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Who gets dumped from love island tonight?

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Published: 2019-06-29

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Who gets dumped from love island tonight?

It looks like tonight's Love Island is going to be a nail biter as we wait to see who will be the unlucky contestant getting dumped from the show! As viewers of the show know, each week, a panel of Islanders are chosen by host Caroline Flack to select two contestants for potential eviction. The bottom two vote-getters face off against each other in an exciting challenge and ultimately, one unlucky islander gets the boot.

Tonight's episode looks to have some added drama as tensions remain high among certain pairs in the group. While no one wants to leave their newfound love behind, survival on Love Island means being ruthlessly honest and focusing on your own game play. With these six Islanders left standing in tonight's faceoff, all bets are off when it comes down predicting who will get dumped this evening.

Will it be hunky bachelor Justin whose charm has made him popular with some of the ladies? Or maybe Alexis, who has been struggling with balancing her relationships while staying true to herself? No matter what happens tonight, one thing is certain - this competitive spirit is giving us regular viewers something very exciting to watch! Tune into Love Island at 8 PM EST for all of your answers – but only time will tell who receives their walking papers from our island sanctuary!

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Who has been voted off Love Island tonight?

It's been a rollercoaster ride of love and drama at Love Island this season and tonight one couple had their flame extinguished. After the votes were tallied, it was revealed that Shani and Kieron are the unlucky couple who have been voted off Love Island!

This week, people were asked to vote on which couple they wanted to see stay on the show. Unfortunately, for Shani and Kieron, their time on the island has come to an end. They have had a tumultuous start both as friends before getting together as lovers but it appears their time in paradise has reached its conclusion all too soon.

On leaving Love Island, they both said farewell with heavy hearts yet positive outlooks for the future: “We’ve had a great time while we’ve been here - we made some amazing memories together." Kieron said in his interview with Caroline Flack following his departure "We do regret something didn’t work out between us here but I'm glad we can be good friends now".

Although it is always sad when couples leave our screens so early in their journeys of finding love – there is no doubt thatShani and Kieron will continue theirs off camera! We wish them all the best and hope that perhaps one day they may reunite on Love Island once again…

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Who has been eliminated from Love Island this week?

It's officially the end of yet another week on Love Island, and with it comes more drama, romance, and unfortunately - eliminations. This week saw two islanders leave the villa: 31-year-old beauty queen Maura Higgins and 27-year-old firefighter Mike Boateng. Maura was a popular contestant amongst the Love Island audience due to her fiery attitude and no nonsense demeanor. Since entering the villa she had been coupled up with young boxer Tommy Fury but it seemed even his charm couldn't keep her on the show for long as she was eliminated in a dramatic re-coupling ceremony after failing to secure enough votes from public viewers. Mike entered the show earlier this month when he initially coupled up with Leanne, however after forming a connection with Priscilla later on in the series it made for tough decisions all round. On Wednesday night's episode Mike chose Priscilla over Leanne during his recoupling leaving both heartbroken and ultimately saw him eliminated from Love Island altogether. Sadly both Maura and Mike have now left us wondering what could have been if they remained in the competition longer but its not just them that we’ll miss! Tune into ITV2 next week as more Islanders face their fate at another epic recoupling ceremony!

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Who left Love Island this evening?

It was a bittersweet evening for Love Island fans, as we found out who would be leaving the villa tonight. After an intense and eventful week, it came down to the decision of which couple had to leave. It was a tough choice, but unfortunately it was Amber and Michael who said their goodbyes on this evening's episode of Love Island.

Amber and Michael have been one of the most popular couples in the villa since they first coupled up a few weeks ago. Since then they've grown closer together, each sharing their heartfelt past stories with each other while continuing to enjoy fun dates that help explore their budding romance even further. This special connection combined with the fact that viewers have seen them progress so far made it all the more difficult when it came time for them to leave this evening.

However despite being sent home tonight, Amber and Michael's relationship still has a chance at success outside of Love Island too; with personal plans already in place following their exit from the show there could yet be something else for fans still invested in seeing what happens next between them! Knowing how well suited these two are together let’s hope that no matter what happens next, their journey will continue on in one way or another after love indoors!

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Who is saying goodbye to Love Island tonight?

