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Where are harvey table saws made?

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Published: 2021-01-31

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Where are harvey table saws made?

Harvey table saws are made by the Harvey Tool Company, located in Rowley, Massachusetts. This company has been producing and selling high quality products since 1984 and their customer service is unparalleled among their competitors. With a full line of tools for industrial users and hobbyists alike, Harvey's commitment to quality ensures that you can rely on their products to get the job done.

Harvey tablesaws are renowned for their accuracy, with tablesaws ranging from 1HP to 5HP depending on your individual needs. Their Slimline line is especially popular among electricians while larger HP saws are perfect for woodworking projects. All of these models come with a variety of blade sizes so you can customize your cuts perfectly! Fans also love Harvey's durable cast iron beds that ensure durability and precision each time you use it - an absolute must for professionals or serious DIY-ers!

No matter what kind of project you’re starting or finishing, there’s sure to be a Harvey tool out there perfect for the job! With decades of experience behind them, including two generations dedicated to serving users who demand results, it’s no wonder that everyone loves using a product made by Harvey Tools - they always deliver!

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In which country are Harvey Table Saws manufactured?

Harvey table saws are some of the most reliable and effective tools available for woodworking projects, and woodworkers all around the world rave about their durability and performance. But did you know that these saws are manufactured in one specific country? That’s right – Harvey Table Saws are manufactured in Canada!

The Canadian manufacturing facility has been producing these robust tools since 1965. From there, the saws are shipped to all four corners of North America – as well as locations abroad. This gives users access to premium-grade machinery on an international level; allowing them to tackle any sized project with confidence.

So why did Harvey choose Canada as its manufacturing base? Firstly, it’s located close to many major American cities which makes shipping much easier (which is important when dealing with heavy machinery). Secondly, its extensive network of distributors offers additional support and after-sale service. Finally, the company has close ties to several Canadian universities which allows for easy communication between research personnel conducting studies on new materials or technologies necessary for innovation in the tool industry sector.

Harvey table saws may be made abroad but they really do offer great value for money and a quality finish every time! With this in mind, you can trust that your next purchase will be a long-lasting tool that will serve you well over many years of use; increasing your productivity with every use!

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How long has Harvey been producing Table Saws?

Harvey Manufacturing Company has been producing cutting-edge table saws for over 80 years, providing professional woodworkers and contractors with reliable power saws at competitive prices. Harvey's powerful cast iron table saws are renowned for their superior accuracy and durability, making them the machine of choice for many discerning professionals around the world. The company’s impressive line of table saws began operations in 1932, when Henry Levi Harvey founded the business in his small Massachusetts shop. After starting with a modest two-person staff and just two machines, Harvey steadily increased production until he had an impressive fleet of industrial machines that were capable of manufacturing high-quality products. His relentless dedication to craftsmanship eventually led to such success that by the end of World War II the company was churning out hundreds of woodcutting tools each day. In addition to becoming one of America's most successful small power tool manufacturers, Harvey made a noticeable mark in technological advancement as well. During this time period they created retractable blade guard technology; as well as several other innovations that have since become standard features on table saw models worldwide. Today, Harvey Manufacturing Company still runs under its founding family's principles - quality products produced with pride quickly and efficiently - just like Mr H L Harvey himself did eight decades ago! Their current lineup includes some truly impressive models complete with safety guards on both sides and high torque motors that deliver clean cuts without fail every time – all testimony to an unbeatable lasting legacy built upon solid foundations set during 1932..

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Where can one purchase a Harvey Table Saw?

If you're in the market for a dependable, powerful table saw that won't break the bank, then there is no better option than Harvey Table Saws. Harvey is a well-known international brand with quality tools designed to last up to 10 years and backed by excellent customer service. They offer a full range of models from entry-level portable table saws to heavy-duty industrial models for professional use.

But where can someone purchase one? Well, Amazon is an excellent choice! You can find both new and used Harvey Table Saws on Amazon at very competitive prices. And with their free two-day shipping and returns policy, it's hard to beat! Plus, if you have any issues or questions about your purchase they’re just a quick call or email away.

Also be sure to check out more specialized online retailers like Toolup also carry a range of Clark Table Saws in stock as well as some accessories and parts which may come handy when you need them most. They provide unique services such as custom repairs which can save plenty of time and money compared to buying all new parts if something stops working unexpectedly.

Finally don’t forget hardware stores like Home Depot who may often have some great deals on top shelf brands like Harvey so be sure to check there too during your search for the perfect table saw. With websites like Home Depot or Toolup its easy scroll through selections quickly at low cost without ever leaving your home.. So whether you’re looking for an inexpensive portable model or something more industrial grade - shopping around will help ensure that you get the best deal possible on your next tool investment!

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Are Harvey Table Saws available for international customers?

Harvey Table Saws are now available for international customers! Harvey Table Saws have become a staple in woodworking shops around the world and they are now being shipped to locations around the world so that any customer can enjoy Harvey’s cutting-edge saw technology. The saws come with a three-year warranty, so you can feel confident in your investment.

What makes Harvey Table Saws stand out is their reliability and dependability – not only do they offer unparalleled accuracy and precision, but their saw models feature robust construction for years of rugged use. Their designs boast features like adjustable fences, dust collection systems, built-in gauges, user friendly controls and more making them the perfect choice for anyone serious about their DIY projects or professional woodworkers alike alike. Additionally, each model in the line features an impressive selection of blades, from standard crosscut blades to specialty ripping blades – or even full metal jigsaw teeth - so you can tackle any project thrown your way without having to switch up your blade inventory.

