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Would that make you love me lyrics?

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Would that make you love me lyrics?

If there’s one thing we all strive for in life, it’s love. We all want to feel believed, supported and embraced by those closest to us. The lyrics “Would that make you love me?” expresses a longing for companionship and the security of knowing someone loves us. Yet, unfortunately, love cannot be commanded or forced into being; no amount of actions or words will necessarily guarantee another person’s feelings towards us.

That being said, love is a two-way street and something we can give and receive when two kindred spirits connect in devotion and understanding. Therefore if you truly want to inspire another person's affections then the best course of action is simply to become more of who you are - live authentically according to your values with respect for yourself first- and foremost. If someone truly appreciates that version of yourself then it may just lead them down the path towards loving you too!

Although this lyric may evoke feelings of insecurity within some listeners at first, remember that everyone deserves genuine care and connection - sometimes asking “Would that make you love me?” can motivate us as well as remind us not take everything personally; relationships take time investment but they can also reap significant rewards when have patience with ourselves and others alike while remaining true to our own natures too!

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Who wrote the song "Would That Make You Love Me"?

The infectiously-catchy midtempo melody “Would That Make You Love Me” is a song written and performed by Jamie Lynn Spears, a singer/songwriter hailing from Louisiana.

A few years ago, Jamie Lynnself-released her dream pop EP ‘The Journey’ after being inspired to write music from her life experiences. Upon the release of her EP, it was evident in its 5 track list that Spears hit close to home in each hauntingly beautiful piece she composed--especially with the standout single -“Would That Make You Love Me.”

In this upbeat love song, Jamie Lynn reflects on the internal struggles of trying to find love again after enduring heartbreak at the hands of another. She speaks vulnerably about not only navigating heartbreak through hope but learning how to accept it too:

‘And I laid myself bare/ Just so you could see me/ And all my imperfections are what make me be me’.

Rather than seeking outward validation as a route for closure and ultimately loving oneself again,Jamie Lynn instead recognizes that pride and acceptance come naturally when we let go of our unrealistic expectations and open up our hearts again. This is clearly shown in this chorus:

‘If I put on my best dress/ Would that make you love me? If I said those things they tell you would then would it be enough? To show how much I miss you still'

Overall, listening to "Would That Make You Love Me" often feels like having an intimate conversation between two people who want nothing more than for another person's appreciation and affections despite knowing deep down that true confidence lies within us--never somewhere externally ourselves. It is then clear why fans around the world resonate with Jamie Lynn's creative genius which shines brightly throughout this timeless classic!

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What genre of music is "Would That Make You Love Me"?

Would That Make You Love Me is a song written and performed by folk artist, Josh Arden. It was released in 2018 as the lead single from his debut solo album, Strings of Sunlight. The song's lyrical content explores themes of love, vulnerability, and imperfection through a relatable narrative – but what genre does it fit into? Musically, Would That Make You Love Me is a unique blend of genres that includes elements of folk-pop, singer-songwriter acoustic music and rock. The upbeat tempo paired with Arden's smooth crooning makes this track an irresistible listen that will make you want to move your feet while being touched by its lyrical beauty. Arden's strong vocal delivery conveys the emotion behind the words perfectly as he sings about lost loves and heartache with an honesty that speaks to everyone on some level. The lyrics are poetically penned in such a way that it makes its soulful message even more resonant. This visceral effect is added to further by the use of distorted electric guitars which contrast nicely against the acoustic strums throughout this soaring rhapsody. All these ingredients combined come together nicely to create something special – making Would That Make You Love Me one for all occasions!

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What is the meaning behind the lyrics of "Would That Make You Love Me"?

The country-pop breakup song “Would That Make You Love Me” appears on the self-titled studio album by Jetty Rae, released in 2007. The catchy melody and powerful lyrics make this track stand out among other similar breakup anthems.

The song tells a story of a person trying to figure out what it will take for the partner with whom they are in love to feel the same about them. In essence, the character is begging for their beloved’s love and offering anything in return—hoping that this gesture will make their dreams come true.

