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Where is parker house furniture made?

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Author: Clara Hodges

Published: 2022-05-18

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Where is parker house furniture made?

When people think of furniture, the Parker House logo is often one of the first images to come to mind. It’s no wonder why: for over 60 years, Parker House has been known for its luxurious yet affordable home furnishings. But one question that comes up frequently about Parker House furniture is where is it made?

Parker House furniture and home furnishings are indeed crafted in California as part of a longstanding tradition of American-made products that are held to the highest possible standards. Offering a wide range of styles and materials, Parker House offers pieces that appeal to many different design aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for something modern or traditional, rustic or contemporary; you can be sure that whatever style you select will bring a distinguished look and feel into your home.

As with all American-made products-- this attention to detail also extends into each individual piece created by their dedicated team. On every order they undertake, Parker House artisans pay meticulous attention to even the smallest details; making sure each piece best reflects family beauty through quality materials, craftsmanship and exemplary customer service. For instance-- all their dining sets are able to beautifully weather any climate (both literally and figuratively!) thanks in part to the use of durable hardwoods such as mahogany and oak wood veneers which stores ensure longevity throughout their lifetime.

From coffee tables with intricate carvings or console tables with ornate gold leafing trims - each piece that leaves these master craftsman promise has undergone an intense level scrutiny from conceptualization through finished construction offering both beautiful pieces as well as peace-of-mind assurance ensuring these goods endure throughout years ahead! So be assured no matter whether you place your order for an office conversion kit or an updated recliner - its guaranteed quality goods coming right out of California!

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From which country does Parker House Furniture originate?

If you’re in the market for quality furniture and want to find something with a classic, timeless style, you may want to consider pieces from Parker House Furniture. This company was founded in 1946 in Alexandria, Virginia by Jerry and Bobbie Rosenberg. While their headquarters are now located in Mission Viejo, California, the original roots of this business have stayed true over the years and are still strongly associated with American craftsmanship.

Every piece of furniture produced by Parker House is rigorously tested for quality assurance. Special attention is given to ensure that every detail is just right including matching quality upholstery fabrics. All pieces undergo multiple rounds of inspections before they make it out of their facilities so each item meets their high standards; so much so that all pieces come with a lifetime warranty! This dedication to providing only high-grade products speaks volumes about this reputable company's commitment towards excellent craftsmanship and ensuring customer satisfaction - qualities that make Parker House Furniture stand out even today.

Besides offering traditional designs featuring rolled arms, nailhead trim detailing or turned legs – some classic hallmarks of furniture designed by Parker House – they also proudly carry modern collections such as sleek sectionals or bold bar stools as part of their selection. By striking a balance between timeless fashion and current trends, it’s easy to see how strong this brand truly is when it comes to excellence in design and quality alike; no wonder why it has been around since 1946!

Overall if you’re looking for superior furnishings made according to exacting standards then look no further than on Parker House Furniture – a company proudly originating from the United States!

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Where is Parker House Furniture manufactured?

If you’re looking to decorate your home with quality furniture pieces, then Parker House Furniture may be exactly what you’re searching for. This brand has become well-known for creating stylish furniture designs that promote family gatherings and provide traditional elegance. With this in mind, many people want to know: where is Parker House Furniture manufactured? The good news is, most of the furnishings created by Parker House are made in the United States! The company has several showrooms and manufacturing plants located throughout California and Virginia. This ensures that all pieces created by the company live up to the high quality standards that customers expect from them. Additionally, each product undergoes a series of rigorous tests before leaving their facilities so customers can trust that they are receiving superior quality every time they purchase from Parker House. When shopping around for home furnishings it’s important to keep this information in mind so you can purchase furniture pieces knowing they were thoughtfully crafted using American craftsmanship standards. And if you decide to go with a piece of furniture designed by Parker House, rest assured knowing its durable structure was handcrafted right here at home!

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What type of materials are used to make Parker House Furniture?

Parker House furniture is a popular choice for many households due to its durable quality and attractive appearance. The materials used to construct Parker House furniture vary depending on the type of product, but generally include solid woods such as maple and cherry, as well as wood veneers like oak, walnut, ash, mahogany and more. Reclaimed woods are also an option for more rustic pieces that bring natural beauty into any space.

Upholstered items typically feature solutions dyed polyester or cotton fabric with Spring Down cushioning in higher-end products. Metal elements such as hardware are usually made from stainless steel in brushed nickel or other attractive finishes that add a sense of sophistication to the overall composition of the piece. Looking further you may even find Chinese hardwood accents or glass & resin composites depending on the collection chosen.

With its blends of luxury materials and commitment to construction techniques that ensure long-term stability, Parker House furniture offers timeless style at an affordable price – making it a great choice for homes both old and new!

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Where is Parker House Furniture distributed from?

