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Happy hour specials at P.F. Chang’s can vary by location, so it's important to know what's available in your area when planning a visit! Fortunately, the restaurant offers plenty of discounted dishes and drinks that you can enjoy during a designated happy hour period. The main items of interest are its signature cocktails, beers on tap, and wines by the glass - all offered at half price. And while food specials can change periodically from location to location, you'll likely find lower-priced bites such as crab wontons, egg rolls, spare ribs, dumplings and more for just a few dollars each. Additionally, some restaurants may offer discounts on specialty regional dishes like fried momos or yu sheng platters made with salmon or tuna tartar. For those looking for an extra deal on top of already discounted items during happy hours at P.F Chang’s locations across the country should take advantage of available rewards programs or discounted gift cards if they're available in your area!

Does PF Chang's have a daily special?

When it comes to delicious dining, PF Chang's has a variety of exciting options for every day of the week! While their signature Chinese dishes may tempt your taste buds year round, they also have some amazing specials that you won't want to miss out on.

Monday marks the start of their Chef’s Special series with a dish featured in each location 1-2 times per month. If Monday isn’t your day off, be sure to check back throughout the week and don’t miss their traditional Wednesday special: Chang's Fried Rice Bowl! Packed full of vegetables and egg, served with choice protein (like steak or shrimp), this is one meal that you won’t soon forget.

On Thursday its time for yet another classic: Orange Peel Chicken! This sweet and sour favorite is practically made by itself in flavor, but if you happen to prefer white rice just make sure to specify when ordering.

But perhaps closest to many hearts are Saturday/Sunday lunch specials; two classic entrees for one unbeatable price- dine-in only!. Sample from Peking Duck Pancakes or Vegetable Lo Mein alongside Mongolian Beef or Dragonfire Shrimp; two dishes side by side at an unbeatable rice take away price. And don't forget about Tuesday: all menu items are discounted 15% exclusively for Seniors 65+ with valid ID!

Finishing off weekends deliciously cannot be overlooked at PF Changs either; Sunday nights find Spicy Dim Sum featured as weekly brunch specialty… can anyone say 'Yum!'? So now you know where find that perfect bite every day of the week; why not come get a taste on your own–PF Chang’s awaits!

Are there any discounts available at PF Chang's?

If you're looking for discounts at PF Chang's, you're in luck! The restaurant has recently introduced a variety of promotions and discounts that can help make your next visit even more affordable.

One great discount option from PF Chang’s is their loyalty program. When you join the program, called My P.F. Chang's Rewards+, you can get access to exclusive deals, such as freebies, discounts on food and drinks, and special members-only offers. Plus every time you make a purchase with your membership number or scan your card at participating restaurants, you'll receive points that add up towards rewards like free entrées and desserts - all for spending money as usual!

And that’s not all! There are other ways to get discounts when dining at PF Chang’s too! For example, they offer frequent promotional coupons and deals on their website or through mailers which give diners the chance to save money on meals without having to join the loyalty program first. Additionally they sometimes send out special offers with deliveries if ordering via third-party services like Ubereats or Grubhub - who doesn't love a surprise deal?

Finally don’t forget about gift cards either; these are available both in store and online giving recipients an easy way to treat themselves while still getting savings when using them pay for meals – if only all gifts were this versatile!All in all it’s nice seeing how many different options there are now for savings when dining at P. F.Chang's so be sure take advantage of them whenever possible & enjoy some delicious Chinese cuisine without breaking the budget too much too!.

Does PF Chang's offer any lunch specials?

If you’re looking for a scrumptious lunch that won’t break the bank, PF Chang's has you covered! Its menu offers an array of lunch specials tailored to every budget and taste. From vegan dishes to classic favorites, all are afforded with creative recipes and made-from-scratch ingredients. Whether you visit your nearest location or order online, PF Chang's is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Let’s start off with its famed Lunch Duos. Not only can you pick two select entrées from the extensive list available but you also receive white or brown rice alongside your meal for one fixed price – starting at just $6! These combinations really give customers their money’s worth as it provides a full lunch experience without being too heavy on the wallet.

