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If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate a birthday with your friends from What We Do in the Shadows, here’s how to make it memorable.

First off, plan a vampire-themed party! You can decorate your home with crosses, bats and spider webs. Serve some themed food like “bloody” cupcakes or vampire-infused cocktails (fruity drinks such as pomegranate martini, strawberry daiquiri and peach schnapps). Make sure to play some spooky music in the background and dress up as vampires! It might sound cliché but your What We Do in the Shadows fans won't be able to resist.

Next, give them fun activities like watching their favorite movies or playing creepy games. The classic hide-and-seek is a good option or you can try charades with a twist - vampires acting out certain characters from the show! For added fun, you could also turn on screen share on Zoom and host a table top game event. And of course don’t forget about cake – make sure there's something special for everyone who turns eighteen years old first!

For those feeling extra adventurous why not set up an escape game? They are especially awesome when done with monsters involved (i.e., vampires!). Also let's not forget about karaoke - singing some tunes from Vampires Are Alive by Jemaine Clement will definitely bring out everyone's inner demon!

Finally reach deliverance by sharing gifts representing their favorite character and reminiscing fond memories of their friends within What We Do In The Shadows universe,. This is sure to be a night they will never forget so go all out on this one of kind celebration - happy birthday indeed!

What happened on the latest episode of What We Do in the Shadows?

The latest episode of What We Do in the Shadows was a wild ride packed with lots of laughs and surprises! The gang attempted to throw an uncomfortably-long dinner party for Colin Robinson, their long-suffering human familiar. In the chaos, Nadja tries to impress him with her singing skills, only to have her plan thwarted by some unexpected guests – death metal vampires! Meanwhile, Laszlo attempts to introduce himself as a modern vampire by throwing a ravesop at his home.

Things take an unexpected turn when Guillermo finally discovers the truth about his vampire masters' true identities. He is desperate for more information on them and takes it upon himself to track down a former vampire he believes can help him out.

As expected from this show's incredible cast, there were plenty of bizarrely hilarious moments throughout this episode. Whether it be Nandor throwing dice like they're grenades or Laszlo stalking through alleyways while performing weird interpretive dances, What We Do in The Shadows never fails to deliver on comedy gold (and also vampires).

How does the vampire house celebrate birthdays in What We Do in the Shadows?

In What We Do in the Shadows, vampire birthday celebrations look very similar to those of humans. The main difference is that instead of cake, a traditional vampire birthday party would feature a large slab of raw meat decorated with candles.

Once guests are invited and seated at the dinner table, Viago—the Nosferatu vampire— usually leads the festivities by reciting an ancient Hungarian poem before giving a toast in honor of the celebrant's birthday. Vampire rituals typically involve shooting lasers from their eyes while they lift their goblets filled with blood and say "Cheers!" to whoever is celebrating. Along with this ritual come other traditions like using paper plates to mimic human birthdays and decorations made up of necklaces hung around blood-stained neck pieces or “coffins” made from toilet seats as a reminder that death could be looming at any moment for vampires celebrating birthdays.

Although different versions of what vampires celebrate on birthdays may exist across different media, What We Do in The Shadows provides an entertaining depiction how pesky undead creatures like vampires throw themselves a good old fashioned ghoulish shindig!

What kind of supernatural creatures exist in the world of What We Do in the Shadows?

When it comes to supernatural creatures, the world of What We Do in the Shadows has a lot to offer. There are vampires, werewolves, witches and other mysterious creatures lurking in the shadows of this world.

Vampires are perhaps the most well-known creatures in What We Do in the Shadows and they come with their own hierarchy and power structure. Vampires have a powerful thirst for blood and while they can pass as human they often cannot resist their cravings for long. It is also interesting to note that vampires are not naturally able to enjoy sunlight – a trait known as sun weakness or Hemovamping – which can be acquired through certain rituals or curses specific to vampires.

Werewolves also feature prominently in What We Do In The Shadows. These powerful beings can transform into wolves at will and have greater strength, speed and agility than even a vampire due to their demonic heritage. Werewolves are born rather than made like other supernatural creatures; however some possess an unnatural ability gained by drinking wolf’s blood called Wolfmanvailing which gives them access to even more powerful powers such as immunity from silver weapons normally used against them during battle or when hunting prey.

