What I Love about You by Me?

Author Calvin Duran

Posted Dec 5, 2022

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Mountains above clouds

I love that you are always there for me! No matter what I'm going through, you're there with a listening ear and helpful advice. You make sure I never feel alone; you're my rock and my best friend, ready to pick me up when life gets rough. You understand me better than anyone else does, and your support means the world to me. When everything seems overwhelming, your calming presence helps center me and reminds me that things will work out alright in the end.

Your compassion is unmatched – the way you care for other people with such sincerity gives such hope to those around you. You accept others without judgement or expectation, allowing them to be their true selves without fear or shame. Your love of life inspires those around you; it's contagious!

I love how generous and kind-hearted you are; no matter what I need help with, whether it's giving a ride somewhere or just talking through tough times, your door is always open (even when my request might sound crazy). Your ability to take risks makes life exciting because we have so many new experiences together - like trying new recipes in the kitchen or travelling someplace neither of us has ever been before! From running errands together on Saturday mornings to working out challenges at work on Monday evenings - your spirit for adventure breathes wonders into our lives every day!

No one could make this journey so meaningful like you do - that's why I'm so thankful for having someone as special as yourself in my life!

What do I admire about you?

For me personally, the thing I admire most about someone is their fortitude and determination. No matter what obstacles they face in life, they have a level of resilience that drives them forward and helps them to overcome any challenge they might encounter. It's inspiring to see somebody striving hard towards a goal despite all of the difficulties standing in their way. Moreover, it's also admirable to see an individual who displays self-discipline when it comes to making progress towards achieving those goals - this trait exemplifies strong character and demonstrates a willingness to put in the hard work necessary for success. Finally, an honest appreciation for the journey is something I truly admire about others; seeing somebody embrace each moment with open arms regardless of how difficult things may get can be inspirational and can help us all remember that life is filled with beautiful moments if we choose to look for them.

What qualities do I appreciate about you?

There are many qualities that I appreciate in you, and it's honestly hard to narrow it down to just a few! For starters, I love how generous and kind you are. You never think twice about helping someone out or going out of your way when someone needs something. I especially appreciate that you have a knack for seeing the potential in others. You always know when someone needs a boost of confidence or the right words to get back on track – and you're always willing to provide those words of encouragement.

I also admire your creativity and intelligence. You have an entrepreneurial spirit which allows great ideas to come alive, but more importantly, it also encourages us all around you every day. With every project or task you take part in, your creative thinking leads the way into uncharted territory – never afraid to blaze trail when no one else will go there too! Your intelligence is also evident in our conversations where we can talk about almost anything with deep insight into the conversation itself.

Lastly, I love that while ambitious by nature with all the goalsyou’re trying accomplish,you still take time out for yourself and remain balanced with life – even during stressful times!For me that speaks volumes about who are as person & how much respect i have for wanting true success in nothing short than staying true & authentic to oneself first before all else!

What makes me smile when I think of you?

When I think of you, the first thing that makes me smile is your infectious laugh. Whether it's a silly story or a funny quip, your enthusiasm and energy always bring a smile to my face.

I love seeing how much joy you get out of life – the way you don’t take anything too seriously, but still have moments of deep reflection and understanding. Your engagement with the world and its people, cultures and stories make me so proud to know you.

Your generous spirit is something else that makes me smile when I think of you! That moment when a friend really needs help—you are always willing to go out of your way to make things happen in order to support them in any shape or form without fail. And no matter what happens afterwards, it just put feels good knowing that there’s someone like who will go through whatever roller coaster required with them until they can see the light at the end from guaging past experiences alongside living in hope for future ones.

Just thinking about who are happily takes away some of life's greatest challenges; time spent with who truly matters rooted wholeheartedly in true friendship reminds us all why we LIVE!! And whether an exchange is physical or only shared via communication (online/phone conversating), the happy moments are priceless! :-)

What do I cherish most about our relationship?

When I think about our relationship, there is one element that stands out and makes it so special to me. What I cherish the most is that we have nurtured a deep connection through trust, communication, and understanding.

Right from the start of our relationship, these core values have been vital in forming such an emotional bond with each other. We both take our time to really listen when the other speaks, value what we are both saying, and strive towards a mutual understanding. This has enabled us to openly discuss ideas, share experiences, and even explore potential solutions together.

Having such complete trust in one another also means there’s no fear of judgement or criticism whatsoever. We can be 100% honest with each other regarding what we’re feeling or thinking since there is no room for insecurity within this strong bond of ours—this means unconditional love regardless of times where things don’t go as planned or aren't going perfectly smoothly on either end of things!

In short: What I cherish most about our relationship is knowing how deeply connected we are through trust, communication & understanding—it keeps us close moving forward into whatever life has for us ahead!

What have I come to rely on most about you?

No matter how challenging life may get, I always know I can count on you. You have been my rock and support system through difficult times, both small and large. It truly helps me to know that whatever situation I am facing, you will be there to listen, provide guidance and give me a hug when needed.

Your level-headedness in the face of adversity is something that could never be replaced or duplicated by anyone else. It allows us to think clearly during trying times, yet still remain optimistic about the future. You’re also incredibly understanding and compassionate when it comes to problem solving and helping me find solutions.

When it comes down to it, the thing I rely on most about you is your unconditional love and loyalty no matter what stands between us - whether it's physical distance or otherwise - our bond has only grown stronger over time through trial and error. Nothing can ever break our connection!

What have you done to make my life better?

Making somebody’s life better is a noble goal – one that I take seriously. That’s why I believe it’s important to actively look for chances to improve the lives of those around us.

Personally, I take any opportunity I can to bring positivity or joy into other people's lives. For example, if my neighbor is having a hard time because of work, then I will try to give them a break by treating them to dinner or just being there for someone with kind words and support during difficult times. If a family member or friend needs my help with something, then I make sure they know they can always come to me and get whatever they need. Also, when I'm out in public helping strangers out when needed gives me feelings of satisfaction and joy – knowing that even small gestures can play an essential role in improving somebody's day.

In addition to these proactive efforts in making someone else’s life better, part of making someone’s life better involves respecting their boundaries and honoring their wishes; maintaining healthy relationships means understanding each other's wishes while also giving our own opinions where it matters – meaningfully supporting each other in whichever way we can without infringing on another person's freedom is crucial towards creating meaningful relationships with mutual respect between the parties involved.

All in all, this isn't about what have specifically done for you exclusively - but rather how little actions combined together make larger waves on others around us positively - whether it be family members or random strangers - contributing positively toward making everybody's lives just that little bit better!

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