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Austin Mahone has a beautiful and special way of expressing his emotions in his love lyrics. His songs create a unique story about the ups and downs of relationships, with its upbeat beats accompanied by heart-tugging stories.

The lyrics paint vivid pictures of the hope and passion that come from being in love, but also the sufferings associated with it. His tunes evoke powerful feelings by capturing joys and sorrows through vivid storytelling – like in 'Say You're Just A Friend' where he illustrates unrequited love or 'Dirty Work' where he reflects on the positive outcomes of struggle and perseverance in budding romances. Other notable hits include ‘All I Ever Need’ which portrays an ethereal relationship between two lovers apart from society's standards, 'What About Love' narrating an enchanting journey between two hopeless romantics, while 'Say Somethin' chronicles how meeting someone special can bring out a new sense of liveliness within us.

That said, no matter how cliché love stories may seem to be sometimes, Austin Mahone breathes life into them by crafting intricate creations that will stay with us forever – ones we can continue to draw inspiration from when we find ourselves at our lowest points. With this album he proves yet again why he is one our favorite contemporary pop singer-songwriters!

Who wrote the song "What About Love" by Austin Mahone?

The hit single “What About Love” by Austin Mahone was written by some of music’s most prolific talent. Songwriters included Aaron Eshuis, Aton Ben-Horin, Kristina Sindoni, Oren yoel, and Austin Mahone himself.

Mahone initially got the inspiration for the song at a writing camp in Los Angeles where he met with Aton Ben-Horin of Warner/Chappell music to craft the catchy tune. Written with love in mind, the lyrics and melody of this infectious track reflect its deeper meaning—to never give up on someone you love despite all obstacles—in such a convincing manner that it quickly grabbed hold and became an instant classic.

With input from Eshuis adding additional emotion to the chorus, Sindoni pitching a new energy to it all with her syncopated guitar playing, Yoel creating bold chords with his electric guitar parts to keep listeners coming back for more, and one last rewrite from Mahone himself before diving into recording sessions; what was then ultimately born was an unmatched combination of R&B rhythm and pop production that fans around the world simply couldn't ignore.

Today “What About Love” is one of Mahone's highest charting songs – proving that good music truly does come from great collaborations among songwriters!

What is the meaning behind the lyrics of Austin Mahone's "What About Love"?

Austin Mahone’s 2013 hit “What About Love” is an infectious and inspiring track that looks at the meaning of real romance. The lyrics, written by Mahone himself, explore the idea of finding a love that is pure and true. The message behind them is one of embracing risk and taking a leap of faith in relationships.

The song starts off with the line “what about love, don't you want someone to care about you?” Here Austin suggests that there are greater rewards to be had when people commit themselves to an intimate relationship with someone they care for deeply. He encourages his listeners not to play it safe but instead take a chance on cultivating real love and dedication in their lives—something that can often be difficult or even risky.

As the chorus sings out “I'm standing out here all alone / screaming your name 'cause I just need somebody / Tell me who could ever take your place?" Austin finds his voice as he has come to comprehend how powerful a strong connection between two people can be when they both share their hopes and fears together without fear or judgement—to truly know what it means to have another person hold your heart so completely, no one else will ever do.

In this bouncy pop song, Austin speaks words of wisdom while still managing to capture our hearts with his whimsical music production skills. He reminds us that life should never stop us from striving towards beautiful things like true love—so we should always keep an eye open for it!

What instruments are used in Austin Mahone's "What About Love"?

Austin Mahone's pop hit "What About Love" truly brings out the best of Mahone's style, mixing elements of dance, electro-pop, hip hop and even a hint of reggae to create a song that is sure to get you out of your seat and onto your feet. But what is behind this lively beat? What instruments can we find when we look deeper into the music?

The instrumental side of "What About Love" is surprisingly varied due to its modern production. The drums pumping energy at the very beginning are most likely electric, as well as some drum samples triggered by a computer. This helps give it an extra fresh sound. A chopped vocal sample serves as another layer helping build up tension during the breaks in each verse along with electric bass lines helping give it body from start to finish. An acoustic drum loop provides bounce during one of several breakdowns in the song - it helps make it feel vintage despite its modern production style.

The iconic chorus introduces synths and horns adding layers onto its already rich rhythmic foundation - busy hip-hop percussion plays in tandem against mellower melodies from jazz guitars help open up space for Austin's smooth vocals while energetic background singers alternate with Mahone himself on both lines making them almost interchangeable at certain points throughout the track - alternating between solo and chorus instrumentally helps make those choral “what about loves” really shine!

