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Who loves the sun velvet underground lyrics?

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Who loves the sun velvet underground lyrics?

The iconic 60's-era Velvet Underground song Who Loves the Sun beautifully evokes a longing for the warmth of summertime with its haunting lyrics and mellow electric guitar riff. The song captures an endearing, carefree feeling of another scorching summer season - one that we will probably never experience again. “Who loves the sun?/Comes shining through/Makes you want to feel like a number one…”

The lyrics paint an image of complete joy and contentment with the arrival of sunshine; they sound as though they're coming from someone who is so thoroughly in love with the sun that day-to-day tribulations don't matter anymore. This hypothetical person invites us to come out and experience their joy in this brief period when everything feels perfect - “Come on along and listen to my song…Let me lighten up your mind.”

By contrast, the Velvet Underground was anything but carefree during their career as a band – Lou Reed's often dark and brooding compositions seemed miles away from this lighthearted tune about counting down days until sunny weather returns. This is ultimately what has kept Who Loves The Sun alive over fifty years later – its juxtaposition between harsh reality and hope for brighter days, captured in three simple words: “Who loves the sun?”

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What are the lyrics to "who loves the sun" by the Velvet Underground?

If you're looking for the original lyrics to "Who Loves the Sun" by The Velvet Underground, you've come to the right place. This classic track is an iconic representation of their sound and style, and it's a great example of Lou Reed's songwriting.

The song opens with these lines:.

"Who loves the sun? Who loves to play?

Who looks up when she hears that sound?

Everybody knows they love it so much they can't stay away".

The first verse then moves on to discuss life's struggle, both joys and sorrows:.

"Life is like a party, everybody’s hoping for something good someday. Life can make you happy or drive your heart into despair".

The chorus expands upon this theme of struggle, bringing an element of hope into the mix alongside its melancholia: "Oh what I'd give just to see some sunlight shine above my head. Just keep believing in yourself and you'll see there's nothing in this world that can keep us from our happiness".

The final verse serves as a reminder that despite our struggles we still have reason to be hopeful and embrace life as it comes: "So who cares about tomorrow when tonight is where I need to stay? Hold on tight through clouded days cause there's sunshine after rain."

For anyone seeking a powerful lyric set expressed with emotion and evocative imagery, The Velvet Underground has once again delivered in spades with "Who Loves The Sun", giving us strength when times feel difficult while also serving as an emotional balm for those looking for comfort or solace from life’s struggles.

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What does the song "who loves the sun" by the Velvet Underground mean?

When it comes to interpreting the meaning of a song, there's no right answer and "Who Loves the Sun" by The Velvet Underground is no exception. With lyrics like “We all need the sunlight in our lives”, it appears to be about appreciating life’s simple pleasures and taking time to just enjoy the little things. It could also suggest that someone is looking for an escape from reality or perhaps depression by finding solace in something as natural as sunshine. Perhaps they are feeling like no one around them seems happy anymore, hence why they are asking “who really loves the sun?” It could be a call to slow down and appreciate life’s simple joys before time passes you by without you realizing it. The upbeat melody also gives off positive vibes as if celebrating life despite its struggles; instead of wasting energy on negative thoughts and situations we should focus on what makes us happy - whether that means dancing around in a sunny field or having your own private moments away from society - don't forget to bask in sunshine every now and then! Who knows: maybe having some good old Vitamin D will help you see things from a different perspective or remind yourself of your worth? At any rate, it seems safe to say that this song fully encapsulates how we should learn how to appreciate life for its moments of wonders despite hardships. Whether seeking out physical light through nature or mental illumination through introspection - let's all love "the sun"!

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Who wrote the song "who loves the sun" by the Velvet Underground?

The legendary rock and roll song "Who Loves The Sun" was written by Velvet Underground co-founders Lou Reed and Maureen Tucker, who were famously adored by the late Andy Warhol. While the two rarely collaborated on writing songs, this classic track is the one exception.

The music originated as a single acoustic guitar piece that Reed composed without lyrics in 1967 at Warhol's Manhattan studio. With its sweet melodies and catchy chorus it was an instant hit with both colleagues and fans of the band.

When Tucker then added her iconic vocals to Reed's guitar arrangement, as well as her signature drumming style, they created a hypnotic composition which catapulted them to increasing fame in the American psychedelic scene. Described as a 'lovely lullaby', this captivating track tells a nostalgic story about nostalgia itself; reminiscing about past love and fond memories of times gone by:

"People tell me it's unfair/And I know I just don't care/I ain't gonna stand around wondering who loves who."

This almost dreamy reflection suggests something special between Reed (the lyricist) and Tucker (the vocalist), hinting at something deeper than a shared musical connection - possibly unrequited love or weary disappointment in relationships now consigned to memory’s fade... Like many other Velvet Underground songs this is one complex yet gorgeous piece of music full of emotion which has endured for decades since its release in 1970 on their album Loaded

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What is the musical style of the Velvet Underground's song "who loves the sun"?

