How Old Is Destiny from Love and Marriage Huntsville?

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If you’ve been watching Love and Marriage Huntsville, then you know that the cast is filled with some of the most inspiring and hardworking women in Alabama. One of the show’s leading ladies, Destiny, is no different. Despite her hardships and tribulations throughout her life, Destiny has powered through showing us what courage and resilience looks like. So naturally, many viewers have wondered: how old is Destiny from Love and Marriage Huntsville?

The answer to this question can be found by looking at her biography facts which states that she was born in 1985— making her currently 34-years old as of 2019/2020! Future seasons might help view fans learn more about Destinys backstory prior to joining the show. Nonetheless we are confident she will continue to inspire viewers each week with all that she does on screen.

Tune into new episodes each week to catch all the latest drama surrounding these crafty entrepreneurs as they navigate love marriage while managing their businesses in Alabama's ever-evolving Madison county (region). We at Love And Marriage Huntsville are continuously rooting for success for both Melody Holt who portrays Destiny as a character on TV (screen).

How old is Martell from Love and Marriage Huntsville?

Martell from Love and Marriage Huntsville is a bit of an enigma when it comes to his age. While he may look and act much younger than his actual age, Martell has been married twice, making it difficult to pin down exactly how old he is. Various sources speculate that Martell is actually in his early fifties as he mentioned turning fifty-two during one episode.

On top of this information, we do know that Martell started dating Melody at seventeen -- meaning he was likely born around the late 1950s or early 1960s. His second marriage to Marsau also adds an additional few years onto his age as the couple have been together since 1994 -- which would have made him approximately thirty-three at the time they tied the knot.

Although we can't pinpoint specific dates and numbers when it comes to Martell's age, based on all of the evidence available cited above, it appears that Martell from Love and Marriage Huntsville is probably somewhere in his early fifties today.

How old is Melody from Love and Marriage Huntsville?

Love and Marriage Huntsville follows the lives of three couples, Martell, LaTisha and Melody “Mel” Dunlap as they plan to open their own businesses and create a legacy in the city. However, at the center of all this is Melody – an inspirational young woman who is passionate about chasing her dreams while taking care of her family. So how old is this inspiring figure?

Melody “Mel” Dunlap was born on October 10th 1984, which makes her 36 years old as of 2021. As a successful entrepreneur in her 30s hailing from Huntsville Alabama, Mel has achieved quite a bit for someone so young! Aside from owning multiple businesses with Martell—their latest being "Dun laps Soul Food", Mel also mentors children with special needs through Project Me, an initiative that she spearheads. While Mel understands that life isn't easy for everyone (especially those trying to open business in today's unpredictable world) she does everything she can to help others realize their own strength and potential by showing them what can be accomplished when you stay focused and determined.

Moreover, It seems that aside from having drive and focus at such a young age; Mel has managed to keep it all together while balancing motherhood with running multiple businesses! If there's something we should admire in addition to her ambition it's definitely her ability to manage unending demands without ever breaking down or cowing away under pressure - something else she hopes will inspire others around her just as much as it did herself when planning out each step along the way towards reaching their dreams!

From being married happily raising two kids alongside running multiple business projects- there's no doubt that 36-year-old Mel Dunlap stands tall amidst numerous adversaries - proving each time why age truly doesn't matter when you have ambition on your side!

How old is Marsau from Love and Marriage Huntsville?

Marsau from Love and Marriage Huntsville remains an enigma when it comes to his age. While we don't know for certain, many fans speculate that he is around 45 to 50 years old.

Not only is Marsau one of the wisest, most mature members of the cast, but he also boasts an impressive background in business. After successfully becoming a millionaire by the time he was 30, Marsau became both a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor in the city of Huntsville—a position that requires experience and knowledge far beyond that of your average person in their twenties or thirties.

As a husband, father and businessman combined with his wisdom earned over several decades of life experience, it's easy to see why fans speculate that Marsau is closer to fifty than he is forty—and yet there's still something undeniably youthful about him. His love for family and infectious laugh are proof enough that no matter how old his age may be, he has been able to stay youthful through appreciating the simple joys life can bring us all!

How old is LaTisha from Love and Marriage Huntsville?

If you’re a fan of the hit reality television series Love & Marriage Huntsville, then chances are you’ve been wondering how old LaTisha from the show is. With her stylish wardrobe and up-beat personality, it’s no surprise viewers have grown curious about her age.

LaTisha is currently in her early 40s. As an entrepreneur and active mother to two children, she has achieved a lot at such a young age. Before appearing on Love & Marriage Huntsville, LaTisha was an anchor for WHDF TV 15. From working several jobs over the years to establishing her own business as well as achieving success in various fields, LaTisha proves that age isn’t nothing but a number!

We wish this beautiful lady all the best and hope we continue seeing more of her promising endeavors on our screens!

How old is Kimmi from Love and Marriage Huntsville?

It's no secret that Season 2 of Love and Marriage Huntsville is a guilty pleasure for many fans. Everyone loves following the drama and storylines of the cast, especially Kimmi, who seems to always have something interesting happening in her life. But how old is she?

Kimmi of Love and Marriage Huntsville is 43-years-old. This season we've watched her navigate relationships, work on starting a business with her husband Maurice Waller, celebrate milestones in motherhood, deal with complicated family dynamics, and so much more!

As we all know by now age isn't anything but a number when it comes to Kimmi. She has loved going outside of her comfort zone this season with daring activities that she never thought she'd do or embrace certain interests like playing golf which has opened up a new journey for her personally as well as professionally. Life throws Kimmi curveballs every now and then but nothing stops her from embracing them head on!

That's what makes us love watching Kimmi live out best life at the age of 43!

How old is Maurice from Love and Marriage Huntsville?

The age of Maurice Scott from Love and Marriage Huntsville has not yet been made public. However, it is believed that he is somewhere between 35 and 45 years old.

Maurice Scott is one of the stars of Love and Marriage Huntsville, a popular reality television show that follows the lives of three married couples in Alabama’s capital city. Maurice, along with wife Marsau Scott, are owners of The Yeastster Observatory Media Group which specializes in creating content surrounding lifestyle topics such as fashion and beauty.

It's likely that Maurice was already an established entrepreneur before he and Marsau moved to Huntsville in 2015. That puts him at an estimated age between 35-45 years old but we'll have to wait for an official word from the show or his social media platforms for confirmation on his exact age!

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