Parker House Furniture is one of the premier names in furniture, providing quality and style to homes all over the world. Founded over 35 years ago in Southern California, Parker House Furniture has become a staple for those looking for quality home furnishings that are built to last. While it is headquartered in Ardmore, Oklahoma, Parker House Furniture pieces are distributed through locations across the United States such as California and Nevada as well as Canada and Mexico.

In addition to its large online presence and traditional retail outlets, many Parker House Furniture products can be found at regional specialty stores throughout the United States that distribute locally manufactured furniture pieces—a great way to get that unique piece without having it shipped from afar! Each product type is carefully crafted with superior materials such as hardwood frames, solid wood accents, adhesives made of eco-friendly components and plush fabrics like leathers and velvets. Handcrafted details like decorative stitching bring an extra bit of charm to each piece you add to your home.

Whether you’re shopping for bedroom sets or entertainment centers (or anything else), you can rest assured knowing your new piece comes with a full manufacturer's warranty ensuring both high-quality construction and satisfaction from your purchase from Parker House Furniture!

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Does Parker House Furniture support sustainable manufacturing practices?

As a trusted furniture manufacturer for over 150 years, Parker House Furniture has long been committed to responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices in the production of its high-quality pieces. From sourcing the highest quality materials to utilizing sustainable methods like recyclable packaging, Parker House is dedicated to creating furniture with minimal environmental impact.

One example of this commitment is their use of Eco-Friendly wood in all products. This wood is harvested responsibly from certified forests, meaning that it’s managed and monitored by organizations that prioritize conservation efforts and replanting efforts where necessary. It also helps reduce the risks associated with receiving timber from unauthorized sources or illegal logging operations.

In addition, Parker House has a deep respect for maintaining healthy indoor air quality within customers' homes by using low VOC finishes on furniture pieces and adhering to CARB (California Air Resources Board) standards for formaldehyde safety regulations on all panel components in their collections. Also, all of their products are constructed with fasteners free from toxins such as Cadmium or Lead based compounds that can contaminate indoor air as time passes and could lead to chronic health issues later down the line if present at unsafe levels.. Which explains why they continue replacing these compounds with eco-friendly alternatives such as Phosphate coated screws whenever possible!

Overall, I think it’s fair to say that when you choose Parker House Furniture you can rest assured knowing you are investing in your home’s interior design without sacrificing environmentally friendly practices or shortchanging safety requirements!

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Does Parker House Furniture use any recycled materials in the manufacturing process?

Parker House Furniture has a commitment to sustainability and uses recycled materials in its manufacturing process as much as possible. The company has invested in research to find ways to use more eco-friendly practices that have minimal environmental impact.

The Parker House Furniture lineup consists of bedroom and living room seating, home office furniture, dining room sets, and occasional tables - all made with the environment in mind. Their products feature sustainable wood, FSC-certified wood which is sourced responsibly from managed forests or reclaimed wood which is re-milled from previously used lumber sources. They also offer fabric choices such as upholstery fabrics made from recycled PET plastic or other post-consumer recycled fibers.

Parker House Furniture backs their commitment to sustainability with their innovative SPRINGWOOD 2020 plan; a complete vision of what the future can look like if companies continue moving towards reducing chemical usage for manufacturing processes and energy consumption by reusing existing resources responsibly. In addition to using recycled materials, they have also adopted further sustainable practices with extra safety measures like lowVOC finishes on their furniture range while embracing eco friendly packaging standards too! As part of this goal they use 100% biodegradable epackaging material when possible instead of plastic wraps or foam fillings which can take centuries to decompose. As part of this initiative, the company ensures that any scrap wood generated during production is further used for making kindling etc thus not going waste!

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Who is Parker House furniture?

Parker House is a brand and manufacturer of home furniture.

What is the most popular product manufactured by Parker House?

The most popular products manufactured by Parker House are motion sofas, sectional sofas, entertainment centers and TV stands.

Does Parker House furniture use particleboards?

Yes, Parker House furniture uses particleboards for many of its products.

What is the warranty on Parker House furniture?

The warranty on Parker House Furniture varies depending upon the product purchased with some having up to 10 years limited warranties from date of delivery.

Is Parker House furniture good quality?

Yes, Parker House furniture is good quality as it offers a wide range of unique styles that blend together form and function to provide stylish pieces made with superior materials like genuine leathers and solid woods without compromising comfort or durability.

How long has Parker House been in business?

Parker House has been in business since 1988 providing customers with innovative designs offering comfortable luxurious living at an affordable price point today's consumers seek out when shopping for home furnishings

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Is Parker House a good brand?


What is Parker House furniture?

Parker House is a furniture brand offering durable, stylish pieces constructed from solid wood and veneers in a range of finishes and sizes.

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