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PJ Morton’s song “How Deep Is Your Love” paints a vivid picture of passionate love and devotion. From the very first line of the song, it’s clear that Morton is asking an important and vital question – which is ultimately how deep your love really is. This thought-provoking theme undergirds the entire track, as Morton breaks down what it really means to have a meaningful relationship – both between two people and with oneself.

The lyrics of “How Deep Is Your Love” are filled with questions that really challenge listeners to reflect upon their own relationships. For example, he asks “Do you know what its like when you give yourself away? / Has someone ever taken all of your things away? / Where can you go when nobody knows you name? How deep is your love?” These questions explore not only the nature of commitments we make to others but also those we make to ourselves, such as our ability to trust ourselves enough in order for us to be truly free with our hearts.

The chorus tackles these issues head on as well; it proclaims: “I don't know if I've done enough for me/ To show my true colors for all that can see/ But I'm willing tonight just look into my eyes/ And tell me now how deep is your love." Here we see that consistent self-reflection and understanding can be key components in any kind of relationship – whether romantic or platonic. Morton encourages us here to take inventory in our lives and ask if our actions match up with what we declare that actually care about or not.

When listening to "How Deep Is Your Love," one gets a powerful reminder of how important reflecting upon one's own commitments really are; this includes asking if one's declarations are indeed what they actually feel deeply or just bold statements said without feeling behind them at all. Moreover, PJ Morton gives us insight into the true meaning behind seeking connection - real connection -with another person or oneself beyond just surface-level gestures and words.

What is the message behind PJ Morton's song 'How Deep Is Your Love'?

PJ Morton's song “How Deep is Your Love” carries a powerful message about the complexity of love. At first listen, it appears to be about the singer's uncertain emotional state between two lovers. The verses contain several references to emotions that can often be difficult to express: vulnerability, distrust, and insecurity.

Morton provides listeners with an insight into both sides of his love story. He expresses his uncertainty over whether he will ever truly know how deep his lover’s feelings go, as well as fears that they are not mutual or sincere. Throughout the song he contemplates whether or not there is a deeper love (an unconditional one) between them that holds steady amid their unresolved doubts and insecurities.

At its core, “How Deep Is Your Love” encourages listeners to consider what it takes for them to open up fully in order for a relationship to reach its fullest potential – even when fear and doubt can emerge along the way. It speaks of being strong enough to face those feelings head-on rather than simply avoid them because they feel too big or too hard to handle on our own. Ultimately this track is an homage to those who take risks despite their uncertainly allowing themselves and their partner(s) room for growth within the relationship in order for true intimacy and understanding can bloom in time..

Who wrote the song 'How Deep Is Your Love' by PJ Morton?

The soulful hit single "How Deep Is Your Love" by PJ Morton was co-written by the Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and former Maroon 5 keyboardist himself, Patrick "PJ" Morton. The song has received critical acclaim for its beautiful lyrics and beautiful melodies.

This is not the first time PJ has collaborated with artistes on their music projects. He wrote songs for artists like Janelle Monáe, India Arie, Keri Hilson, Meek Mill and Raheem DeVaughn. This collaboration with PJ was a family affair as he wrote a majority of the song alongside his father Paul Ira “Prof” Mortan Jr., who also produced it.

In an interview PJ shared that his father introduced him to Marvin Gaye's classic soul sound which inspired “How Deep Is Your Love” - one of the many heartfelt love songs he has written in his career so far. Despite being quite different from most of his work thus far, the song resonated deeply within listeners across genres giving it international recognition - peaking at number 11 on Billboard Adult R&B Songs Chart in 2020 as well as reaching #1 in various countries such as Switzerland and Norway!

What style of music does 'How Deep Is Your Love' by PJ Morton fall into?

"How Deep Is Your Love" by PJ Morton is an R&B and soul-infused song that blends elements of gospel and traditional gospel singing. The smooth neo-soul rhythms coupled with lush, warm instrumentation give the track a distinct sound and transport listeners back to the heyday of classic soul. The organic production gives it a vintage feel while PJ’s passionate performance is enhanced by his evocative lyrics, making it hard to ignore this timeless anthem.

