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Where is love oliver twist lyrics?

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Where is love oliver twist lyrics?

If you’ve ever heard the hauntingly beautiful song from Oliver Twist, “Where is Love,” then you know the lyrics tug at your heart strings. Written by Lionel Bart in 1960, this complex and powerful love song has been covered by a variety of artists over the years and is still celebrated today as a beautiful ode to love.

The main character of “Where is Love” is Oliver Twist as he wonders throughout London in search of true love. The lyrics outline his hopeless yet hopeful quest for a partner who can make all his dreams come true:

"Where is love? Does it fall from skies above? Is it underneath the willow tree that I've been dreaming of? Or does it linger somewhere near for me to find i see? Where is the thing called love divine?"

Through this song we feel Oliver Twist’s pain as he tags along hopelessly carrying an empty heart hoping that true love will eventually come to him. He expresses his longing for something pure and bona fide — something miraculous like falling stars from skies above — but despite how real that might sound during such desperation, he cannot seem to find what he desires most until reminded “love divine makes us all feel fine." Essentially we are reminded definitively that there can be sparks even when darkness seems overwhelming; mending broken hearts doesn't require endless wondering or meeting someone far away on vacation— but rather staying open minded and willing until right where we are blooms an everlasting flame ready to light our path up ahead.

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What are the full lyrics to the song 'Where is Love' from Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist - “Where is Love”.

Where is love? Does it fall from skies above?

Is it underneath the willow tree that I've been dreaming of?

Can it be found within this heart of mine, so long apart from you?

But if loves's like a river, I'm lost in its tide. Oh, my love... where is love?

Where am I to look for you and your sweet answers to life's little questions lost without my guide. Oh, my heart... Where Is Love?

The world may know no greater pain than that of wanting more waiting for the chance at something sure but time eludes the door. Where can I seek when all hope must disappear - no shoulders to cry upon through lonely tears until you appear! Oh, sweet love where is love?

Is it ever a presence we can touch and feel or just expressions expressed with fierce appeal on a night out alone with hopes so real that cannot conceal but seals a deal for hearts which kneel before one another's will. My soul calls WHERE IS LOVE!?

Oh won't you give me more than just illusions and bring back songs filled with your clever conclusions breaking unknown barriers still unbroken dismissing everything behind shadows shrouded in dismay yet destined to stay together while never far away! For Love! Show me the way!

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What is the meaning behind the lyrics of 'Where is Love' from Oliver Twist?

From the first few chords of “Where is Love,” it's easy to hear why this musical number has been beloved by generations. It speaks to a longing that many of us can relate to—the need for connection in an often cruel and indifferent world. In the song’s lyrics, Oliver Twist asks his basic yet universal question: Where is love? Living in an orphanage, Oliver experiences deep loneliness and abandonment that was—and unfortunately still is—common for many children without steady families. He pleads desperately for companionship, singing that without love he feels “cold as ice." Musically, "Where is Love" conveys more than loneliness; its sweeping strings accompanied by delicate harps demonstrate the kind of needful emotion we feel when searching for love. This aching melody invites us to join Oliver in his search for stability and belonging. As the song reprises its theme with increased intensity throughout its storybook-style verses, we are reminded that what matters eventually isn’t so much finding love but appreciating everything else life has to offer — even if it seems supposed at times — because such things bring richness beyond compare. Ultimately, "Where is Love" reminds us all how important it is not only to practice compassion ourselves but also make sure those around us have enough access and understanding of genuine affection and loyalty so crucial in growing up happy and healthy — things which we sometimes take for granted these days.

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Who wrote the lyrics to the song 'Where is Love' from Oliver Twist?

The lyrics to the classic tune "Where is Love?" from the musical Oliver Twist have been powerfully written by lyricist Lionel Bart. The song, which is considered one of the most iconic in musical theatre, has left audiences with a heavy heart as they grapple with where true love can be found.

"Where is Love" embodies immense emotion within its short composition, telling a story of emotional yearning and loneliness: "Where is love? Does it fall from skies above? Is it underneath the willow tree that I've been dreaming of?". With its tender melody and poetic words, “Where Is Love” speaks directly to our hearts and souls in search for something larger than ourselves.

The music-maker behind “Where is Love” was composer Lionel Bart who was born in London in 1930. His career spanned around 40 years before he passed away in 1999 at age 68 due to serious health problems connected with diabetes. Bart had always had high hopes for his music and lyrics writing - so much so that he once said “If there's ever anything anybody remembers me by after I'm gone, I'd like them to remember 'Where Is Love?'.  And sure enough today we remember it still! Thanks largely to its continued use on stage productions as well  in film adaptations such as Roman Polanski's rendition (1988) and more recently Cuarón's version (2005).

