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Who is still together from ready to love season 4?

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Published: 2022-01-15

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Who is still together from ready to love season 4?

Ready to Love season 4 featured 12 of the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes from Atlanta searching for love. So who’s still together and in a lasting relationship?

The answer is none! All four couples decided on their journeys that they weren’t right for each other. Ready to Love season 4 ended with all the participants being single again and focused on understanding themselves better as individuals instead of couples.

Although many relationships didn’t last, everyone did take away valuable lessons from the journey. They learned to love themselves individually, communicate their feelings openly, be honest with others, respect each other's boundaries and have patience until they find the right person for them. It’s not easy starting dating life again after experiencing heartache but if you keep working on yourself and making sure that your values align with any potential future partners', you can find love!

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Who was the winning couple on Ready to Love season 4?

Ready to Love season four recently ended and the show’s final couple of 2020 is Dave and BB. After a journey filled with ups, downs and makeups, this dynamic duo found love in the most unlikely place — their own respective pasts.

Dave had previously dated co-star Liz but wanted to move on. Over the course of season four, he shifted focus from his prior relationships and looked for something deeper. It didn’t take long for him to connect with BB (real names Bobby Benjamin), who was deeply mature for her age of 25-years-old yet not without youthful optimism — making her an excellent match for Dave’s 32 years on Earth.

The two found laughter in each other early on when they discovered that they both shared a love for classic hip hop music; blending together their passions as easily as their personalities did too! Shared conversation was followed by great chemistry which later led to multiple dates including Dave plugging up candles at BB's NYC apartment then making heart shaped pizza together at home! Now 10 months into seeing each other, these two continue to grow more as people even outside of their relationship showing that Ready To Love gave them exactly what they needed — romantic recognition alongside personal growth.

While all couples certainly had potential during this unique dating show’s fourth season, it was clear early on that Dave and BB were a fan favorite and posed perhaps the most evident connection out of all contenders throughout the entire series - which leads us here - announcing them as Ready To Love Season 4's winning couple! We send our best wishes forward towards these lovebirds who demonstrated passion amidst life struggles with such pride - Congratulations!!

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Who stayed together on Ready to Love season 4?

The fourth season of the hit matchmaking show, Ready to Love, recently concluded after several weeks of must-watch drama. With viewers all around the world tuning in to see if love could truly be found during this tumultuous time, the series saw some unexpected couples developing and blossoming relationships. The cast for season 4 included passionate entrepreneur Louis, vocalist Brandon Matthews, nursing student Jellisa Littlejohn, model Kiyanna Bygrave and cosmetologist Jackie Jackson. Overall, three couples formed on the show’s season 4 run - Louis and Chanelle Foxworth-Wallace were an early couple that made each other laugh at just about every turn; Jackie and Anthony Wise connected from day one with their spiritual connection; lastly there was Brandon & Jasmine Williams who shared a deep bond straight away because they both have had similar relationship experiences in their lives. At the end of ready to Love Season 4 Louis & Chanelle emerged as fan favorites as they stayed together throughout their intense weekend getaways at sea which allowed them further time to bond deepening their already strong connection while being on a far away tropical island of Jamaica experiencing intimate activities such as swimming in rivers or visiting falls naturally drew them closer steadily increasing their likelihood of compatibility together as well mutual understanding on a higher level than before. On top of that they even ended up throwing back a few drinks which helps add even more fun into their relationship! Needless to say although there were bumps in roads for all 3 couples mentioned after months since season 4's finale is safe two assume that Louis & Chanelle still remain happily together!

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Are any couples from Ready to Love season 4 still together?

The short answer to the question of whether any couples from Ready to Love season 4 are still together is yes; several couples are currently still together and making it work.

Ready to Love, a dating show on OWN produced by Will Packer Media, has featured some amazing couples over its four seasons. From reconnecting lost loves and rekindling old flames to creating totally new relationships, Ready to Love has been filled with moments of heartfelt connection and emotion. As the fourth season draws to a close, let's take a look at some of the couples that have stayed strong since appearing on the series.

One couple from Season 4 who is still happily in love is David McEwen & Maricruz Madriz-McEwen. After getting married only shortly after meeting on Ready To Love, this legendary couple has shown what it means for two people to be deeply devoted in love. On their wedding day they said “We’re going through marriage because that’s what we want now…it won't always be perfect but we can get through it as two imperfect people." What an inspiring true testament of unwavering commitment!

Another popular pair from Season 4 is Joseph Lawrence & Michelle Williams-Lawrence who were already connected before entering into this journey together because they both attended historically black colleges (HBCUs). Throughout their time on Ready To Love Joseph and Michelle continually showed how far unconditional commitment can go when embraced as part of your union. Watching them break barriers around race and cultural divides was extremely beautiful! After being married at one of season 3 alumni’s weddings they said "We came here just knowing each other seven weeks ago...To have us stand up here today proves anything is possible." Unbelievably romantic!

By all appearances these two are set for life with steadfast intentionality about living out their marriage vowels every single day regardless their outside circumstances could definitely use more notice in our society right now!

Through ups, downs, laughter tears and more these relationships surviving tells us one important truth - if you never give up then True love will find a way no matter how challenging or uncertain times get!! It's been amazing watching all these individuals bravely pursue love courageously while they openly face down difficult conversations when needed head-on - every couple could learn something from them!

