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McDonald's Happy Meals come in all shapes and sizes – and they always include the latest toys! To keep things fresh, the fast food giant often rotates their toy selection. As such, what toys you’ll find in a McDonald’s Happy Meal tends to vary depending on time of year.

Currently, one of their most popular toys is the Build A Bear Workshop Make-Your-Bear Keychain series. Each keychain comes with everything you need to create your very own teddy bear – stuffing pieces come inside the meal package along with a pre-sewn fabric character frame and accessories. Kids can either build from scratch or customize existing bears with stickers and clothes also included in each happy meal bag. Other recent releases have featured My Little Pony plush toys as well as figures from Dreamworks Animation’s Madagascar movie franchise.

In short, there are always new exciting additions to McDonald's Happy Meal toy lineup that kids can look forward to!

What item comes in a Burger King Kids Club Meal?

If you're looking for a meal that will satisfy even the pickiest eater in your family, a Burger King Kids Club Meal is just what you need! From the classic favorites like the original Whopper to healthier options, this kids meal offers up something for everyone.

A Burger King Kids Club Meal typically comes with one sandwich option, four side options and a drink. On their menu, there are ten signature sandwiches available for kids - regular burgers like Whopper Junior and Hamburger and specialty items like Mac N’ Cheetos® or the Impossible™ Whopper Jr. Sandwich. As far as sides go, each Kids Club Meal can be accompanied by 4 selectable items from French Fries to Applesauce. Lastly, they come with your choice of drinks including Minute Maid® Apple Juice or Dasani® Water -so no matter what your kid's preferences might be they can have it all!

And best of all? All Burgers King Kid's Meals come in adorable character boxes featuring popular cartoons such as PAW Patrol, The Secret Life of Pets 2™ movie characters! Making lunch time fun again with an incredible selection at an affordable price.

So if you're looking to give your little ones something delicious while keeping on budget then look no further than the ever accessible Burger King Kids Club Meals!

What is included in Wendy's Kids Meal?

Wendy’s Kids Meal is a great way to get all the essential nutrition your children need while still being able to enjoy dining out. This meal comes with everything an active kid needs, ranging from healthy snacks to savory meals. Here's a quick breakdown of what's included in each Wendy’s Kids Meal:

A Main Course: Depending on the restaurant, you can get either hamburgers, chicken strips, and even mac & cheese for the main course of this meal! The options are sure to please any picky eaters.

A Beverage: Kids meals come with different types of beverages from pop or juice to milk and shake. Parents can choose one that accommodates their child's individual dietary restrictions as needed!

Snack Pack: A snack pack comes in every Wendy’s kids meal. It may include applesauce or carrot dippers as well as some crackers, chips or other treats. The perfect on-the-go snack for those adventure days!

Toy: Each kids meal also has its own toy that can range from fun figurines or collectable cards too cute key chains which will excite any child! Great entertainment during car trips or just staying at home when there's nothing else going on!

Overall, Wendy’s kids meals have something nutritious and exciting for everyone involved; it also quells anyone worries about overspending at restaurants as its always economical yet delicious every time they visit!

What promotional item comes with a KFC Family Meal?

KFC's Family Meal promotion is a popular choice for those looking for great food at an affordable price. While there are no traditional promotional items included with the Family Meal, KFC does offer a variety of special offers and promotions that can help customers save even more money.

KFC's Family Meal includes 10 pieces of chicken, an individual side dish and 4 biscuits of your choice. With this meal, customers can choose any mix of boneless strips or original recipe chicken they like. The sides include cole slaw, mash potatoes & gravy, potato wedges, corn on the l cob or green beans depending on location. Customers can also save money with KFC select Subway deals which offer up to $4 off Subway subs when ordered in combination with a Family Meal deal.

For those looking to receive something extra when ordering their KFC Family Meal may want to sign up for special offers from KFCClub which includes exclusive coupons and discounts as well as news about new menu items and limited-time promotions. In addition to the savings available through participating in KFCClub members also receive 3 original recipe tenders per person (not applicable in all locations).