In addition, there are half portion lunches available individually that enable guests with smaller appetites – such as children and seniors - to enjoy great food without needing additional approval from anyone else. At a price point of around $7-$9 each item makes sure you don't feel like its lacking in value plus they tend to come out rather quickly – perfect when eaten during short breaks away from work or study corners alike!

PF Chang's also boasts a happy hour special during certain hours of operation meaning discounts on alcoholic beverages when shared amongst friends - making it perfect for after work social gatherings among colleagues too. It almost goes without saying how well this meshes into its already affordable menu selection which allows people of all ages (of legal drinking age) lots of choices when constructing their bill at the end of their visit!

Overall, there are numerous options when searching for a delicious yet affordable lunch option at PF Chang’s. Whether it be enjoying in store meals via half portion lunches and duos or simply using discounted items during happy hours; customers surely have no shortage of express yet epic dining solutions outlined by this world class restaurant chain experienced in satisfyingly plating tasty dishes across multiple generations since 1993

Does PF Chang's have an early bird special?

The short answer to the question: does PF Chang's have an early bird special? is "no." However, that doesn't mean you won't be able to enjoy some bargains—the Chinese-inspired restaurant chain offers other deals that can help keep costs down.

For one, PF Chang’s regularly posts limited-time Happy Hour specials on their site and social media pages. During certain times of the day, specific locations offer discounted drinks and appetizers from their bar menu. Also, many locations offer a set amount off when you pick up your takeout orders instead of having it delivered.

On top of these regular deals, PF Chang's also runs various seasonal promotions as well as holiday discounts throughout the year (such as free delivery or large discount codes). If you're a fan of Asian food and looking for a budget-friendly way to enjoy it, checking online before your next order could help you save some cash.

Are there any weekly specials at PF Chang's?

Weekly specials are a great way for restaurants to attract diners and PF Chang's knows this better than most. That’s why the restaurant offers several weekly specials that can help customers save a few bucks on their favorite food.

One of the best weekly deals you can find at PF Chang's is their Shareable Sunday. With this promotion, customers are able to get 50% off shareable entrées from 4 p.m - 10 p.m on Sundays, making it easier than ever to enjoy an appetizer or two with friends and family without breaking the bank.

In addition to Shareable Sunday, PF Chang's also offers an intriguing deal every day of the week — select entrées are available for just $10 each! The entrées change daily so always be sure to check what’s on offer before you go in — who knows what delectable dish may be yours for just $10!

Lastly, don’t forget about “Buy One Get One Free Tuesdays” at PF Chang's — buy any entree and you receive one free entrée of equal or lesser value free of charge! This offer is only valid for dine-in experiences but it definitely makes Tuesdays that much more enjoyable when eating out at this popular Asian fusion restaurant chain.

PF Chang' has plenty other options as well, making it easier than ever to enjoy some delectable dishes without having had break your wallet in order to do so!

Is there an online ordering option available at PF Chang's?

Yes – PF Chang’s offers an online ordering option that makes it easier than ever to get your favorite Chinese-American dishes. You can make orders online through their website or through the PF Chang's mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play. With models tailored to each location, online orders allow you to pick up your meal onsite or have it delivered right to your door.

When making an order for pick up, you're in control of when and where you want to retrieve it with a designated drive-thru lane or express counter at select locations. If ordering from home is more your style, PF Chang’s offers delivery options in partnership with various third-party delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats and GrubHub that can bring the restaurant's classic favorites straight to you. Plus, there's always the option for catering-style meals if you're hosting events of 20 people or more!

PF Chang’s also has plenty of promotions and convenient rewards programs— including their P.F. Chang’s Rewards program—that can earn guests extra bonuses like BOGO entrees or discounts off future purchases when they use online ordering as well as instore dining experiences! For whatever dish may be calling your name, Pf Chang's has made snagging some good Chinese food simpler than ever before thanks to their convenient online ordering capabilities and panda-shaped takeout boxes!

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