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What couples are still together from Ready to Love season 4?

Ready to Love season 4 brought us some exciting couples and relationships, and there were quite a few that showed potential for lasting a long time. Thankfully, there are actually still several of the couples from Ready to Love Season 4 who are still together today!

The first couple is Courtney Cooper and Ti Turner, who have been going strong since their love connection was formed during season 4. These two began as friends, but quickly developed feelings for each other that enabled them to form a deeper connection. Although they’ve had their ups and downs since then (as all relationships do!), they’ve remained together with plans of future growth in the relationship - something we wish them nothing but happiness in!

The next couple is Alesha Bell and Austin Starks. After being noticed by each other early on during filming, these two eventually connected over deep conversations about family values as well as shared interests like sports and fashion. They pushed through any obstacles that came their way and ultimately chose to stay together after connecting even more throughout the competition portion of Ready to Love Season 4.

Finally, Kyle Dawsey hooked up with Kyndahl Sherman while on the show - leading them both into a romantic relationship afterwards! This couple was able go past any doubts or worries and committed themselves fully into this partnership of equality after forming such an incredible connection on-screen; one often felt when fans would watch this sizzling duo discuss life experiences over some shared beers or laughs. Seeing how far they have come since meeting each other has been inspiring – proof that true love can be found in many ways if you open yourself up completely!

Overall, these couples from Ready to Love Season 4 are proof that lasting love can be found when given an opportunity - something we all need hopeful reminders of every now and again! We wish all these happy couples nothing but the best in the future no matter what obstacles may come their way along this journey called life.

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Does Ready to Love season 4 have a successful matching?

The question of whether or not Ready to Love Season 4 is successful in its match-making endeavors cannot be answered with a simple yes or no, as there are many factors at play. In short, the answer is that Ready to Love season 4 is still too new to tell if it's been a success in pairing couples.

As the fourth season of this popular OWN TV show, which centers around helping African American singles find true love, premiered in February 2021 and ongoing – it's too early to judge how well these matches will stand up over time. Despite just getting started, viewers and fans have already seen several power couples starting out on their journey. From the outside looking in though, it appears that some promising and qualitatively solid matches have already been forged on this season of Ready to Love - with lots more exciting unions yet to come.

The show’s host Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles has experienced great success in creating connections between those looking for meaningful relationships throughout the first 3 seasons of ReadytoLove and likely won't disappoint this new batch individuals who had hoped the series would help them find their soul-mates either (fingers crossed).

Judging by conversations taking place on social media about all those blazing matches made so far – a lot of people are likening them as being ‘on fire'. We can attest that seeing two genuinely interesting people bring out each other's unique strengths starting from an equal platform - has given us reason to believe that much potential awaits whatever connective paths these dating hopefuls end up taking from here moving forward.

In summary – while no one can accurately predict whether or not Ready to Love Season 4 will prove successful regarding its match making through its related timelines into 2021 - one thing remains certain; we'll definitely be tuning into each episode weekly!

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Who were the successful couples from Ready to Love season 4?

Ready to Love season 4 was an incredible season and it had some truly wonderful couples who found love and solidified their relationships.

The first couple, Myron and Corri, were by far one of the fan favorites. Their connection from the very beginning was undeniable and as soon as they were paired together their relationship accelerated quickly. They went on some amazing dates, had engaging conversations, and showed each other constantly that they were committed to making things work between them no matter what obstacles would arise in the future. Through hard work, dedication, communication, and continuously finding ways to overcome any issues together they solidified their bond into marriage!

Next up is Todrick and Tyriece who seemed to be one of those “happily ever after” couples since they seemed so compatible. Anytime we saw them onscreen you could feel the chemistry flowing off of them as if Cupid's arrow had struck them both! With a shared love for music between them it made it even more beautiful to watch these two plan out activities involving music like when Todrick performed an original song for Tyriece at Disney World or going on different dates like searching for vinyls in record stores.

Another great couple that formed during Ready To Love this last season was Joe Williams Jr. & Briana Renee who wasted no time jumping straight into each other's lives due to a strong physical attraction that kept pulling them back to one another whenever there seemed like a disagreement would come up between them but thankfully understanding each other's perspective made sure nothing real came between these two lovebirds! Both wanting commitment with faith being important in forming relationships reminded both that what brought these two together was mutual respect with God being at heart level involved throughout forming this bond which meant wedding bells ringing all around once realized how deep their connection ran so fast!

Finally we have Duane & Tina Kelly whose relationship essentially created a refresher course on trust as well as accountability while still enjoying new experiences together such as apple picking or taking part in local sporting events which only strengthened their bond even further until finally realizing all signs pointed towards marriage eventually being right track thought process using determination with hard work keeping things interesting brought Duane & Tina closer than ever before leading way marry down aisle day here arrive officially married couple official night’s end finale show ended!!!

Overall the Ready To Love Season 4 couples were all definitely successful especially considering almost all ended up getting married! So congrats once again Myron & Corri, Todrick& Tyriece, Joe & Briana,as well Duane & Tina may your marriages be filled with joyous moments for many years come!!!

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