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When will I be loved linda ronstadt lyrics?

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When will I be loved linda ronstadt lyrics?

When Will I Be Loved by Linda Ronstadt is a classic song about yearning for romantic love and companionship. The lyrics tell the story of someone who has been searching for a special kind of love, but feeling let down when it does not arrive.

In the chorus, Ronstadt asks "When will I be loved?" suggesting that she is tired of waiting for her significant other to commit. This sentiment is echoed throughout the song as she expresses her frustration and disappointment at being taken for granted while longing to be cherished and appreciated.

The final verse provides us with hope as Ronstadt requests "Just one time/ To be treated/ Kindly like an ornament on your shelf." Here, we can assume that she has seen other people having loving relationships, so wants to see if it might be possible in her own life too.

At its core, When Will I Be Loved paints a picture of moments of desperation mixed with an optimism that permits us to believe our prayers may one day be answered - whether through shared experiences or one meaningful connection. As Ronstadt puts it - “I think maybe someday someone will care” – providing listeners with a call-to-action; keep trying until you find true love!

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What is the meaning behind the lyrics of "When Will I Be Loved" by Linda Ronstadt?

The 1970s hit single “When Will I Be Loved” was released from Linda Ronstadt's breakthrough album Heart Like A Wheel. This song has become a timeless classic and is a staple during karaoke nights—with its catchy melody and powerful lyrics, it’s easy to see why.

But what does this track mean? At its core, “When Will I Be Loved” is about the hardships of romantic relationships and longing for someone who can give you true love. The narrator in the song knows all too well that there are those who are willing to use and deceive her without ever giving back the kind of unconditional love she desires. She wonders: will she ever find someone who truly loves her?

The way Linda Ronstadt sings this song with such emotion puts life into these words, making them more powerful than they already are. Her voice matched with her sorrowful delivery paints a vivid picture of the reality that many people can relate to-- feeling tired of being taken advantage of, exploited or manipulated by someone because they felt sorry for them or couldn't bring themselves to say no altogether. It simultaneously encourages listeners to keep on reaching out for something better while also warning against settling for relationships that don't offer genuine companionship or happiness in exchange for their efforts.

While it may be easy to get caught up in searching endlessly for what we think we need - be it materialistic items or acceptance from another person - “When Will I Be Loved” reminds us that good things come when we are patient and wait until they appear naturally in our lives instead of forcing them through extreme measures.. Taking our time waiting often requires courage but ultimately allows us to welcome greater fulfillment into our lives-something which everyone deserves!

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Who wrote the song "When Will I Be Loved" by Linda Ronstadt?

"When Will I Be Loved" by Linda Ronstadt is a classic song from the 60s that became an iconic part of her repertoire. Written by Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers, the track was released in 1960 and was an international hit. Growing up, Linda Ronstadt was surrounded by music - her father sang Mexican songs at family gatherings - but it wasn't until she saw a performance on TV of The Everly Brothers playing "When Will I Be Loved" that something clicked within her. She knew right away that she wanted to sing those kinds of songs and even sought out the original score for "When Will I Be Loved". Although Phil Everly wrote it with his brother Don, Linda Ronstadt managed to put a fresh, unique spin on it with her rendition in 1975. Her version became an instant success, seeing its release appear on both American and British charts simultaneously. Even when compared against the original version by The Everly Brothers, there's no denying Linda's vocal ability and heartfelt delivery are unbeatable! That same year (1975) Linda recieved two Grammy nominations for Best Contemporary Vocal Performance (Female) for both "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" and "Lush Life". What many don't know though is that one year later she won Best Pop Vocal Performance (Female) thanks to her beautiful cover rendition of "When Will I Be Loved". So if you're looking for someone who has had just as much influence over this timeless classic as Phil/Don did from writing it in 1960 then credits should really be shared between them three: Philip & Donald Peter Everly for their incredible songwriting talent - providing us all with this beauty to enjoy today - along with individually unique versions created decades later by legendary artist, singer-songwriter & actress; Ms.Linda Maria Ronstadt!

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How has Linda Ronstadt's version of "When Will I Be Loved" impacted the music industry?

One of the most iconic voices of the 1970s, Linda Ronstadt's version of "When Will I Be Loved" impacted the music industry in more ways than one. While her version certainly introduced a new generation to this 1955 classic song by The Everly Brothers, its influence goes beyond just recreating an older hit - it gave an entirely different experience to those who heard it.

First and foremost, Linda Ronstadt's rendition was a wildly successful single in 1980. Not only did it reach number two on the Billboard Top 100 chart and score her a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance; It also exemplified how powerful and emotive Ronstadt's vocals could be when given the right material. Her throaty delivery beautifully captured not just sadness but resilience too - imparting old messages within this track in entirely new ways.