The Velvet Underground are beloved by music aficionados the world over for their unique and distinctive sound, often marked by their use of raw, atonal sounds and dreamy atmospherics that accompany the heavily electric guitar riffs of Lou Reed. But one song in particular that stands out in terms of its musical style is "Who Loves The Sun", a gentle yet melodic piece from their 1970 third album Loaded. While elements of this track definitely carry with them many sonic traits from the VU's classic sound, it departs significantly from it as well in several distinct ways.

Rather than mining a harsh garage-punk vibe like so many other songs in their catalog, "Who Loves The Sun" instead relies on a more laid-back approach - utilizing ringing acoustic guitars, mellow organ riffs and bouncy production flourishes to achieve an airy folk-country atmosphere. Its intricate chord progressions also go against traditional expectations for most VU numbers by favoring major chords that play off each other wonderfully to create just enough harmonic dissonance to render them recognizable while still giving a unique flavor to the overall track.

All these touches bring together an enjoyable summery feel - perfect for spinning during those hazy days when things seem (and usually are) just out of reach but still worth reaching out for regardless! Long story short - hope you'll spin this one soon and discover why "Who Loves The Sun" deserves its place among some of Velvet Underground's finest work!

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Are there any cover versions of the Velvet Underground's "who loves the sun"?

The Velvet Underground's 1970 release "Who Loves the Sun" has become an icon of surrealist music and alternative rock. A soulful and dreamy tune, it evokes a sense of autumnal joy and nostalgia in listeners. While it never quite achieved the mainstream success of some other Velvet Underground songs such as “Here She Comes Now” and “Sweet Jane”, many popular artists have covered this classic over the years. Here are a few memorable recorded versions of this timeless classic:

-In 1997 alternative rock band Girls Against Boys released a more upbeat, harder edged version on their (rarely-heard) cover album This Is Not An Exit. The song takes on a different rhythm but still retains its hallmark bittersweet vibe.

-In 2014 critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Emm Gryner put her distinct spin on “Who Loves The Sun” for her album Gem And I in which she collaborated with many other indie artists to record covers of old favorites both known and obscure. Her version is beautiful yet slightly melancholy - perfect for those Autumnal nights or winter days filled with nostalgia!

-R&B duo Hiatus Kaiyote took things to another level when they covered “Who Loves The Sun” during their set at the 2020 NPR Music Tiny Desk concert series - transforming it into an acoustic yet jazz infused journey that is truly sublime!

For any fan of the Velvet Underground or great music in general, these various covers are definitely worthy of checking out no matter what your musical taste may be!

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What other Velvet Underground songs contain the phrase "who loves the sun"?

Ah, "Who Loves the Sun" by The Velvet Underground - a classic in its own right! It’s truly one of the most beloved songs from their self-titled third album and is also a favorite among fans. But did you know that it isn’t just this song that contains the phrase “who loves the sun”?

Surprisingly, there are actually 4 other songs from The Velvet Underground that have this phrase in them. These include "Ocean", "Satellite Of Love", "I'll Be Your Mirror", and most notably, their iconic hit single "Femme Fatale".

The lyrics of “Ocean” are quite beautiful and feature an interesting use of imagery as Lou Reed paints us picturesque images involving sea creatures such as dolphins and seagulls while singing “who loves the sun, who shade be found? Who calls to wave his heart around? Who scrambles to get out alive?" It's one of those quirky yet endearing moments that makes you appreciate how diverse The Velvet Underground was musically.

On “Satellite Of Love” Reed charms with his characteristic style as he croons on about someone who stands or hides under love like a satellite; singing “who loves the sun/ when it's not around? Who stands outside to be his sound". While arguably not as well known as some of their other pieces this track still remains one of my personal favorites for its wacky take on philosophical subject matter in poetic fashion.

Another beautiful rendition tinged with melancholia can be found on the classic slow ballad titled “I'll Be Your Mirror” which has Lou pleading for solace from one lost soul to another; reverberating through our ears like gospel truth: “Will you stand above me/ Look my way no never/ Yeah I find it hard to believe you / Don't want 'to see me cryin'/ So if you love me/ Please let go or come along / Cause I've had too much sorrow - who loves the sun?"

And finally, there's arguably what is deemed one of VU's biggest hits ever; Femme Fatale. Featuring an infectious chorus with Natalie Merchant doing backing vocals (something very rare for VU albums in general) it fondly places itself into musical history forevermore due it its memorable lines including amongst other things: whose heart knows no impulse but evil.... many try hard but few seem real — will they find her — who loves THE SUN??

This post offered insight into five amazing tracks by The Velvet Undeground containing variations on line apprpriately titled; "Who Loves The Sun?" From deep themes exploring existential crisis', searching for answers within each line – golden threads connecting us all together – these remnants continue burn brightly long after they were written.

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