Shipping is made easy too– with international orders processed through reliable third party delivery services tailored to any location abroad no matter what comes up along the way. With such secure options it won’t be long before your new table saw arrives quickly while enjoying peace of mind throughout every step of order fulfillment's journey As part of our commitment to service excellence we will even include all necessary tools at no extra cost with every shipment so you have everything that you need when unboxing arrive tablesaw on arrival day With impactful customer service options available it makes Harvey Table Saw an obvious standout attractability option above all other tablesaw selections considered online So what are you waiting for? Upgrade or dip into the Harvey tablesaw range today - join thousands other worldwide customers doing same by taking advantage of premier products produced under highest quality control assurances!

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What models of Table Saws does Harvey offer?

Harvey is one of the top names in table saws, offering a wide variety of models that have been created to meet the needs of both professional and hobbyist woodworkers. Their saws are designed to be reliable and easy-to-use with a multitude of features that make working with wood easier than ever before. Whether you're just starting out or have been cutting wood for years, Harvey Table Saws provide an excellent option for every level of experience.

Their entry level model is the Model 9079SC, which offers a 10 inch blade diameter and miter gauge for smooth cuts throughout any job. This durable saw features several useful features such as an adjustable fence, riving knife safety system, and dust collection port. For more advanced users, Harvey’s flagship model –the Model 9080SC– is designed to cut through even materials like aluminum quickly and accurately. It has a powerful 15 Amp motor along with riving knife safety system and adjustable blade guard for protection against dust & debris during use. Other models offered by Harvey include the 9092DC Professional Cabinet Saw which has dual cast iron cuttings surfaces for greater accuracy along with customizable roller stands to easily adjust height settings as needed when making long cuts; The 9090BT Hybrid Table Saw which combines reliable belt drive power while maintaining precision when cutting through hardwoods; Lastly their Model 9090BC Benchtop Saw offers increased accuracy over larger models while remaining portable & affordable enough for smaller projects or tight spaces at home shops/workshops

No matter what level you’re at in your workmanship journey – newcomer or longtime artisan – there’s something perfect waiting in Harvey’s selection Table Saws!

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What is the warranty period for a Harvey Table Saw?

Harvey Table Saws come with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase for any manufacturing defects found in the saw. It covers parts, labor and all replacements required to keep your saw running in top condition. Harvey also offers an additional 1-year or 5-year extended warranty plan to their customers at an additional cost.

The additional year or 5 years of coverage begins on the date your original warranty expires and will provide coverage on parts, labor, and repair/replacement of covered components that were found to be defective during normal use. This extended warranty also provides lifetime support service which is available by calling customer support toll free at 1-800-346-8252 or online via their online ticketing system.

In addition, the manufacturer stands behind its product 100%, offering a hassle free satisfaction guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with their purchases for any reason within 30 days from purchase date, as long as it is returned in new condition with all associated paperwork included. Harvey Table Saw owners can have peace of mind knowing their investment is well protected!

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Related Questions

Where are Harvey saws made?

Harvey saws are made in Australia.

Who is the distributor of Harvey table saws in Australia?

Fletcher Industrial Machinery is the distributor of Harvey table saws in Australia.

Why choose a Harvey table saw?

The advantages of choosing a Harvey table saw include high-quality construction, precision cutting capacity and helpful user features such as LED work lights, spindle lock and electronic speed control to help prolong motor life & accuracy in use over time as well as providing excellent value for money compared with many other brands on the market today.

Where are most of the bandsaws now made?

Most bandsaws are now made in China or Taiwan.

Where are Harvey bandsaws made?

Harvey bandsaws are made in Australia.

Where are Harvey products made?

Harvey products are manufactured locally in their factory located at Kemps Creek (NSW) using only Australian sourced components where possible

How much does a Harvey table saw cost?

A Harvey table saw typically costs between $500 - $1000 USD.

How much does a table saw cost in Australia?

Prices differ depending on the particular model and vendor, ranging from around AU$299 to over AU$2000.

What is the difference between Harvey ambassador and Harvey table saws?

Harvey Ambassadors are heavy-duty cast iron table saws that provide more power, robustness and accuracy than other models in their range such as the Table Saw or Contractor's Saw line up.

Do all Harvey table saws have a dado insert?

No, not all Harvey table saws feature a dado insert but some higher end models may offer one as an optional accessory item for purchase separately.

Who makes bandsaws in the US?

Delta is one of the leading US bandsaw manufacturers with both stationary and portable versions designed for woodworking applications available for sale within the USA market place & beyond..

Are Harvey bandsaws sold in Australia?

Harvey does not currently sell its bandsaws in Australia.

What size motor does a Harvey bandsaw have?

The Harvey bandsaw has a 1-1/2 HP motor.

What makes the Harvey Alpha bandsaw so special?

The Harvey Alpha bandsaw is designed with special features that help maximize the saw's performance and accuracy, including flexible blade tensioners and precision pressure levers.

Who is Harvey Building Products?

Harvey Building Products is a leading manufacturer of custom vinyl windows, doors, siding and accessories for residential construction projects.

What makes Harvey different from other manufacturers?

Harvey stands apart from other manufacturers by providing superior craftsmanship in extensive product lines known for their beauty, strength and affordability as well as exceptional customer service with an industry-leading warranty program.

Who are Harvey?

Harvey is part of the Harvey Industries Family which consists of several businesses operating under one roof to manage building products across North America efficiently and cost effectively while maintaining high quality standards throughout each division’s production process since 1961 Harvard Industries Inc founded by Lorne Yoler Sr in Canada & Arnold Levy Jr US parent company Bostik SA France since 2018 ownership taken over listed London Stock Exchange Group

What does Harvey Industries do in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, Harvey Industries specializes in manufacturing building products such as custom vinyl windows, doors, siding, shutters and trim kits that are guaranteed to promote energy efficiency to lower monthly utility bills while adding aesthetic value to complemented homes or neighborhoods through its expert design team