The lyrics of “Would That Make You Love Me” capture that last effort of a one-sided relationship with such intensity that even those who haven't experienced being stuck in unrequited love can relate to them: "If I gave away my heart/Do you think it would make/You miss me just as much/As I miss you when we're apart?" Even after going through all these steps, can they still be surprised at what happens? Will there ever be a payoff? These questions stir feelings of uncertainty and despair within us as listeners.

In summary, the song “Would That Make You Love Me” offers us an emotional account of being stuck in unrequited love and reflects how we often go to extreme lengths just because someone means so much to us but never gets anything back from our efforts. It serves as an important reminder that sometimes no amount of sacrifice will be enough; when we put all our hopes into one person like that without considering our own needs, it can lead to unresolved pain and sadness unless we accept reality from time to time..

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What album is the song "Would That Make You Love Me" featured on?

Would That Make You Love Me is a heartfelt track from Nashville-based singer songwriter Garrison Starr released in 2021. It's featured on Garrison's eighth studio album, All The Words I Should Have Said, and the song certainly stands out as one of the highlights from this thoughtful and intimate collection of music.

Thematically speaking, Would That Make You Love Me is all about longing for connection despite knowing that it may never come to fruition. Musically, it pairs existential questioning with contemplative instrumentation to provide a tender backdrop to the reflective lyrics. With warm acoustics and mellow production that sits lightly in the background as Starr’s soft yet solid vocals take center stage, the track has an ethereal soundscape to explore both musically and emotionally - making it equally effective when performed live or listened to on streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

All The Words I Should Have Said is undoubtedly an important chapter in Starr’s body of work while remaining accessible enough for those new to her music. The record also features other emotionally captivating tracks such as ‘What Does Heaven Look Like?’ and ‘Proof Of Life.' Ultimately for fans of Folk-Pop infused Pop Ballads – look no further than Would That Make You Love Me from All The Words I Should Have Said by Garrison Starr ō make sure you!

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Who sings the song "Would That Make You Love Me"?

Would That Make You Love Me is a beautiful love song sung by the singer-songwriter, Myla Smith. This country pop-infused ballad has been widely praised for its thoughtful lyrics and heartfelt melody.

Myla is a multi talented artist and songwriter who began her career as a teen after winning multiple talent shows in her hometown of Seattle, Washington. She moved to Nashville to further pursue her passion for music before landing a deal with Sony Music Nashville. In addition to writing material for many of the label's established artists, she released her own debut album "Dirty Little Secret" in 2018 which featured several hit singles including Would That Make You Love Me"

This song was co-written by Myla Smith with fellow Grammy nominated writers John Charles Wynn Jr and Mark D Sandridge, and it appears on the track list of Dirty Little Secret along with five other original songs. The chorus caught immediate attention; it begins “I’d give you my heart but would that make you love me? Oh baby would that make you care?”

The music video which accompanied the single was directed by Austyn Jeffs and is filled with scenes showcasing Myla's signature allure as she pleads with someone special to return her affections just one more time.........

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Is "Would That Make You Love Me" available for streaming?

If you've been searching for the perfect love anthem, you may have come across the song “Would That Make You Love Me” written by pop artist Chris Cagle. It has become an instant radio favorite, but many fans want to know if it can be streamed. The answer is yes! The single is available on a variety of streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music - just be sure to log in and search for the artist or name of the track.

The lyrics to this song are very relatable; they capture the feeling of wanting someone's affection so badly that it hurts inside. The vocals are haunting and emotionally powerful, creating a captivating experience with each listen. It's easy to imagine why this song holds so much appeal that many people have chosen it as their go-to soundtrack during struggles in love or relationships.

No matter where you find yourself in life’s journey, “Would That Make You Love Me” will touch your heart and bring about an emotional connection that will help you focus on what matters most – love! So don't wait any longer - jump onto your favorite streaming service today and start listening!

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