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Where are sundance spas made?

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Published: 2020-01-02

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Where are sundance spas made?

If you’re in the market for a luxurious and state-of-the-art hot tub, you’ve likely come across the Sundance Spas brand. Promising hassle free ownership and superior craftsmanship, Sundance Spas is a leader in the industry. But if you’ve wondered “Where are Sundance Spas made?”, allow us to answer this important question.

Sundance Spas were created by Hoyt Clarkson who first founded the company in 1979 out of his garage in California. Believing that energy efficiency should be combined with therapeutic benefits, he opened two factories – one in Novato and one Riverside County by 1983. However, as business expanded more locations were needed to meet demand – now there are up to four different worldwide production facilities throughout North America and Australia located in Europe!

The main factory for Sundance spas located stateside is based Minneapolis/St Paul metro area of Minnesota making it accessible enough to allow customers from all over North America reasonable shipping options. What sets this location apart from other factories is their ongoing commitment towards keeping up with technological advancements which allows them to constantly produce high quality spas that look great while still boasting superior comfort levels consumers continue to enjoy year after year!

Aside from their main US facility, there are other contributing locations such as Oceania Manufacturing located near Sydney Australia producing high quality parts like shells; special custom components; luxury features; cabinets designed exclusively for use on specific types of models like marble or granite inserts on a Melbourne day spa package being just some examples found throughout these various international operations.. Finally – all components produced at each respective location typically arrive at our corporate headquarters where they undergo a rigorous testing process before they can become part of an official finished product you will find anywhere else around world! That way when your spa arrives home with its new owner - it can provide relaxation just right away without any worries whatsoever!

All this makes it clear that whenever someone asks “Where are sundance spas made?” – the answer lies within numerous plants scattered all over globe working together create beautiful pieces every hot tub enthusiast would be proud own!

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What country manufactures Sundance Spas?

Sundance Spas is a luxury spa manufacturer based in the United States. Founded in 1979 by the inventor of the modern spa, Roy Jacuzzi, Sundance has become one of the most respected manufacturers of spas and hot tubs in the industry. They are known for their commitment to quality, innovation, and superior craftsmanship as well as their ability to bring customers unbeatable value while offering an extensive range of features on their products.

Based out of Chino Hills, California, Sundance Spas manufactures all its products here in the U.S., from its premium spas like Optima® and Cameo® models to more affordable Maxxus™ selection. Active members of Hot Tub Council (HTC), which essentially sets the international standard for best practices within this sector, they also belong to organizations such The Association Of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP). It’s admirable that they take these steps to ensure higher standards when it comes leading-edge design and high-quality production across all its product lines.

Whether it is an energy efficient system or adjustable jet placement technology you’re looking for — or if you just want a reliable market leader’s option — Sundance Spas is here among select few with certification from UL®, a global safety science company specializing in product safety testing and certification during its engineering process stages before it reaches consumers like us! So there's no doubt that whenever anyone mentions “Sundance Spas” – you can easily assume that not only is this your sure bet for excellence but made right here in the good ol' U S A!

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What company owns the Sundance Spa brand?

The Sundance Spas brand is owned by Jacuzzi Brands LLC, which was previously called the Jacuzzi Group Worldwide. The company was originally founded in 1955 and is based in California. With over 60 years of development, Jacuzzi Brands has become a major player in the spa and hot tub industry. The acquisition of Sundance Spas further strengthens its position as a leader in this market segment. The combination of Jacuzzi's expertise in hydromassage technology and Sundance Spa's commitment to quality have enabled the combined organization to produce some of the finest spas on the market today. With nearly 250 models available, consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to shape, size, features and price points - ranging from traditional round models for relaxing hydrotherapy sessions to highly sophisticated square-shaped spas perfect for entertaining friends and family outdoors. For those seeking truly luxurious experiences with additional features like digital controls for enhanced comfort or variable speed pumps for customizing massage intensity - both brands have impressive selections to choose from that can be tailored to each individual user’s needs without compromising on aesthetics or affordability options. As if that wasn’t enough - all JACUZZI® Brand products come with an industry leading 2-year binding limited warranty ensuring you can enjoy your spa worry free! Have the confidence of knowing who owns your Sundance Spa brand by investing into quality products under one reliable umbrella – JACUZZI® Brand LLC!

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Where can Sundance Spas be purchased?

If you’re looking for a great spa to relax and unwind, then Sundance Spas is a great choice. For decades, they have been a leading manufacturer of quality spas that offer both comfort and optimal performance. So, if you’ve decided to purchase one of these luxurious spas for your home, the question is: “Where can I buy a Sundance Spa?”

Good news - there are several purchasing options available. For starters, if you want an easy, hassle-free shopping experience from the comfort of your own home, then you can find Sundance Spas exclusively on their official website. This will give you access to all current models as well as helpful information such as product videos, reviews and buying guides. Additionally and for added convenience, many authorized dealers also offer online purchasing facilities with free shipping options included!

If you would like an up-close look at a specific model before making your purchase decision then there's the option of visiting any local stores that have signed up to be part of the "Sundance Certified Dealer Network". With over 900 locations spread across North America alone - it won't be too hard at all finding one near your zip code! Plus once inside the store not only will the staff there be able to provide additional advice tailored according to individual tastes but buyers are also entitled to some exclusive promotions so don't miss out on those either!

The last two points bear repeating: never forget about relevant promotions (they could save hundreds!) and always ensure that any dealer who sells Sundance spas is enrolled in their Certified Dealer network in order

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Does Sundance offer spa warranties?