This multi-faceted track has hints of R&B, pop, urban contemporary, funk and even contemporary Christian music throughout—all drawing on a common theme: love. There may be other 'style of music' in there too; it's always difficult to pin down, but there’s something unique about "How Deep Is Your Love" which makes it stand out from other tracks in that style. Listeners can easily tell just how much care went into creating this song – notice how layered each element is for an experience like no other! Instrumental builds are packed with dynamic synths as well as delicate guitar picking — backed up by driving drums — leading up to soaring choruses filled with emotive melodies overlaying PJ’s sincere vocals. Together they create something special making "How Deep Is Your Love" both memorable and divertingly catchy at the same time – we think you’ll love it!

What instruments are used in PJ Morton's song 'How Deep Is Your Love'?

There is a wide variety of instruments used in the song “How Deep Is Your Love” by PJ Morton. The track was released in August 2014 on his album “Gumbo Unplugged”.

The track starts out with an acoustic guitar, softly echoing throughout the intro and chorus parts of the song. This is backed up by a piano for some mellow chords and flourishes, as well as providing a ground for vocal melodies. Following this are more atmospheric layered guitars which help to create an aura of emotion throughout the track.

Other organic instruments can be found within the rhythm section like claps, snaps, light stomps to keep time and also add texture overtop deeper beats provided by a full drum kit that lays down some intense dynamics without overpowering any other elements heard in the mix.. There’s also some light percussion which provides both ambience and life that helps bring everything together realistically without sounding artificial or robotic.

The string section is made up of various cello bits blended with each other to create complex emotions that rip apart when combined with smaller stringed instruments such as violins played at higher speeds alongside bass guitar lines for focus on lyrical phrases rather than just what can be heard sonically from its instrumentation. Lastly, there are horns pushes providing uplifting riffs here-and-there with its blaring melodies engulfing every corner creating liftoff during its breaks!

All these dynamic instrumentations combine into an emotionally evocative masterpiece of sounds and textures which continues to resound within our heart forevermore!

Who is the female vocalist featured in PJ Morton's 'How Deep Is Your Love'?

If you’re looking for an answer to the question “Who is the female vocalist featured in PJ Morton’s ‘How Deep Is Your Love?’", then look no further! The answer lies with songstress, Lalah Hathaway. Lalah Hathaway began her career in the early 90s and quickly gained a reputation as one of the most powerful female vocalists in contemporary soul music. In 2014, she released her sixth studio album, titled Self Portrait, and subsequently won her first Grammy Award for Best Traditional R&B Performance. Fast forward to 2017: that same year PJ Morton released his sixth studio album Gumbo Unplugged which included his duet alongside Hathaway on How Deep Is Your Love - a reinterpretation of a classic Bee Gees hit.

The chemistry between these two artists can be heard through this emotive rendition; PJ on piano backed by heavy drums filling out their voices with emotion and passion. Lyrically they give an energetic performance while vocally they describe the depths of endless love – it’s no wonder that this collaboration has earned them multiple award nominations including NAACP Image Awards nominations for Best Duo/Group & Song Of The Year! So if you were wondering who was responsible for giving us such incredible talent wrapped up into one musically divine piece then it is none-other than Lalah Hathaway who should get all the credit!

How did PJ Morton's song 'How Deep Is Your Love' perform commercially?

PJ Morton's soulful ballad "How Deep Is Your Love" has been a commercial hit, peaking at #72 on the Billboard Hot 100 and becoming his fifth top-ten single on the US Adult R&B Songs chart. Outside of the United States, the song experienced success internationally; it peaked at #24 in Australia, #14 in Canada and #27 in New Zealand.

The song's success likely comes from its heartfelt lyrics combined with an upbeat contemporary production from Morton himself. The powerful narration lays down a deep exploration of how love extends beyond earthly boundaries while maintaining a listening accessibility that appeals to fans across generations. With its well-crafted lyrics provided by Morton himself in combination with its vibrant production, the track is one that can easily connect with people around the world regardless of genre or style tastes.

Morton has also cited Bruno Mars as being one of his musical inspirations for "How Deep Is Your Love". With both artists being renowned for their soulful approach towards any genre they touch, it likely played into creating such universal appeal towards this single as well as crossing over different fan bases between these two acts.

With such crossover potential and plenty of heart felt sentiment carried within its vocals, it's no wonder this passionate duet became PJ Morton's highest charting single to date!

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