A range of orchestral strings including violins underpin this uplifting chorus giving strong support melodically while subtle electronic guitar flourishes provide texture beyond just pulling together each element rhythmically producing an anthem that manages to combine these genres while still feeling unified into one powerful medley!

To sum up, Austin Mahone has done an incredible job when blending these instruments together into his hit single “What About Love” – from electric drums & basslines with chopped vocal samples & talking drum loops through jazz guitars & hip hop percussion alongside orchestral strings providing plenty of texture rounded off by synth solos & horn hits all coming together for one enormous sing-along!

How did Austin Mahone's "What About Love" become a hit?

In 2003, Austin Mahone released his single “What About Love” - and it quickly took off. With its infectious chorus that mixed pop, R&B and EDM elements, the song was an instant success. In the US alone, it reached number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart making it the most listened-to track on the radio in America.

So why did Austin Mahone's "What About Love" become a hit?

It all started with Mahone’s music video for “What about Love” which became wildly popular when it first came out due to its clever choreography and fun storyline surrounding a summer romance. This video gained millions of views within weeks of its release and helped spread awareness about Mahone’s music to fans both old and new across different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

In addition to this strategy around the music video Austin used interactive marketing techniques in order to reach more people such as live streaming performances on various platforms like Facebook Live & Instagram Live which enabled him to build relationships directly with his fans & further promote himself as an up-and-coming artist. He also released behind-the scenes content like interviews with important industry figures in order to generate buzz amongst press & other gatekeepers who could help amplify his reach via their own networks & physical/online media outlets—all aiding toward driving additional attention for his single “What about Love."

Ultimately though—the fans are ultimately responsible for propelling “What About Love” into a chart topping hit; streaming services like Spotify played an integral role here by introducing new listeners globally through personalized playlists that highlighted + exposed them to new artists they may have otherwise not discovered; listening parties were created by some fanbases where they'd listen together virtually ensuring larger numbers were consistently spinning this track weekly keeping it well at home atop digital charts (especially influential internationally). All these pieces combined is what makes this story truly special with how dedicated those who already knew + loved Austin's sound back then made sure no opportunity was left unfound when it came promoting their guy right alongside those mentioned above giving attention too!

What genre is Austin Mahone's song "What About Love"?

Austin Mahone's song "What About Love" is a unique and vibrant track that has become a fan favorite since its release. It is a catchy, genre-bending track that combines elements of pop, R&B, hip hop, and electronic music to create a sound all its own. The song undeniably has Mahone's signature style that fuses together his love for R&B-inspired soulful songs with modern-day production techniques. The resulting product is an infectious dance anthem that features impressively hard-hitting beats and smooth vocal handles courtesy of Austin himself.

Despite its various genre entanglements, it’s easy to distinguish what genre "What About Love" belongs to - Pop! While the track belongs to the thin line between pop and hip hop music due to some elements borrowed from contemporary urban sounds, "What About Love" still maintains undeniable characteristics of modern pop music such as casual singing lyrics and an upbeat chorus hook ready for radio play or streaming services' "tops picks" list.

The song also formerly acts as one of Austin Mahone’s early big hits released in 2013 as well as one his most recognized singles among fans for the near decade now since its release - serving it well in the long run which many have affirmed regarding popularizing not only Austin career itself but also bridging genres through this beloved single!

What other songs have similar lyrics to Austin Mahone's "What About Love"?

True love isn’t easy to come by, and Austin Mahone’s “What About Love” captures it perfectly. The song is about learning to trust again, letting go of heartache and taking a leap of faith for the possibility of real love. Though there aren't necessarily many songs with exact similarities in the lyrics, there are several that discuss similar themes.

One great example is Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved". Like "What About Love", this song speaks to the power of true love and how being in it can be overwhelming but still wonderful. It also talks about finding purpose in life through a relationship, just like Austin Mahone begs us to do as he admits “all I know is I won't go unless you come with me... I'm ready now."

Another choice could is Ed Sheeran's "Kiss Me". This ballad includes beautiful lines such as "Teach me right from wrong before I'm undone/Without you all I would be is one". These words send a message much like Austin Mahone does when he sings about strength found through his partner ("... 'cause when we're together / Feels like my heart can finally rest").

The emotion that comes from these tunes cannot be denied and if someone knows that feeling then these songs will definitely hit home. If you're looking for music akin to Austin Mahone's vulnerable lyricism within his haunting melody, these two selections are surefire candidates!

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