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Where are orbea bikes made?

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Published: 2020-02-03

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Where are orbea bikes made?

At Orbea, we believe that having a premium bike means it needs to be built with premium materials and components. That is why we are proud to say that our bikes are all made in Europe. Whether you're buying a downhill mountain bike, a gravel road bike, or even an electric mountain bike, you can rest assured that all of the Orbea bikes are crafted with the utmost care and attention.

All of our frames are hand-welded in Spain with titanium or aluminum tubing depending on the model. We then use top-notch components from some of the world’s leading brands including Shimano, SRAM, RockShox and many more to provide exceptional performance and comfort when riding. Thanks to these components being reliable as well as stylish getting out on your ride could not be any simpler!

Finally, all of our frame manufacture processes undergo rigorous testing before they leave the factory ensuring only quality products end up into customers hands! With classic lines throughout each component combined elegantly and tucked away hidden cable routing creating a clean super look for each design making ground breaking transformations from raw material into high quality bicycles! This work ethic is part of our core values here at Orbea Bikes which has caused us to blossom over recent years keeping this ever growing brand strong in its ultimate purpose product excellence!

So if you’re looking for a high-quality machine crafted with care right here in Europe then look no further than an Orbea Bicycle...made in Europe just for YOU!

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What country manufactures Orbea bikes?

Orbea bicycles is a brand of Spanish bicycles originally founded in 1840 as a family-owned metalworking shop by an enterprising blacksmith. Today, Orbea has grown to be one of Spain’s most prolific bike manufacturers, with products ranging from carbon fibre road bikes to urban commuter bikes and even mountain bikes.

For more than 180 years, Orbea has been creating stylish and high performance bicycles in their factories based in the Basque region of Spain. The company is proud of their long standing history and dedication to craftsmanship that has endured since the very first bicycle rolled off their factory floors all those years ago.

Orbea operates one factory in Mallabia between Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbao within the heart of the Basque Country. This location still produces many frames today while components are sourced from both European suppliers as well as other parts around the world. This level of control over sourcing allows Orbea full control over product quality which helps ensure that every bike they build meets their exacting standards for safety and reliability.

The combination of thorough design, local craftsmanship backed by modern innovation makes them a top choice for discerning cyclists all around the world who are looking for high quality performance with impeccable style!

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Who produces Orbea bicycles?

Orbea bicycles are crafted by a team of passionate cyclists, engineers and designers in Spain. Founded in 1840 by a small family shop, Orbea has been dedicated to creating high quality bikes for riders of all types for over 180 years. This legacy continues today with the company's expertly designed road, mountain, urban and recreation bicycles. The entire production process takes place at Orbea’s own plants located in Mallabia in the Basque Country, Spain. Here you can find highly specialized professionals who combine craftsmanship and technology to produce beautifully designed bicycles that meet the highest standards and specifications for safety and reliability. At the plant you will find everything from metalworking machines to paint laboratories where each bicycle is given its own intricate design before being delivered worldwide. Through advanced manufacturing techniques such as laser cutting aluminum alloy frames combined with unique digital printing technology they are able to produce high-quality parts quickly while keeping costs low. Orbea is steadfast in its dedication towards innovative quality that encompasses every model they make; it’s this attention to detail that sets them apart from many of their competitors who rely heavily on outside manufacturing firms or partner companies. Each model also adheres to an aggressive sustainability policy throughout their design and construction processes as well so riders can feel good about what went into their new bike purchase – not just performance-wise but environmentally too!

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In what factories are Orbea bicycles made?

If you’re a fan of Orbea bicycles, then you’ve likely been wondering about just where the iconic bicycle maker produces their frames and wheels. In actuality, many facets of an Orbea bike are produced in several factories scattered around Spain and even some parts of China.

The Orbea Monocoque bikes are produced in Mallabia at the long running factory they have there. Established over two centuries ago, this factory is now home to the company's monocoque production lines which feature proprietary technology they call SilverBack. An alloy blend that is not only lightweight but incredibly strong as well which allows these bikes to roll with outstanding efficiency without compromising its structural integrity.

Alongside Mallabia, Orbea also operates other production centers within Spain such as Galdakao for road bikes, Subijana for adventure /hybrid bikes and Uztarroz for folding models as well. The company has recently expanded their operations as well into China with a manufacturing facility located in Guangdong specifically devoted towards city line bicycles such electric models (Orca Electric).

Either way whether created at one of their state-of-the-art factories abroad or locally at home – every single few from each type of Orba family exhibits craftsmanship that marks each model with intricacy and care ensuring a final product meets exceptional standards when it comes to design performance as well durability no matter what type you ride on!

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Where are Orbea bikes sold?

Orbea bikes are one of the leading manufacturers of bicycles in the world, offering a wide range of designs for a variety of cycling needs. From mountain bikes and hybrid bikes to road racers and children's models, Orbea has something for everyone. But with so many great models available, many customers might wonder: where can I buy an Orbea bike?

Fortunately, buying an Orbea bike is simpler than ever before. In addition to traditional bicycle stores, you now have access to numerous online retailers that offer Orbea products worldwide. One of the easiest ways to check availability is by visiting their website where you can find your local dealers or ordering directly from Orbea’s online shop.

