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Who sang the love boat theme?

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Published: 2022-01-10

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Who sang the love boat theme?

The hit song ‘Love Boat Theme’ is a classic that all '80s kids, our parents and even grandparents will recognise. While it’s widely known today, do you know who sang it in the original TV series theme back in 1977?

The answer to this question lies with singer Jack Jones. This three-time Grammy award winning artist recorded the series opener and played a key role in making this uplifting show a success. Though few people knew it at the time, his version of the theme quickly became an iconic track known around the world.

Jack Jones was born on January 14th 1938 and he has since gone on to become one of the most celebrated singers of all time. With hit singles such as ‘Lollipops and Roses’, ‘Lady’ and ‘Wives and Lovers’, he has truly established himself as a powerhouse vocalist on both commercial radio and in Las Vegas nightclubs.

His performance of the Love Boat Theme helped to inspire an entire generation of people to appreciate his artistry. This single not only brought joy to millions through its cheerful melody but also provided Jones with much-needed exposure as he was beginning his long career in show biz.

Some believe that Jack Jones isn't a household name because he didn't write many original tracks but failed to realise that his adaptation of material helped him to gain recognition throughout the genre. His various resurgence's over five decades demonstrate just how timeless his craft is, even today listeners can enjoy records such as Love Boat theme that were recently released on streaming platforms like Spotify or Tidal - proving he's been will always be considered cool for generations!

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What artist performed the title track of the Love Boat television series?

The title track of the Love Boat television series is the classic song “Love Boat Theme” composed by Charles Fox and Paul Williams. Released in 1977, this ode to love on the open seas was performed by Melissa Manchester, famous for her Grammy-award winning songs “Come in From the Rain” and “Don’t Cry Out Loud.”

Manchester may have been a fitting pick to sing the theme song; with its easy-listening style melody and aim for a romantic atmosphere, her effortless style perfectly encapsulates what many remember as a comforting television favorite from when they were younger. The original version of the show aired in 1977, ending its long run just one month before the release of Manchester’s debut album Home To Myself in 1983. Her 1978 single, “Nice Girls” gained her considerable notoriety during this timeframe.

Listeners might be surprised that Manchester isn’t attributed as much credit for being part of the Love Boat soundtrack as her fellow performers who were awarded Grammys and Academy Awards for their works: Andy Williams (the version used in early episodes of The Love Boat), Dionne Warwick, Perry Como, Jack Jones, Vikki Carr and Johnny Mathis to name just a few. The career peak of "Love Boat Theme" became renowned worldwide and inspired many cruises even today, perhaps without listeners even realizing who it was that sang this memorable tune all those years ago.

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What vocalist performed the classic 'Love Boat Theme Song'?

The classic Love Boat theme song was performed by the illustrious Jack Jones. Jack's signature baritone style and smooth vibrato made his performance of the iconic theme song one of the most beloved television themes of all time. The program ran between 1977 and 1986, during which time he sang the long-running opening throughout every episode. His voice brought a sense of romantic anticipation to each episode - as suggestive of a relaxing cruise where you can find yourself in love. His career spanned many decades, and this jazzy, romantic Who among music fans wasn’t humming along to that memorable first guitar strum? It was also featured in The Muppet ’s take on the show - Love: The Movie. During his career he released more than 50 albums, receiving two Grammy Awards and four nominations. Ultimately, Jack achieved popularity across multiple musical genres including big band, standards, pop and jazz. With an impressive 60-year career ahead of him, Jack Jones is well deserving of the heart-warming legacy that he created with the iconic Love Boat theme song. His velvety voice will undoubtedly continue to be remembered by fans worldwide in decades to come!

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What singer is associated with the classic 'Love Boat Theme'?

The classic nautical theme of “Love Boat Theme” was performed by Jack Jones. Jones was born in Hollywood, California and started singing professionally in the 1950s. Although he released multiple albums over his career, it is his performances of the 1970’s “Love Boat Theme” that garnered him the most fame.

In 1976, the romantic comedy series “Love Boat” first aired and featured Jones' performance of its opening theme song. Having first auditioned by vocalist Ronnie Milsap within NBC studios to get the deal for this iconic romantic ballad later known as the "Love Boat Theme," it was truly a song to remember. For many listeners including myself, it evoked reminiscence about far away destinations and exciting journeys among newly crossed lovers across an ocean.

