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When it comes to love, the absence of a beloved can be one of the hardest realities to accept. Without someone you truly care for and who cares for you in return, loving words and actions can feel hollow, no matter how sincere. But that doesn't mean love isn't present or meaningful – it only means you long for something more tangible.

These feelings are summed up perfectly in the song “What is Love if You’re Not Here with Me” by Roy Orbison. The lyrics evoke a sense of yearning and longing as they detail firsthand how difficult it can be to maintain positive emotions when faced with such heart-wrenching separation:

"Who needs sweet words and warm embrace / When those who give them aren't around? / Who needs traces of embraces passed / When I'm here among sundered dreams?"

The song also offers a firm reminder that love should not be taken lightly even when we are separated from our beloved: "Life's too short to let forgetful moments pass without one glance". As humans, we have within us an innate understanding of what true love is in spite of any distance between ourselves and our hearts' desires; Orbison captures this beautifully in his refrain: "Don't take your love away from me… what is love if you're not here with me."

To anyone out there feeling the sting of separation from a lost loved one, these lyrics are sure to resonate deeply. True love isn't dependent on physical presence but rather on passion and commitment; both have their own ways enduring over time allowing for moments such as these to remind us why loving another person so deeply still matters greatly despite any kind distances between two people's lives.

Who wrote the song "What Is Love If You're Not Here With Me"?

If you're wondering who wrote the beautiful song, "What Is Love If You're Not Here With Me," the answer is none other than multi-platinum singer/songwriter, Brian Kennedy.

Hailing from Mayo in Ireland, Kennedy is best known for his iconic singles such as Get On With Your Short Life and Believe Again, as well as writing tracks for some of music's biggest names; he has co-written songs with Michael Bublé and Westlife.

Kennedy began his career writing songs for other artists but eventually landed a record deal in 2001 with EMI Music before going on to achieve fantastic success. His single "A Better Man" from 2007 was even named Song Of The Year by BBC Radio 2 at their annual awards ceremony. So it's safe to say that the incredibly talented musician has done exceptionally well throughout his career!

What Is Love If You're Not Here With Me is no exception. This movingly heartfelt number showcases everything that makes Kennedy so wonderful; it seamlessly moves between hopeful melodies and sorrowful notes as if someone had poured their soul directly into music form - which is exactly what Brian did when he wrote this single back in 1999!

The passionate emotion showcased in this chorus brings listeners right back to moments where love was felt without fail - something Brian himself describes as the 'starlight of memories'. Over two decades later, What Is Love If You're Not Here With Me remains one of Kennedy's most famous ballads - and hugely beloved by many around the world!

What other songs include the phrase "What Is Love If You're Not Here With Me"?

Love is an incredibly complex emotion, and often it can be hard to put into words exactly what it means when you can't be with the one you love. The phrase “What Is Love If You’re Not Here With Me” captures this feeling perfectly, and has appeared in many songs over the years that explore themes of longing and hopelessness when faced with distance or separation.

The most famous song to feature this line is “What Is Love” by Haddaway, which was released in 1993 and quickly became a Eurodance sensation. This upbeat tune masks the melancholy undertones of being separated from someone due to geographical or other factors.

The emo group Hopesfall also recorded a poignant version of this refrain that appears as part of their 2002 track “Walking Few Steps”, where frontman Jay Forrest muses on how everything can feel so different without his beloved by his side. Similarly, Amanda Marshall's 1995 release “Lyin' to Myself” features the line "If I had somebody here beside me/What is love if you're not here with me", which captures the same sentiment but from a more empowering perspective; that despite feeling desperate for companionship one still has autonomy over their emotions and future love life prospects even in difficult times.

Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace have also explored themes around missing out on true companionship in their 1997 track “In Repair” – where they repeated sing ‘What is love if you're not here with me'. Artists like these are helping create spaces where it's okay to feel frustrated at being away from those we care about - while still managing to enjoy life while we wait for our reunion!

What is the mood created by the lyrics in the song "What Is Love If You're Not Here With Me"?

The mood created by the lyrics in the song “What Is Love If You’re Not Here With Me” is one of intense longing and emotional fragility. The lyrics describe a deep yearning for something or someone that has been lost, making them deeply melancholy yet still full of hope.

The chorus, “What is love if you’re not here with me? All this silence and emptiness echoing through my head, what will I do?” conveys a palpable sense of loneliness and despair. The feeling of being completely alone in the world despite being surrounded by people is powerfully conveyed. This makes it easy to empathize with the narrator's inner turmoil and heartache over their missing loved one. Furthermore, lines such as “Night comes around with no one to share it but me" reinforces this feeling of helplessness in an intense way that resonates strongly with many listeners.