But if hitting up an actual brick-and-mortar store is more your style, don't worry – there are more than 4500 authorized dealers around the world committed to keeping you rolling smoothly on your next adventure. From USA and Canada in North America all way down through Mexico and South America; Europe in the Western hemisphere; Africa, Asia and Australia – no matter what part of the world you’re from we’ve got a store near you!

No matter which option you choose – buying directly from their website or catching up with your closest dealer - finding an Orbea bike should be simple and straightforward. With powerful features designed for professional cyclists as well as beginner riders just looking to stay active - browsing through their catalogue ought to get anyone pumped!

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What materials are used to make Orbea bikes?

Orbea is a cycling company that has been making bicycles since the 19th century. Over the years, they have perfected their bike building processes and use only the best materials to create bikes that are reliable and perform at peak levels. The combination of innovation, experience and quality materials help make Orbea bikes some of the best in the market.

When it comes to components for Orbea bikes, there are four main materials used: steel, aluminum, composites and carbon fiber. Steel is used for portions that need extra strength and stability such as head tubes or bottom brackets. Aluminum is often employed when lightweight performance and rigidity need to be optimized such as in frame or seat tube construction — plus it makes sense from a cost perspective too!

Composite frames are Orbea’s flagship products — they combine weight savings without compromising on stiffness or strength thanks to their unique design which includes layers of Kevlar in between carbon layers. Finally, for the most advanced riders who seek out ultimate performance — and don't necessarily mind paying a premium for it either — there's carbon fiber! This incredible material provides an unparalleled combination of weight-saving properties combined with vibration damping qualities which helps improve comfort level compared with other materials during long rides.

The truth is that when you own an Orbea bike you know you're riding on quality — no matter what type of material your frame was made from!

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How long have Orbea bikes been manufactured?

Orbea bikes have been a timeless icon in the cycling world since the 19th century. Originally founded in 1840, Orbea has always been dedicated to creating high-quality, durable bicycles that not only offer exceptional performance but also provide years of worry-free riding pleasure.

The Spanish company began its long history by manufacturing firearms and accessories before finding their true passion – bicycles! Although their rifles were popularly used during Spain’s civil war in 1936, it wasn’t until 1940 that Orbea ventured into bicycle production. At the time, two of the four children from the founder of Orbea had moved from France to Spain with an interest in building bicycles for professional cycling teams and racers alike.

Since then, Orbea bikes have come a long way and are now known as one of the premier bike manufacturers on the market. Their range covers almost every cycling category including mountain biking, road cycling, e-bikes and kids' bikes; which suggests they manufacture with both serious cyclists and beginners in mind. This is reflected through their innovative designs with advanced technology integrated into each frame so riders can enjoy a smooth ride no matter what terrain lies ahead! With such intricate detail built into each bike at every level you never need to compromise on quality or craftsmanship when buying an Orbea bike - which is something they've managed to deliver for generations!

Overall it’s safe to say that after over 180 years under its belt, there's no doubt that every enthusiast knows about Orbeas' name when talking about exceptionally designed bikes manufactured for all riding needs.

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Related Questions

Is Orbea a good road bike brand?

Yes, Orbea is a good road bike brand.

Where is Orbea based?

Orbea is based in Mallabia, Spain.

What is Orbea Orca Carbon?

The Orbea Orca Carbon is an advanced carbon fiber racing bike with the highest grade of components for optimal performance and efficiency.

When did the Orbea gain e-bike come out?

The first generation of the Orbea Gain e-bike was released in 2018.

What are Orbea bikes?

Orbea bikes are high performance bicycles including mountain bikes, road bikes and e-bikes designed to provide riders with enhanced endurance and speed on various terrain types or cycling paths as desired by each individual rider/athlete needs or preferences..

Is Orbea Orca a good brand?

Yes, Orbea Orca is a good brand and well known for its quality craftsmanship, performance-oriented design and reliable components used throughout production models of their bicycles offered both nationally as well internationally within various specialized markets in recent years

What is the difference between Orbea and Bianchi?

Orbea is a Spanish bike brand and Bianchi is an Italian bike brand.

Is the Orbea rise the best electric motorcycle for You?

No, the best electric motorcycle for you depends on your needs and preferences.

Is Orbea Orca a good bike?

Yes, Orbea Orca is a good quality bike with premium components and excellent performance characteristics.

Should I buy an Orbea?

That depends on what type of cyclist you are, your budget, and other factors such as terrain or riding style etc., so it's best to do research before buying an Orbea written for you specifically in mind OR perhaps test ride different bikes to decide which one suits You best?

What is Orbea Occam?

The Occam stands for Open Concept Cycling Architecture Modular meaning its adjustable modular frame can be customized by changing certain components like drivetrain or groupsets according to the needs of each rider rather than being limited by a single model throughout production runs.

Is Orbea a new mountain bike brand?

Yes, although relatively new compared to some global brands it still has been around since 1930 designing high end mountainbikes packed with modern innovative technologies every year!

What is the difference between the ARIA E-road and Orbea gain?

The ARIA E-road is a fully electric road bike, while the Orbea Gain is an e-bike that offers both pedal assistance and throttle control.

Are Bianchi bikes big?

Bianchi bikes are available in sizes to suit riders of all heights, so it depends on the specific bike you're looking at.

Who is Orbea?

Orbea is a Spanish bicycle manufacturer founded in 1840 specializing in mountain bikes, road bikes and e-bikes.

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