Tonight is the night for Love Island fans to say goodbye to this season's most beloved cast. After eight weeks of highs and lows, dramatic twists and entertaining love triangles, it's finally time to wave farewell to the 12 contestants who have been part of our everyday lives since June.

The show began with a matchup between 22 different Islanders from all over England. Initially, the hopefuls were paired off in couples that would form their home base in the villa for many days after. As weeks passed by, contestants entered and left Love Island as new~found loves bloomed or petered out quickly; it was an unpredictable yet captivating ride that entertained viewers throughout Summer 2020.

Tonight, it's time to see which couple will emerge as winners of this season's edition of Love Island—the coveted title is anyone’s game! Alliances have been made and broken; we've seen tears over dramatic breakups as well as lots of love despite odds being against them during tough eliminations. It's sure to be an emotional evening with the final couples standing before us one last time before they—and we—say goodbye until next summer.

So if you're wondering who will be saying goodbye tonight on Love Island...we can't tell you for sure until after 9PM GMT (04:00 PM EST), but make sure you stay tuned in either way! Who might just meet your next summer heartthrob?

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Who got kicked out of Love Island tonight?

Tonight’s dramatic Love Island episode ended with a shock elimination that had viewers across the world on the edge of their seats. After enduring a heart-wrenching elimination round and hearing the final verdict, it was newly-minted couple Joelle and Remy who ultimately got kicked off the island.

For fans who have been following Joelle and Remy's journey since they first got together just a few days ago, tonight’s outcome was especially painful to watch as sparks flew between them ever since they shared an immediately connection in week 1 of Love Island. Despite their undeniable chemistry and tender moments, fans were not surprised by tonight's result, as other couples in the villa began establishing deeper connections while Joelle and Remy hadn't quite reached that point yet.

It seemed almost certain tonight when host Caroline Flack asked them both to step forward that one or both wasn’t going to make it out of this gruelling spin around The Wheel Of Fortune unscathed – but nobody expected both of them eliminated! As soon as their names were announced there were cries from both inside and outside The Hideaway Villa from disappointed friends and fellow couples who were clearly shocked at such an unexpected twist in fate for two people who had been making waves on Love Island for so long now.

Time will tell if Joelle & Remy will reunite when all is said & done; But only time (and The Wheel Of Fortune) has the answers! One thing is for sure; this isn't goodbye just yet...

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Who got the boot from Love Island today?

It's the moment Love Island fans have been dreading - someone had to go! Unfortunately, tonight it was Nas Majeed and Siânnise Fudge who had their Love Island journeys ended.

The couple didn't make quite enough of an effort to connect with their fellow islanders in this week's challenge and were voted out by the public. However, they still seemed to be very much in love and gave each other a beautiful kiss goodbye as they said their farewells.

Nas and Siânnise were seen as one of the most popular couples on the show since entering together on Day 7, so this news will come as a disappointment for viewers everywhere. They certainly seemed smitten with each other during their time on Love Island but unfortunately it wasn't enough for them to stay any longer.

Although we won't be seeing any more of Nas and Siânnise in the villa this season, we wish them all the best for their future together!

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Yes, there will be a huge recoupling on Love Island in 2021.

What happened to Matt on Love Island?

Matt was sent home due to his behaviour during an incident with fellow contestant Shaughna Phillips on Love Island this season.

What happened to AJ and Danny on Love Island 2021?

Danny and AJ were not chosen by the other Islanders during their recent recoupling ceremony and therefore became single again at that point in the show's timeline, but are still currently part of the cast for now..

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The couples at risk of being dumped are Sophie and Connor, Siannise and Luke T., Mike and Priscilla, Jamie and Natalia.

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Naz & Tyrone were voted out on Wednesday night.

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Yes, the Love Island contestants are recoupling.

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It is possible that Love Island may be plunged into chaos soon but it has not yet happened yet.

Is this the end of Kalia Salma Jack and Harry on Love Island?

No, this is not necessarily the end for Kalia Salma Jack and Harry on Love Island as they could come back if coupled up with other islanders or given a chance to stay in the villa by winning a challenge during an episode's dumping ceremony..

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It is uncertain if Jack Keating will make it into Love Island's main villa as he still needs to secure a match before doing so without facing elimination first

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