Witches play an important role too - mainly using dark magic for nefarious purposes such as summoning demons or raising undead soldiers from tormented souls who no longer walk this earth. Witches use sorcery largely for self-preservation but can sometimes be persuaded by outside forces towards working wickedness if it proves beneficial for them ultimately - thus making them considerably dangerous beings nonetheless!

Which character from What We Do in the Shadows is the oldest?

The oldest character from the cult classic What We Do in the Shadows is none other than Vladislav 'Vladimir' Zupak, played by the inimitable Jemaine Clement. The 862-year-old vampire hails from his native land of Belarus, where some legends say he was once a cruel Romanian prince known as 'Vlad The Impaler' prior to his immortality.

Interestingly enough, Vlad isn’t actually the oldest vampire in this pairing. In fact, Viago (Taika Waititi) is stated to be centuries older, but due to their uniquely different styles of vampireship and corresponding life experiences we can see that Vlad definitely takes home the prize for being aged like a fine wine…or blood rather!

After all these years though and even with eternal youthfulness at his fingertips, Vladimir still hasn’t evolved much when it comes to assimilating with modern culture. He remains surprisingly traditional in his ways and often finds himself out of touch with current trends and society overall. Even when it comes down to everyday tasks such as using technology or learning about new rituals for vampire gatherings; Vladimir will remain loyal to using ancient practices no matter how outdated they may appear compared to everything else around him!

Ultimately this older yet wiser outlook compliments perfectly Who We Do In The Shadows charm as a whole — not only does Vladimir offer shows heroes a light comedic foil but he also provides an invaluable insight into what lies beyond our human understanding within such supernatural affairs.

What popular culture references appear in the show What We Do in the Shadows?

What We Do in the Shadows is a popular TV series on FX that follows the daily (or rather nightly) activities of a group of vampires as they try to make it in the modern world. As is common with comedy shows, What We Do In The Shadows often references other popular culture sources throughout its run. Here are just a few that stand out:

– One memorable scene sees our vampire vampires playing Fetch with an unsuspecting dog while singing along to “Who Let The Dogs Out” by Baha Men.

– At one point, Nandor claims he ended up in Wellington because he was “Following Obi Wan Kenobi’s wisdom about having hope when everybody else thought all was lost” - This likely refers to Obi Non Kenobi's famous line from Star Wars A New Hope: "Use the Force,...Luke trust me".

– Another pop culture moment occurs when Laszlo attempts to dance The Macarena during his stint at Vampire Karoke night.

– In another episode, Nadja can be seen wearing Wonder Woman pajamas and talking excitedly about watching Avengers movie marathons.

– There’s also a scene where Colin Robinson attempts to explain his hidden agenda using examples from Elf and Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York movies respectively.

These are only some of the many pop culture references featured throughout What We Do In The Shadowsseries that have become beloved by fans -so if you're looking for more subtle humor look no further than this fabulous vampire show!

What special activities do vampire housemates partake in on birthdays in What We Do in the Shadows?

What special activities do vampire housemates partake in on birthdays in What We Do in the Shadows?

Partaking in a birthday celebration is always an exciting time, but when you are a vampire living with other bloodsuckers, it becomes something out of the ordinary! The vampire housemates featured on FX's hit show What We Do in the Shadows partake in several unique activities for birthdays that make for some truly unforgettable experiences.

To start things off, each of the vampires makes sure to present their housemate with a gift—and not your average gift. presents like hearse rides and coffin corsages impart that true vampy vibe. But it does not end there; Nandor and his associates also take partaking their friend’s birthday up more festive level by creating personalized cakes decorated with ghoulish elements such as brains, eyeballs and bat wings!

The finale to any fantastic birthday celebration is a night out—but again this gang puts its own spooky twist on such festivities by attending underground zombie raves (complete with costumes!), or visiting an array of supernatural attractions ranging from creepy old dungeons and haunted mansions to offbeat curiosities like trips to see cursed objects or talking pranks at puppet shows.

All these fun-filled activities culminate into one unforgettable vampire-themed birthday experience where no two gifts will ever be alike—except maybe for eternal life, depending on who one’s gifting too!

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