Whether you're looking for great food at an affordable price through the KFC Family Meal deal or hoping to score extra savings by signing up for special offers through KFCClub there are plenty of ways that you can make your next order with Kentucky Fried Chicken even more exciting and rewarding!

What product is included in Subway's Combo Meal?

When it comes to fast food, few things can beat a classic Subway combo meal. Whether you’re on-the-go or just need a quick lunch break, the Subway combo meal has you covered!

So what exactly can you expect to find in one of these fabulous subs? It all depends on what type of Sandwich Combo Meal you get. For instance, when ordering the Ham Sandwich Combo Meal from Subway’s menu, you will receive one six-inch ham sub sandwich along with your choice of chips and a fountain drink. Customers also have the option of swapping out the chips for an apple and any fountain drink for a suggested Dasani® bottled water - no extra charge!

Tastes don’t stop there though! If sandwiches aren't your thing, then head over to Subways “Snack Alley" section for some tasty wraps. The Buffalo Chicken Wrap Combo gives customers their pick between chips or apple slices plus their preferred beverage selection - just like ordering any traditional sandwich combo meal. Other selections include Subways Sweet & Tangy Polynesian Wrap and Southwest Veggie Wrap combos which also come with your chip/apple slice of choice plus fountain beverage pick too.

No matter what type of tastes and flavors are in search of each day at lunch time, there is sure to be an awesome Subway Combo Meal that fits the bill – already put together and ready to go when needed most!

What novelty item can be found inside a Taco Bell Kid's Meal?

With Taco Bell's kid's meals being released recently, parents can now offer their kids something different with each meal. Along with the entrée and side options, each Taco Bell Kid’s Meal also comes with a surprise novelty item! These items are designed to give your child something extra special to recognize the fun occasion of getting a meal from Taco Bell. From coloring books to fidget spinners, these novelty items provide an interactive playtime experience for kids of all ages!

The type of novelty item found inside each Taco Bell Kid’s Meal may vary depending on where you are dining. In some locations, you may find popular action figures or collectible trading cards inside your Kid’s Meal bag. Other common items that have been featured in past years include toy cars, unique puzzles and games, along with train tracks and Minecraft related pieces. All of these objects come together for some creative entertainment that will keep your child entertained while chowing down on their favorite restaurant grub.

When it comes down to it, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what kind of fun items they could receive in their Kids’ Meals at Taco Bell! So if you're looking for an exciting way to treat your little ones while they dine out at this popular fast food chain – make sure you look out for those special surprises included in their amazing meals!

What object can be found in Arby's Kids Meal?

As you may know, Arby's offers a variety of delicious sandwiches, salads and sides to customers of all ages. But don't forget about their Kids Meal! The Arby's Kids Meal has something for every kid – both in terms of food and fun.

When ordering an Arby’s Kids Meal the first thing you will get is the main entree. Little ones can choose from Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich, Ham & Swiss Sandwich, Corn Dog Minis or a Crispy Fish Filet Sandwich (depending on location). All these sandwiches come with their choice of side items; carrots with ranch dipping sauce or Waffle Fries? Seems like an easy decision here!

But it doesn’t stop there; now for the fun part. Every Arby’s Kids Meal also comes with a surprise toy or activity item that can be found inside a special box adorned with all your favorite characters from Disney Pixar movies! These boxes have tons of exciting activities such as coloring cards, build-your-own paper masks, picture scrambler puzzles and even build-your-own mini craft pieces like boats and helicopters that are ready to launch into imaginative stories created by inquisitive minds.

Arby's also takes care to include parents in the fun as well by sometimes inserting coupons just for them inside these magical boxes! So next time you're at Arby's be sure to pick up an extra Kids meal – one for your kiddo and one just for Mom & Dad ;)

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