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No one can deny that love is an incredibly powerful emotion that has the potential to make us do things we never would have imagined doing. For some of us, it inspires us to take on daring new heights, while for others it leaves us vulnerable when our hearts are broken. But regardless of what kind of experience we’ve had with love, the song “What You Won’t Do For Love” by Bobby Caldwell speaks true to the fact that no matter what happens in life, there's always something that we just won't do for love.

Many of these lyrics deal with a person standing tough in their own principles and not giving into any kind of temptation or compromise either from themselves or from someone else when it comes to matters concerning the heart. The verse “I'm not afraid to walk away/ I know my heart will stay true” speaks volumes about how one should let go if they feel their convictions or beliefs aren't being respected. As hard as leaving may be, this is often a necessary step for someone who wants to protect themselves and stay true those feelings inside them that won't be bought through bribery or bargains made in relationships.

Sometimes when things haven't worked out between two people there will still be remnants staying alive even after they've separated. In this case Bobby Caldwell sings “Though you don't seem like before/ I just can't ignore". Admitting your correct yet complicated emotions is important especially while letting go and this final line conveys how despite all odds it's easy for someone on a path towards healing leave little attachment behind once certain feelings have been released from both partners finally putting them at peace.

The vivid phrase mentioned throughout both chorus lines--"You won’t give up your pride" lets listeners know they should always stand up strong values observed within yourself because ultimately these will be along you wherever you go allowing nothing but strength and resilience keep you moving forward whenever times get tough especially hardships encountered during matters within romance; At least according the lyrics sung by none other than Bobby Caldwell himself!

What does the song "What You Won't Do for Love" mean?

The song “What You Won’t Do for Love” is a timeless classic that was written and recorded by Bobby Caldwell in 1978. It has been interpreted as many different things over the years, but at its core, it’s an emotional plea of two lovers separated by circumstances beyond their control.

The lyrics tell the story of two people whose relationship is on the brink of dissolution. The title line - “What you won’t do for love, no I just can't do anymore" – suggests that despite his profound feelings for her, he's out of patience and energy to fight anymore. He wonders if she still feels the same way and if they can hold strong in this difficult time or not. The mention of his rambling life on the road also adds a layer sadness as he continues longing for her even when apart from one another; signifying a difficult time in their relationship trying to stay connected despite being away from each other physically.

In some ways, it reflects universal themes present within many relationships today; between family members and significant others alike: communication gaps caused by misperception, resentful feelings building up due to feeling like someone isn't doing enough to make it work and how we all have our own idea what love should look like that often causes tension between two parties attempting to connect with one another in this fragile dance we call life. Ultimately “What You Won’t Do For Love” reminds us all about how much effort is needed when in love if it is going to last: fighting hard even when times get tough because true connection needs genuine dedication from both sides if anything meaningful is going to be built nor sustained overtime in any relationship worth having

Who is the artist behind "What You Won't Do for Love"?

If you’ve ever heard the 1978 classic, “What You Won't Do For Love,” or even if you haven’t yet had the pleasure - this smooth R&B/soul track is probably already forever engraved on your subconscious. But who is the creative genius behind it? Who else but the incomparable singer and songwriter Bobby Caldwell!

Born in New York City in 1951, Bobby spent his formative years surrounded by music in Miami before moving to Los Angeles in 1971 with his jazz-influenced band, "Kahoun". That same year Caldwell signed a record deal with Clouds Records and released his first album, “What You Won't Do For Love” - spurring what would become a remarkable career. He went on to release dozens of albums, perform around the world and collaborate with high-profile artists across different genres such as jazz fusion legend Herbie Hancock.

But it was that first release which earned Caldwell international recognition for both himself as an artist and for the song “What You Won't Do for Love" itself. In fact 1980 Rolling Stone Magazine readers voted it "Song of The Year". A fact proven out further when hip hop stars Will Smith sampled it on chart topping hit single from Men In Black film soundtrack and contemporary American band Maroon 5 included its own version on their debut album Songs About Jane (2002).

So although he may not be quite as prominent today as he once was back then – Bobby already set his stamp on music's history book with undeniable timeless jam sung over generations till today: "What You Won't Do For Love".

What is the genre of the song "What You Won't Do for Love"?