But perhaps her biggest contribution was bringing awareness to Country Music as a genre alongside other Rock n' Roll acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd through consistent touring with them during 1979-1980 period following their devastating plane crash that year. While she wasn't considered by many as “country” (usually due to her eclectic choice of songs) over time fans have come to appreciate that ‘80s style country sound which is widely credited as having started with this song.

The originality of both her voice and musical style also inspired imitators including singers like kd lang as well as musical parodies for films such as Rob Reiner's This Is Spinal Tap (1984). Without Linda Ronstadt setting such high standards early on with "When Will I Be Loved", many artists wouldn't even exist post-1980s - quite literally changing history along with much loved melodies within our pop culture today!

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What other versions of "When Will I Be Loved" have been released?

"When Will I Be Loved" is one of the most iconic songs from the 1950s. Originally written by Phil Everly and recorded by The Everly Brothers, the song has been covered countless times over the years. In fact, it has been recorded in practically every genre imaginable!

In 1960, folk singer Peter Paul and Mary released a version of "When Will I Be Loved". It contained a unique arrangement that featured a banjo solo - something that was rare for such an early folk recording. This version reached number one on Billboard's Hot 100 chart and topped international charts as well.

Throughout its lifetime, "When Will I be Loved?" has been changed to fit into other genres including country music and pop music. In 1975, Linda Ronstadt released a cover version of this iconic song in her country-rock style - using acoustic guitar instead of jangly electric guitar chords used in The Everly Brother's original recording. Her cover was certified gold for selling more than 1 million copies!

In 1980s new wave era, American artist Cyndi Lauper reworked "When Will I be Loved" into an upbeat synthpop sound with her own unique lyrical embellishments scattered throughout - thus creating her own enchanting rendition of this beloved classic that further enriched its legacy with modern rock influences..

Finally, more recently Shawn Mendes gave us his very own interpretation of this timeless tune releasing his version in 2017 via Island Records/Universal Music Group—which happened to win “Best Cover Recording” at Billboard Music Awards 2018! Through Shawn's soulful vocals coupled with gentle piano playing understated percussion,this fresh take on this timeless gem had completely reimagined its beauty into something entirely different yet so faithful to original composition; proving why it deserves recognition as one truly remarkable cover versions out there!

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What is the structure of the song "When Will I Be Loved" by Linda Ronstadt?

The timeless classic "When Will I Be Loved" by Linda Ronstadt is a forever-familiar song that speaks of the desperate longing to be loved. Written by Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers, this hit track has been covered by many influential artists throughout history. While it is a notable tune, many are unaware of its deeper workings and structural form.

The song follows an 8/4 time signature throughout with a moderately-paced ballad tempo at around 79 beats per minute (bpm). It opens up with vibrant guitar strums leading into Ronstadt's light yet soulful vocals accompanied by a 4/4 beat. Chorus lyrics remain constant after the first verse featuring stanzas in a descending tonal pathway followed by an instrumental bridge.

The track's defining feature comes towards its finale with an instrumental break - known as an 'outro' or 'coda.' It starts off ethereal in style switching to an upbeat tone in which we're treated to poignant key changes before ending on one final note — quite literally. This harmonious outro is intertwined intricately with bright guitars and stirring strings, creating full circle which emphasize themes related back to when it was initially established in its opening bar: "When will I be loved?" By reviewing these components side-by-side, we gain insight into the structurally sound magic behind this uplifting classic while enjoying it each time we hear it just as much nonetheless!

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What significant events happened in music history when Linda Ronstadt released "When Will I Be Loved"?

When Linda Ronstadt released her iconic single 'When Will I Be Loved' in 1980, it marked a historic moment in music history. Not only did the song become an immediate hit and remain popular for decades since its release, but the success of the track further cemented Ronstadt’s position as one of rock and roll’s most beloved female vocalists.

At a time when women were still often marginalized in society and the music industry, Ronstadt’s strong independent voice set her apart. Her star appeal helped draw attention to female musicians who had previously been overlooked by mainstream media. This newfound visibility encouraged more women to enter into the music world and inspired them to pursue their dreams with confidence. Even today, 'When Will I Be Loved' remains an important rallying cry associated with feminism and gender equality.

But beyond its cultural impact, 'When Will I Be Loved' also changed how other artists approached creating captivating love songs. By combining simple yet heart-filled lyrics with captivating melodies that recall 1960s folk-pop and R&B influences, Ronstadt crafted an enduring classic that was not just rich lyrically but musically as well. The success of this record signified a shift within contemporary pop music towards integrating different sounds from different genres — something that is commonplace today but was relatively revolutionary for its time period — setting off a wave of experimentation by other musicians which continues moving forward even now.

Clearly it's easy to understand why Linda Ronstadt’s landmark single 'When Will I Be Loved' remains adored four decades later – not only did it signal a new era for female representation in music but it also signified brave experimentation within pop songwriting itself stoking creativity among many others all over the world ever since!

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