However, beneath all these emotions there lies a determination to persevere: To keep searching for whatever or whomever has been lost even when it feels seemingly impossible to do so. This hopefulness presented through lines like “I'll never stop searching until I find what I'm looking for" make listening to this song even more emotionally charged – both due its intensity but also because we can relate our own stories into its message about holding onto hope against all odds despite facing difficult questions about life and love when someone dear suddenly disappears from our lives without explanation or warning.

All together this creates a mood that captures pain from loss combined with courage from finding strength within oneself - creating a delicate balance between two powerful emotions which has stayed timelessly popular among music fans everywhere who have experienced these kinds hard situations themselves in their own lives at some point.

How does the melody in the song "What Is Love If You're Not Here With Me" contribute to its overall theme?

The song “What Is Love If You’re Not Here With Me” by Alex Aiono is a classic emotional ballad that captures the sentiment of longing for someone you can’t be with. The lyrics are potent and full of feeling, but the melody also works hand in hand to reveal the theme of melancholy and heartache.

The simple yet powerful piano arrangement creates a haunting atmosphere as a backdrop to Aiono's despairing vocals. To emphasize his yearning, he reaches higher notes on “If you're not here with me” allowing the listener to emotionally connect with his plea. This seeming contradiction between a godforsaken sounding melody and lyrics detailing how meaningless love is without that special someone makes it particularly heartbreaking when combined with his vulnerable performance.

Aiono accentuates every word in an anguished way, further pushing forth this melancholic mood brought on by the melody itself. By continually emphasizing struggle within repetition, like at 0:50 when we hear “Let me feel your presence now… cuz I walk alone without you, no matter where I go….love what can it do..when there's- no you.,” those sweet yet sour harmonies establish this underlying sadness which musically contributes to divulging its overall theme - unrequited love leading to heartbreaking loneliness.

All these details then culminate into an extremely emotive chorus drenched in reverberated instrumentation and sorrowful vocal layering designed to pull at listeners' heartstrings - making this beautiful heart wrenching story come alive even more powerfully than words alone ever could have done.

What aspects of love are explored in the song "What Is Love If You're Not Here With Me"?

Love is not only a feeling or an emotion but an undying passion of care and compassion. This is something that the song “What Is Love If You’re Not Here With Me” speaks volumes about in its lyrics. The narrator in the song is searching for meaning and purpose, looking at love from different angles as they try to understand what it really means to them.

The core theme of this song lies in its exploration into the unknown aspects of true love and how being without someone can actually cause us more pain than we ever imagined before. The narrator starts by questioning if there still can be any kind of meaning to life if the one you truly love isn’t by your side anymore, conveying a sense of insecurity over their newfound emptiness from when their loved one left them behind.

Through expressing these raw emotions, the listener can truly feel as though they are by themselves too as all connections from when their lover was then elsewhere become cold and faded away with time – thus truly showing just how much a person can miss somebody who was once so close to them yet now gone forever, highlighting some dark yet realistic views on sadness that come with loss through separation or death.

The deeper message within “What Is Love If You’re Not Here With Me” addresses both sides of unconditional love; showing strong references between deep adoration, suffering despair withered away dullness all together at once throughout this beautiful narrative – making it arguably one of Rumer Willis most emotional ballads to date due to interweaving such symbolism between connection and heartache into her harmonies where instrumentals alone cannot reach alone no matter how powerful they are on their own terms too.

What does the title of the song "What Is Love If You're Not Here With Me" suggest about love?

The title of the song "What Is Love If You're Not Here With Me" provides a haunting and melancholic look at what love can feel like when its absence is deeply felt. The title suggests that without love's physical presence, it can often be difficult to place any meaning on it - almost as if it has lost its importance or relevance.

At its core, this song speaks to how powerless we can feel in the face of loving someone who isn't with us anymore - whether that's due physical distance or other circumstances. It highlights how easy it is to romanticize love in our dreamy daydreams and soul-stirring music, versus how painful and isolating those same dreams become when reality sets in.

Ultimately, what this song poses is an age-old question: What kind of meaning does love have if we are not together? And while there may not be one right answer to this question, ultimately songs like this provide a communal voice for each person going through a similar experience to understand they are not alone and that their feelings are valid. Love takes on a different form when distance plays into the equation, but as long as people remember their feelings still matter regardless of time apart or circumstance changes then that allows them cope with such difficult realities - something worth bearing in mind for anyone facing similar challenges with loneliness and heartbreak caused by distance from those they care about most.

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