"What You Won't Do for Love" by Bobby Caldwell is a PBR&B classic, an ode to the soulful stylings of his R&B days mixed in with a bit of smooth jazz. Released in 1978, the track encapsulates the emotions and themes that came to define PBR&B music; heartache, compassion and desire.

Caldwell's voice is plaintive and velvety, backed by sweeping strings, mellow piano riffs and a funky bass line. He emotes the lyrics with passion, singing about how he'll do anything to get his love back but ironically will only let them go if they don't want him. The song features several break segments where Caldwell croons along accompanied by lingering notes from a keyboard or saxophone before picking up speed as it winds out into an extended chorus for one final grand proclamation of love.

The genre of "What You Won't Do for Love" can best be described as classic PBR&B (Pop-R&B). Drawing on elements from funk and jazz as well as from traditional vocalists like Geoffrey Oryema or Aretha Franklin, this mid-tempo ballad flirts around silky pop sensibilities without jumping fully into that category due to its emotionally charged lyrics and arrangement all while being danceable enough not to totally lock it in adulthood contemporary R&B.

Who wrote the lyrics to "What You Won't Do for Love"?

Have you ever been in love with someone so deeply that you'd have done anything for them? Even seemingly impossible acts of love? Well, then you've surely heard the captivating 1979 soul classic “What You Won't Do For Love” by Bobby Caldwell. This timeless song has gone on to become a staple among romantic slow jams and a favorite for many generations. But who wrote the lyrics?

"What You Won't Do For Love" was written by singer-songwriter Bobby Caldwell and Alfons Kettner, one of Caldwel's frequent collaborators. The original title of the song was "My Flame", but eventually it became known as “What You Won't Do For Love” after being released as Caldwell's debut single off his eponymous album in 1978. It was later featured on his follow up album, Cat in the Hat (1980). The lyrics to this breathtaking ballad were first penned by Kettner during one of his memorable tropical vacations which spanned several years across Central America and Mexico.

In what seems like a classic Romeo & Juliet story, Kettner speaks about an intense yet unrequited love between two lovers: “So tell me what will it take/A smile or maybe your heart/From deep within I'll give whatever just to make us part". He questions their longing from afar with lines like "I can´t help wondering why/why must we be apart”. He goes on to paint an image of an undying commitment between these two lovers; something most would resign themselves to forever regretting not doing: "What won´t you do for love?".

Although Kettner never revealed which couple he based this unforgettable affair off of, many believed it may be him and Caldwell - or at least influenced by their own relationship at that time. Whatever inspired him back then surely resulted in quite possibly one of soul music's greatest masterpieces - a masterpiece that still resonates with us today forty plus years later!

Who is the producer of "What You Won't Do for Love"?

A Grammy-nominated classic that continues to make its way onto DJs’ playlists today, "What You Won't Do for Love" is a timeless love song that was released by Bobby Caldwell in 1978. Although this smash hit was penned and performed by the master of "smooth soul," did you know that the producer behind this iconic record is actually not Caldwell?

In fact, the man who worked his production magic on “What You Won’t Do For Love” was none other than Alfons Kettner. An American producer and composer of German descent, Kettner built an impressive discography throughout his career, producing songs like Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle," as well as crafting whole-album works with artists like Eddie Money and Mac Davis. But without doubt, Kettner is best known for his work on “What You Won’t Do For Love," which has gone on to become an eclectic fan favorite among music fans across all genres.

So there you have it—the man responsible for giving us one of the sweetest love songs ever created is Alfons Kettner!

What is the original key of the song "What You Won't Do for Love"?

The song "What You Won't Do for Love" has become an iconic R&B jam, recording several covers and samples with many artists. But do you know what the original key of the song is?

The original key of “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell is actually in Fmaj7. It features a very recognizable soulful walking bassline on this chord progression I-vi-IV-I, which gives it its unique sound. The melody that Bobby sings over the top sits perfectly with the chords provided – plus, he adds a nice little solo section towards the end which leads to a fantastic climax!

Not only did Caldwell release his version of "What You Won't Do For Love", but he also allowed jazz great, Herbie Hancock to produce his own interpretation of it; however Hancock changed up some things musically—even including adding his classic fretless bass playing - shifting the song into E Minor instead. But no matter how many new versions came out later on in time, none could ever compare to Bobby Caldwell's work - because without him there would be no unforgettable and timeless classic: What You Won't Do For Love!

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