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When a Woman Loves a Man is undeniably one of the most timeless love songs of all time. The lyrics to this classic track, written by Barry White and performed by Lionel Richie, are some of the most tender and moving words ever captured in song.

The song begins with an unlikely but unexpectedly sweet combination of the words ‘When a woman loves a man, she don't care about nobody else’ – summarising perfectly how unbreakable the bond between two people can be when truly in love. The chorus goes on to reinforce this with ‘Cause when a woman loves a man she gets so blind, nothing less than love could make it last forever’ indicating that being together is both inevitable and eternal past any other obstacle they may face.

Lyrically, it seems apparent that White & Richie are describing something often forgotten yet constantly present –that only true mutual understanding occurs when two people give their hearts completely to one another without exception or expectation. This ultimately brings about enrichment for both parties as seen through lines such as ‘She just sweeps him away off his feet until God shows her way warm night around her arms like velvet leading light’ showing how comfort and security will quickly follow with no boundaries between them. When relishing in their relationship there is no hesitation from either person mentioned because they cannot help but desire what they have found with each other which is conveyed via lyrics like ‘and he'll never mind denies whatever he wants until he has enough’ underlining what few relationships can achieve for each individual involved within it during its finest moment..

Ultimately When A Woman Loves A Man celebrates both parties complete admiration for each other – showcasing its power even over all external elements leaving an intimate record of pure romance still appreciated almost 50 years since its inception."

Who wrote the song "When a Woman Loves a Man"?

"When a Woman Loves a Man" is one of those iconic songs that will never be forgotten. It was written in 1966 by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, who are both American songwriters and married to each other. Barry Mann is known for such hits as "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" (The Righteous Brothers); "On Broadway" (The Drifters); and "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" (The Animals). Cynthia Weil wrote some of the most beloved movie theme songs, such as Beaches ("Wind Beneath My Wings") and Ghost ("Unchained Melody"), but she has also written several huge hits like "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'," "(You're My) Soul & Inspiration," and many more.

This timeless classic of theirs, written in its original form in 1966, shines spotlight on true love between two partners regardless of gender; an uncommon topic back then. The soulful melody paired with heartwarming lyrics make it one of the most memorable love anthems ever written--and nearly 55 years later still continues to be played at weddings across the world.

So if you ever find yourself thinking about true unconditional love between two people then recommend a listen to Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil's song “When a Woman Loves a Man” – it’s sure to put you in the mood!

What are the theme and meaning of "When a Woman Loves a Man"?

When a Woman Loves a Man is an R&B classic originally recorded by Percy Sledge in 1966. The song's lyrics provide insight into the ecstatic feeling of unrequited love, with its sound and melody representing a soulful period of music.

The core theme of "When a Woman Loves A Man" is how powerful the emotion of love can be. When these two individuals become intertwined, it can create an obsessive, possessive passion within them that they cannot control. This single-minded intensity leads to recklessness and vulnerability as they surrender themselves to their emotions with little caution or consideration for what will happen next—allowing love to do whatever it pleases regardless of the joys and pains that accompany it.

This message is meant to show people how miraculous and life-altering those few moments when true love blossoms can be: no matter the potential pain and danger involved, when we enter such passionate relationships without judgement or worry for our safety, earth-shattering joy can fill us in ways we would have never expected if we had taken more precautions. That kind of positivity also speaks to our often unjust world—especially for women who are normally told not to take risks but should ultimately break free from society’s norms in order to truly find freedom from arbitrary boundaries limiting their desires—in this case it being male companionship without judgment from others or fear for her future security being involved that may hold her back..

The overall message behind "When a Woman Loves a Man" is loud and clear: while taking chances on your own behalf shouldn’t sacrifice your safety nor value mental clarity over emotional attachment, recognizing when passions burst forth should given opportunity irrespective of what society dictates you should do. If you find yourself capable enough for risk assessment follow your heart; there may just be some mercifully gratifying reward waiting beyond whatever fears stand between you and true happiness drawn from human connection!

What instruments are used in "When a Woman Loves a Man"?