Jones was proficient in playing a variety of genres such as jazz, pop as well as country which made him perfectly fitting for singing this sentimental nautical love song. It went on to become Jack Jones' biggest hit, peaking at #15 on the US charts during its time. Since then, it has remained a favorite and wistful reminder of romance among those of us who watched that classic TV series when we were growing up, or simply heard it sometime growing up in their lives.

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Who sang the theme music from the Love Boat TV show?

The iconic theme song of the Love Boat TV show was sung by none other than legendary singer Jack Jones. He sang the classic opening lyrics, "Love… exciting and new, come aboard; we're expecting you," perfectly capturing the joyous spirit of the show.

The jazzy yet uplifting main theme song was originally composed and conducted by celebrated composer Charles Fox, with lyrics written by Paul Williams. The producers first opted for veteran vocalist Wayne Newton to record it, but his version had a different feel to it compared to Jack Jones’ interpretation. As a result, the producer recast Jack Jones as the vocalist for the original series in 1977, who then created one of the most beloved theme songs in television history.

More recently, short renditions of Jack Jones' themes have been used to revive the classic TV classic and spur nostalgia amongst its once faithful audience. Jones even released an extended version featuring a chorus on one of his albums “Love Boat/Fantasy Island” all these years later! We may never hear a revision as smooth and endearing as Jack’s original, which has become embedded in our cultural memory forever.

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Who provided the voice for the Love Boat theme tune?

The iconic television show ‘Love Boat’ was a staple of light entertainment from 1977 to 1986 and its theme tune is widely remembered by fans of the show. While it has been covered by many other artists since the original airing, surprisingly, the voice for the original theme is quite unknown.

The man behind the voice of the ‘Love Boat’ theme song is Jack Jones. Jack Jones began his musical career as a jazz singers before pivoting to pop music in the 1960s. After gaining immense fame as a pop singer with some of his greatest hits like “Wives and Lovers”, he was sought after to perform many TV series' opening titles. In addition to his work on ITV's Love Boat theme song, he also sang for shows like Laverne & Shirley and Target: The Corruptors!

Jack Jones’ rendition of The Love Boat theme was popular back when it first aired and even today thirty years later there are hundreds of covers online! His original song had infectious energy that kept people entertained for almost a decade as they waited for their favourite show to start every week. To Jack Jones’ credit, he left an incredible contribution in entertainment with both his solo works and of course, this memorable TV series' opening theme!

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What musician performed the opening theme for the Love Boat series?

The Love Boat series was an iconic American sitcom that aired during the late 1970s and early 1980s. While the show featured all kinds of guests, it was the opening theme song that really set it apart from other television shows. The Love Boat theme song has gone down in history as one of the most memorable TV music ever created.

The famous opening theme to the Love Boat was written and performed by legendary musician and composer Jack Jones. Jones is best known for his 1950s ballads, which he included a hint of in his performance for the Love Boat intro. The dramatic and romantic nature of this piece perfectly captures the tone and playful spirit of the series, making it one of its most notable qualities.

Jack Jones is part of a long lineage of celebrated music composers in America and beyond, having worked on several film, television and video game projects over his lengthy career. His contribution to the popularization of the Love Boat series with his infectiously melodic track is integral to its stature in popular culture. To this day, “Love Theme from The Love Boat” remains one of Jack Jones’ most beloved works - a testament to his creativity that continues to transport listeners back to simpler times onboard America’s favorite TV Cruise Liner.

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The song is about an ocean liner traveling around the world on a series of romantic adventures for its passengers and crew members alike.

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The Love Boat was an American television comedy/drama series set on a cruise ship which aired from 1977-1986 on ABC in the U.S., and worldwide after that time period ended.

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The Love Boat is a romantic pop song written by Paul Jabara and made popular in 1977 by American disco singer/songwriter GQ. It encapsulates the idea of sailing away on a luxury cruise ship with one you love, to find adventure and romance out at sea.

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The Love Boat promises "excitin' and new", an escape from everyday life for those aboard its vessel.

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The Love Boat was aired on ABC from 1977 to 1986.

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