When Did You Fall in Love with Hip Hop?

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Posted Dec 11, 2022

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There was a time when I never imagined that I could develop a strong love for the music genre of hip hop. Back in the day, it seemed like such an outlandish idea, as hip hop was nothing more than something to bob my head to while I walked down the street. Fast forward a few years into my life and that changed entirely.

My transition into becoming someone who appreciated and valued hip hop began when I started exploring artists outside of what's playing on mainstream radio. It all started with listening to iconic artists like 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Nas and Jay Z's classic albums. As their music stirred up emotions within me that had previously gone untouched in other genres – stories of pain, despair, political commentary and conscious lyrics took center stage- it immediately sparked something deep inside me which eventually matured into admiration for the culture of rap music specifically within hip hop; The artistry behind each bar or beat created a curiosity in me which quickly developed into love for the power its social voice offers our society today!

I've not only grown deeply obsessed with this art form over these past few years but also have developed respect for those musicians who make up this fantastic scene by using their craft to inspire others while tackling issues within our society which would otherwise go unheard by large groups of people due to limited access or awareness. To look at how far we have come since its beginnings back in the 1970s is truly inspiring; Hip Hop has come such an indomitable way as an artistic outlet open up dialogue between different cultures around this world further pushing us closer towards understanding one another better.

How did you first become interested in hip hop?

Having grown up in the city, it was impossible to avoid the influx of hip hop music into popular culture. While I definitely listened to pop and rock as well, I think it was hip hop that always resonated with me most. Maybe because my parents were heavily into jazz and soul music, so the underlying beats in hip hop resonated with something I already knew and loved.

What really grabbed my attention however was how this unique musical style sought to discuss social issues like poverty and ‘the struggle’ in a way that hadn't really been done before. The ability of MCs to rap about what they saw as injustices (which seemed far more real than problems often discussed in commercial radio) combined with evocative beats working together hooked me for life!

I also loved how many aspects of culture found their way into lyrics whether it be references to sports figures or films; this gave hip hop an incredibly rich texture that wasn't found elsewhere - adding further credibility to why these artists made such original music.

It wasn't long before I started buying CDs by some of my favorite artists such as The Fugees, Wu-Tang Clan and Nas. Since then, I'm proud discover numerous new voices each week from some unknown rapper from Brooklyn or Birmingham!

Ultimately though no matter who's making it--it's always hip hop at its very essence that ticks all the boxes for me when looking for new music!

Who inspired you to start listening to hip hop?

Growing up in an older generation, I had exposure to many music genres but never really developed a strong appreciation for hip hop until my college years. It wasn't until I took a course that focused on the history of hip hop that I started to understand the true meaning and power behind its lyrics.

The artist who truly inspired me to become passionate about this powerful genre was Eminem. For as long as I can remember, he's been actively producing music that speaks of societal issues and reflects upon his personal struggles—all while gathering an incredibly large fan base across the world.

The intensity with which Eminem is able to convey his thoughts and feelings through his lyrics are truly remarkable, creating an impact so real you feel it down in your bones. His works have given people hope during difficult times and continue to spread messages of understanding and empathy around the globe.

It is through such lyrical powerhouses like Eminem that have led me on a path of discovery into understanding hip hop more deeply, opening my eyes to both its beauty as well as political power it carries within itself. Em's work has proven how influential this genre could be when used positively; whether politically or personally, it has opened many doors towards meaningful conversations surrounding social issues in our society today.

What is your favorite hip hop song?

My favorite hip hop song is Eminen's "Lose Yourself", off his 2002 Grammy Award-winning album The Eminem Show. This song embodies the ups and downs of life which simultaneously inspires and motivates me while living in a time where we need something to power us through. The opening beat is a metaphor for life, we choose to take either the easy route or losing yourself in moments of passion.

The lyrics are empowering, speaking on Eminem's drive and determination to make it as an artist against all odds. He speaks on letting go of all his struggles so he can freely express himself. His lyrics remind me that no matter how tough circumstances may seem in life, I can yield great rewards if I just hold on tight and persevere:

“Time is running you better run too Unless you wanna be just another lapse in human losses Rub your hands together with nervousness Sweat like nervous breakdowns break down This desperation heightened by empowerment Life's that adrenaline shot feeling Mixed with emotion overwhelmed by doubts Stress intensifies when motivation seems out of focus”.

What is most remarkable about this song being my favorite hip hop song is its ability to inspire people from all walks of life not only within the hip-hop genre but other forms as well, such as pop culture and mainstream media. Appearing 12 years ago now, “Lose Yourself” still serves as an anthem today reminding listeners around the world to never give up pursuing their dreams – even if they have been down many times before--as there are still beautiful moments waiting ahead!

What do you think makes hip hop so popular?

Hip hop is one of the fastest-growing music genres in the world and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. But what is it about hip hop that has made it so successful?

First, hip hop speaks to a major demographic - young people. The beats and lyrics often reflect the lives and struggles of many young people, making them feel represented in a way other genres have not been able to do. This connection is essential for any musical genre to gain long-term success and loyalty, so it's no surprise that hip hop has become popular among this demographic.

Second, hip hop has carved out a unique aesthetic. As with any art form or music genre, visuals play an important role in gaining attention from fans and newcomers alike. Hip hop’s distinct wardrobe style - baggy clothes, baseball caps turned backwards - as well as their affinity for flashy jewelry helps develop their iconic identity.

Third, there’s something truly motivating about modern day hip-hop lyrics— listening to some genre classics could make even the laziest person want to hustle hard for what they want out of life! It’s hard not getting caught up beat when you hum along Lil Wayne or Drake verses!

Finally, lyricism still reigns supreme within the realm of hip-hop — showcasing one’s flow continues to be respected among fans throughout all walks of life (especially while battling!) because skillful rhymes thrive on creativity and inventiveness — two elements integral within today's rap culture. Each artist plays off each other's lyrical game helping create intricate stories that appeal all throughout different generations.

Ultimately Hip Hop continues on its path forward through embracing what makes us unique but also coming together under common interests within our music – making everyone listen up!

What has been your biggest accomplishment in hip hop?

My biggest accomplishment in the hip hop game has to be the success of my first mixtape, which blew up and made waves across the industry. When I released it back in 2019, I had no idea that it would become as popular as it did. It got positive reviews from some of the biggest names in hip hop and jump-started my career.

What makes this accomplishment doubly impressive is that everything on was done independently. This included producing, recording, and mixing all of the music myself. At times I felt overwhelmed by all of the work involved and exhausted from long hours in the studio to make sure that everything came out sounding just right but it was worth every single second of hard work because I’m proud of what I achieved with this project.

I put so much love into making this mixtape because music is my passion, so having people relating with my sound was amazing for me as an artist. Looking back at how far things have come since then never fails to bring a smile to my face - nothing can replace those moments where your art resonates with someone else’s soul!

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