The simple answer to this question is no, Sundance does not offer any type of spa warranties. Sundance may have a few distributors that offer some kind of limited warranty but cannot guarantee the performance or lifespan of a Sundance Spa.

It’s important to note that many spa companies don’t provide warranties either and those that do have very limited coverage. The best way to protect your investment in a luxurious hot tub is with regular maintenance, proper water chemistry, and use of appropriate parts and tools for repairs.

That being said, it is still possible to purchase extended warranties on certain aspects like a cover or labor cost through third-party providers such as Splash Plaza. You can also add features when buying your original product such as UV filtration systems or underwater lighting packages which come with their own sets of guarantees too. Investing time in researching what options are available for you may be worthwhile if you are looking for extra insurance against damage down the road.

At the end of the day though, regardless if it's from Sundance or another manufacturer more comprehensive coverage than usual should be expected so make sure you ask in-depth questions before committing to any warranty option that might be available!

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How long have Sundance Spas been in business?

Since 1977, Sundance Spas has been providing top of the line hot tubs to customers’ homes. In those 43 years, they have become one of the leading hot tub brands in the industry – offering a relaxing experience for both physical and mental well-being.

Sundance Spas was founded by Gene Doping, who wanted to create an inviting and restorative environment in people’s own backyard. The company launched its first hot tub design a few years later – featuring reclining seats and unique jets which helped soothe away stress and promote relaxation. Since then, Sundance Spa has introduced innovative features like Bluetooth connectivity, lighting systems and many more luxurious amenities that make these spas stand out from their competitors.

Today, Sundance Spas is an international brand with an extensive product line-up ranging from traditional two-person models to extravagant eight-person spas featuring industry leading control technologies like Freshwater Salt System® or Flexjet® technology. From its simplistic beginnings of bringing comfort into people’s homes to now providing premium features to create inspiring vacation experiences with just the push of a button—Sundance Spas is committed to carefully creating lengths of lasting relaxation for all of its customers worldwide.

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What types of features do Sundance Spas offer?

Sundance Spas are the world’s leading hot tub brand, offering a luxurious and relaxing experience right in your own home. It’s premium-quality hydrotherapy is designed to help you unwind while providing a wide range of health benefits. From sleek designs to technological advancements, Sundance Spas are unrivaled when it comes to quality and innovation.

When shopping for the perfect hot tub, you have many options at your fingertips with Sundance Spas. One of the core features that set them apart from other brands is their adaptable hydrotherapy systems which include adjustable water jets tailored specifically for each user’s body type. With this comprehensive design, each person can enjoy specific pressure points that target areas such as lower back, feet or neck muscles - rejuvenating both mind and body after a long day!

In addition to adjustable water jets, there are also a number of other luxury features built into Sundance spas such as LED mood lighting for creating an inviting ambiance, Accu-Ssage therapy seats with five massage types or multi-colored spa curtains for added style and privacy. Whether it's an outdoor lounge area or simply soaking in your personal pool at home - Sundance Spas offer users an unparalleled experience!

The brand also ensures impeccable performance over time thanks to their patented Filtration System which includes advanced ozone technology as well as low maintenance components like energy efficient pumps and filters which require fewer replacement cycles compared to standard models found elsewhere on the market today. These thoughtful engineering details enable users to savour all its therapeutic benefits without having any worries about extra maintenance or costly repairs down the line - so these products provide a sound investment even years after first purchase date!

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Related Questions

How long do Sundance Hot Tubs last?

Sundance Hot Tubs typically last 15-20 years on average.

How much does a Sundance Spa cost?

Prices range from around $5,000 - $11,000 depending on the model and options selected.

What are the different types of Sundance Hot Tubs?

Sundance Spas offers 6 types: Optima, Marin, Cameo, Altamar, Maxxus and Supreme Spa Speedster Models.

How do you get a quote on a Sundance spa?

You can get a quote by calling customer service or visiting a local retail store for an exact price quote on your desired model with additional features added in.

How much do Sundance Hot Tubs cost?

Generally anywhere from $5K -$11k depending on customization chosen for the spa & hot tub unit

Why choose Sundance Spas?

Sundance Spas use quality materials to make long-lasting products that maximize therapeutic benefits while providing intuitive design features & meticulous craftsmanship making them reliable & trustworthy spas to choose from customer stand point.

How many people can fit in a Sundance 880 tub?


What is the difference between Sundance spa 780 and 680?

The 780 has two additional spa jets,a larger foot well and waterfall, and a longer warranty than the 680

Can I use my Sundance hot tub in the winter?

Yes, but you'll need to winterize it properly first.

How do you empty a Sundance Hot Tub?

Turn off the power supply and disconnect any equipment connected to your hot tub before emptying all of the water out of your hot tub through an available drain valve or siphon method with a garden hose or pump system depending on how much water needs to be drained out and environmental factors such as temperature.

What is the watchdog error on a Sundance Spas made tub?

Watchdog error is when there are system errors that occurs within the Sundance Spas control systems causing problems like lights flashing different colors, heaters not turning on etc., this might indicate a more deeper issue with components from pumps, sensors lacking communication with heater/pump connections which will require service technician due to code flashes from panel display boxes visible from outside of unit viewing window..

How are prices determined for Sundance Spa hot tubs?

Prices for Sundance Spa hot tubs vary according to size, features desired, type (portable vs inground), location of installation & other factors involved such as state & county taxes applied based upon where purchase is made online or in store retailer locations