder that the track has had such long-lasting success!

The energizing pop dance jam released on May 18, 2009 and immediately was warmly welcomed with critical acclaim from music lovers all around the world. Alongside multiple critical reviews and coverage from publications like Rolling Stone magazine, this smash single reached mass popularity due to heavy airplay and downloads both off iTunes as well as other online portals leading to its success until today. The lyrics along with the harmonious interplay between Kelly Rowland and David Guetta resonates with many worldwide listeners creating a memorable dancefloor anthem which continues to skyrocket through playlists everywhere!

So if you enjoy getting your groove on while visiting your local nightclub or want to send out positive vibes that will last forever through speakers near and far - definitely give 'When Love Takes Over' a listen - It's one of those songs you won't be forgetting anytime soon!

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Who is featured on the track "When Love Takes Over"?

The French music duo David Guetta and Kelly Rowland collaborated for their international hit "When Love Takes Over" in 2009. The uplifting dance-pop track includes the powerful singing voice of American R&B singer-songwriter Kelly Rowland. The single was co-written by David Guetta, and production was handled by Fred Rister, Joachim Garraud and Guetta himself. It became a commercial success, reaching the top ten in over fifteen countries including the United Kingdom where it topped the chart, making it Kelly Rowland's first number one single as a solo artist.

The track also made numerous Top 10 lists including US Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs, Pop Songs, Adult Contemporary charts and Canadian radio airplay charts – where it held the top spot for five consecutive weeks – as well as peaking at #6 on the US Hot 100 Chart and #1 on several European countries' music charts such as Switzerland, Czech Republic and Israel among others.

Since its release "When Love Takes Over" has become one of David Guetta's most memorable tracks to date with its uplifting lyrics capturing themes of joyous romance that many listeners can easily connect with. With inspirational vocals from Kelly Rowland backed up with catchy beats sure to get listeners out of their seats to dance; this collaboration between David Guetta and Kelly Rowland is sure to go down in musical history!

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What is the tempo of the song "When Love Takes Over"?

The 2009 EDM hit "When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland is one of those classic anthems that people can't help singing along to. But what's the actual tempo of the song? It might surprise you to learn that it's actually a relatively slow one at 77 BPM, or beats per minute.

At 77 BPM, the rhythm of “When Love Takes Over” falls somewhere between a moderate walking pace and a ballroom dance tempo (which usually hovers closer to 120-130 BPM). What gives this track its signature feel isn't so much its speed as the lush instrumental backdrop and passionate vocals that propel it forward. This is no doubt why it went on to become one of Guetta's biggest hits ever—it's catchy, infectious, and even emotionally powerful all at once!

A slower beat also helps drive home the amount of emotion in this EDM love anthem—as evidenced by its lyrics like “Nothing can be greater / Than something so tender” coupled with Kelly Rowland's soulful voice and David Guetta’s masterfully crafted synths. That unique combination has made “When Love Takes Over” a timeless banger across all kinds of dance floors around the world. So don't let your heart stay stagnant – instead let it sway along with this melodic gem at 77 beats per minute!

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What is the genre of the song "When Love Takes Over"?

The song 'When Love Takes Over' is a great example of a pop/house crossover genre. Written by French DJ David Guetta and British singer Kelly Rowland, 'When Love Takes Over' contains elements from both pop and house genres. On the one hand, it has driving beats and bouncy synth-lines that are characteristic of house music. But on the other hand, its lyrics are romantic, catchy and full of energy—things we typically expect from modern day pop songs; some would even call them anthemic.

What makes this song particularly special is how seamlessly it blends elements from both genres to create something unique. It's got enough electronic dance beats to get you dancing in clubs while at the same time holding enough emotion to make you cry when listening on your headphones in your room; it manages to develop several stories with its lyrics without losing any focus on their main message: love conquering all else.

No matter what genre you're interested in, 'When Love Takes Over' always stands above most other songs because of its perfect marriage between two different styles—it never seems like either one outweighs the other or steals the spotlight away from the other style at any given point in time!

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What song is when Love Takes Over?

"When Love Takes Over" by Kelly Rowland featuring David Guetta

What key is when Love Takes Over?

Key of A Major

Who invented romantic love?

It is not known who specifically invented romantic love, but it has been around for centuries as a form of spiritualism and emotional connection between two people.

Who is the singer of when Love Takes Over?

Kelly Rowland

What is the message of the song when Love Takes Over?

The message of the song when Love Takes Over is that if you let love take over, there's nothing in this world that can stand in your way or break you apart.

Who sang the song when love takes over by Kelly Rowland?

Kelly Rowland

When did David Guetta first perform when Love Takes Over?

David Guetta first performed "Love Takes Over" in 2008.

Who is the singer of Love takes over by Kelly Rowland?

Kelly Rowland is the singer of "Love Takes Over".

Who is David Guetta’s “Love Takes Over” with?

David Guetta's "Love Takes Over" was with Kelly Rowland.

Why did David Guetta and Kelly Rowland write when Love Takes Over?

David Guetta and Kelly Rowland wrote "Love Takes Over" to express a deep connection between two people transcending physical boundaries through love.

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