No matter how many times we hear this classic song, Lionel Bart will always remain here with us through his beautiful words and music – continuing to lift us up out of darkness anytime those dreaded feelings of loneliness take hold.

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How does the song 'Where is Love' from Oliver Twist portray the story of the novel?

The song ‘Where is Love?’ from the musical Oliver Twist serves as an embodiment of the classic story of everlasting love in spite of poverty and dire circumstances. Written by Lionel Bart, it poignantly captures the essence of Oliver’s want for companionship, an understanding he can only find amongst those who experience real hardship such as himself.

The first verse aptly conveys the feeling of optimism and hope, singing “I look around me; I see a sweet desire hangs over me.” This sets up a desire in Oliver to find companionship despite his situation, setting the tone that while life struggles may bring disappointment and tears, it has not crushed his aspirations for true love.

In touching upon his depth of emotion, second verse displays quite tenderly that under all this aura of hope lies temptation as well – Singing “But then I see danger laced with pleasing delights/Oh loveliness rides high on heavens most deep flights” - Thus emphasizing both his keen awareness to be careful but also hunger for freedom from pain and loneliness.

The chorus pays tribute to many classic stories of star-crossed lovers where caste or class serves as a barrier to connection or happiness –perhaps notably Romeo & Juliet or Wuthering Heights coming to mind- echoing these themes with its cry “where is love? Can't seem to find it anywhere...nowhere!” Moreover it captures not just frustrated longing but our helplessness looking at how Big Society treats poor children such as Oliver in different times: trapping them within their misfortunes due to their class status even if they are capable yearnful hearts beating with innocence much like everyone else around them Such poignant lyrics drew attention off Broadway prior getting featured throughout its iteration in London's West End eventually earning it recognition worldwide today through acclaimed stage performances befitting its message connecting us across generations -all this amplifying how powerful sense our world would be could make when we turn away apathety replacing those walls difference between people will care compassion humility taking away darkness giving light instead.

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What is the tune of the song 'Where is Love' from Oliver Twist?

"Where Is Love", from Oliver Twist, is an iconic Broadway show tune that has been etched into many people's memories. From its memorable opening line of "Where is love? Does it hide away somewhere?" to the hauntingly beautiful riffs and key changes throughout, this timeless classic will continue to resonate with many generations to come.

The music for "Where Is Love" was written by Lionel Bart with lyrics by Al Whyte, and it evokes a sense of longing and joy simultaneously. The melancholy feel of the key changes combined with the upbeat rhythm create a unique soundscape. Although the song originated in 1960 on Broadway, it has been modernized in various ways over the years, including movies such as 1987's film version of Oliver Twist featuring Mark Lester as Oliver and most recently in 2019's musical adaptation starring David Walliams as Fagin.

This musical allure can be attributed largely due to its challenging but beautiful melodies; both chorus parts consist mostly out of thirds which give them a familiar but harmonically interesting feel when performed correctly. This anthem-like combination ultimately makes it an enduring piece – something that won’t quickly go out of fashion among listeners.

In conclusion,"Where Is Love" from Oliver Twist continues to stand strong as one of the most memorable tunes over decades later -emotionally transporting us back into our past lives just hearing those few notes is enough.

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How does the song 'Where is Love' from Oliver Twist fit into the overall storyline of Oliver Twist?

The classic musical, Oliver Twist, has an endearing song titled “Where is Love?” that evokes strong emotions. This soulful number plays a unique role in the overall story of Oliver Twist, as it voices his desires and innermost thoughts. When sung by the titular character, “Where Is Love?” speaks to the audience since it reflects a deep desire for stability and family that everyone can relate to.

In Oliver Twist, we find a young orphan who is constantly mishandled and mistreated by those around him who are supposed to take care of him. Through all of this suffering, he finds himself aching for love from others and also finding solace within himself through what scattered joys life possesses. The lyrics from “Where is Love?” perfectly capture these feelings from his journey through childhood:

“Who can say if I've been changed for the better?/ But because I knew you/ I have been changed for good.. / What power can divinest sorrow have/ To cure my inner pain...// Where is love?".

This song taps into how hard it was being an orphaned child during Victorian times in London as well as how powerful pure love can be no matter where you come across it; providing comfort within during tough times such as these. Four years after being taken in by Fagin and friends, Oliver finally finds true acceptance among some incredible individuals who teach him about hope which brings his closing number full circle: "Where is Love?" proves to be an important part of the story arc in this classic musical coming-of-age tale that ends with joy replacing despair amongst its characters – even starting with our brave little protagonist!

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