When a Woman Loves a Man, the world-famous Johnny Mathis classic that dates back to 1966, is one of those songs that never fails to take listeners on a journey through time. But have you ever noticed (or wondered) what types of instruments go into creating such smooth and memorable sounds? It turns out, there is quite an array of instruments at work in this timeless piece.

At the forefront is the lead vocalist; however we can’t forget the essential parts provided by accompanying players throughout this song. It starts with an entrancing set of strings from violins and cellos underlying powerful melodies from horns like trumpet and trombone—all providing soulful synchronization as they continue to drive home its sweet lyrics.

Instrumentally speaking, when it comes down to every last detail—it’s all about timing! As soon as vocals come in near the bridge section after 1:07 minutes in you can hear subtle shimmers put forth produced by vibraphone adding angles with piano hiding behind rumbling bass hits joined by additional keyboards twinkling out right before gracefully leading us into conclusion around minute 2:00 mark through guitar harmonies echoing off in beautiful wholesomeness punctuated with rolling drum beats filled undertones while various percussions together gives this gem extra groove & texture towards its final mixdown.

All these elements combined make for no wonder why When a Woman Loves a Man has stood for so many years as an iconic love song filled not just with passionate lyrics but also defined rhythm driven instrumentation which adds plenty more flavor making it unforgettable experience each time!

Who is the artist singing "When a Woman Loves a Man"?

The old-school soul ballad "When a Woman Loves a Man" was originally recorded by blues and R&B legend Percy Sledge in 1966. The song became an international hit, reaching the top of both US and UK charts, and has remained a classic example of soul music since its release.

More recently, the song has been covered by several artists, including Ronnie Milsap in 1973 and Aaron Neville in 1993. However, no version has been quite as popular as the original rendition by Percy Sledge. Over the years, it's become one of his most well-known songs, showcasing his unique style which blended rhythm & blues and gospel styles together to create something entirely its own.

Though he passed away in 2015 at age 74 due to cancer complications, Percy Sledge’s legacy lives on through this timeless tune - proving that when a woman loves a man there’s truly no greater love story than that of two people who just click. It’s no wonder why this song still resonates with people six decades later; no matter what the current trends may be or how society shifts over time - true love will always remain timeless!

When did the song "When a Woman Loves a Man" first released?

The popular hit song "When a Woman Loves a Man" has rightfully earned its place in music history, and indeed the hearts of countless fans around the world. As is so often the case with classic songs of this calibre, it's tough to pin down exactly when it first appeared on the scene - even more so due to speculation over who actually wrote or recorded it first.

However, upon further investigation it's possible to establish that at least one version of this glorious love ballad was released as early as 1961 by Michael Douglas & The Lowlanders on Symphonette Records. This release is credited for making the track an instant hit across both sides of the Atlantic and giving us all a wonderful glimpse into what many deem as true musical perfection.

Due to its incredible standing within popular culture sub.

Are there any covers or remixes of "When a Woman Loves a Man"?

When it comes to classic love songs, there's none more iconic than Percy Sledge's hit song "When a Woman Loves a Man." Originally released in 1966, the track has been re-recorded or remixed countless times over the years, showcasing its enduring power and beauty.

Whether it be used by movie soundtracks or re-released as part of an album dedicated to its timeless quality, many versions of this song have become equally beloved classics. Some of these notable covers include Michael Bolton's 1991 version which was featured on his multiplatinum album Soul Provider; Tina Turner's 1995 remake for her Wildest Dreams collection; and a lesser-known remake by Seal for his third studio album Human Being.

But not every rendition faithfully follows Percy Sledge's original arrangement! Take Esperanza Spalding’s stunningly unique take on "When A Woman Loves A Man" from her 2018 set '12 Little Spells.' Here, Spalding ditches an upbeat take instead opting for an acoustic strum with shimmery percussion that builds into uplifting crescendo that ultimately reveals the heartfelt emotion behind this timeless love song. Other reimagined remixes can be found on collections such as Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis' Big Band Holidays II - which features Adam Rafferty’s jazzy funk guitar refreshesment - and Artistworks Gospel Piano Vol 1 where Gerald Woods takes us to church with his soulful piano keys and clapping drums accompaniment.

No matter the interpretation though, one things remains constant: "When a Woman Loves a Man" continues to carry us away in matters of love!

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