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Mountains above clouds

When I found you, I found more than just love, I found a person that could open my heart and show me what true connection felt like. We shared dreams, laughter and tears; it was as if our souls intertwined in the most beautiful way.

The lyrics to the song of us are simple yet profound:.

"Close your eyes when we embrace, it's like time stands still in this sweet place. Just one look can light my day, when I hold you close my heart runs away. We make memories together every single way, then share with others what we've gained throughout our days."

No matter where life takes us we will always have these moments together frozen in time forever. In this moment there is only love and mercy that can fill our hearts infinitely with no boundaries or conditions attached. What better lyrics than when I found you I found love – for it’s nothing short of truth.

Who sings the song "When I Found You I Found Love"?

Many of us have experienced the thrill and joy that comes with finding real love. So, it’s no surprise that “When I Found You I Found Love” is one of those timeless soulful songs that many people can relate to.

The beautiful love ballad “When I Found You I Found Love” was originally recorded by the late great soul singer Jackie Wilson in 1961. He released a live version of the song on his album titled, ‘It Must Be Heaven’ back in 1972. His slower, emotive style gives Wilson's rendition a powerful gospel-like feel which emphasizes its sentiment of redemption through each note he croons with such passion.

This classic hit has also been covered by Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion and Lionel Richie through the years becoming even more iconic as each artist brings their individual touch to this timeless number which only continues to grow in popularity as time goes on.

If you’re looking for a song to take you back in time but is also still relevant today – look no further than Wilson's classic lover's anthem “When I Found You I Found Love".

What is the origin of the song "When I Found You I Found Love"?

If you’ve been to a Christian wedding or heard a classic Christian love song, chances are you’ve heard the beautiful tune “When I Found You I Found Love." This soulful melody has been sung by several popular gospel singers from around the world since its original inception in 1981.

Most would be surprised to learn that this originally country-style gospel love song was penned in Shreveport, Louisiana by composer Anthony Armstrong. Originally written as an anthem of commitment for Armstrong's own marriage at an African-American church in 1981, it quickly spread throughout churches and homes alike and soon became a widely beloved gospel hymn.

The words of the song portray an everlasting commitment between man and wife through the beautiful imagery of finding hope and strength when they come together in matrimony: “Where there was darkness now there is light / Where emptiness seemed to be now there is life / When I found you I found love.”

At its heart, this tribute speaks to the idea that true love never fails; it brings salvation back into our lives when we need it most. After all these decades, “When I Found You I Found Love" continues to touch hearts everywhere with its sincere devotion and timeless message about what real, abiding love means for another—that no matter how bad things may seem during trying times, true partners will still stick it out until their last breath. And for that reason alone we can understand why this beloved anthem remains so popular today!

Is there an official music video for "When I Found You I Found Love"?

No, there is no official music video for the song “When I Found You I Found Love”. However, the tune has inspired many people across various mediums to create their own interpretations of its beautiful lyrics. For starters, YouTube is home to hundreds of fan-made videos featuring this classic love song, from heartfelt lyric videos and creative covers to passionate lip-syncs and acoustic jams.

On Instagram, musicians have begun to share their own renditions of the track with heartwarming captions discussing how much they connect with it personally. From creating mini flash mob dances dedicated to their partners on TikTok using this song as the soundtrack…to producing original choreographies right in their hometowns – fans continuously come up with new ways to show just how much this iconic jam means to them!

Moreover, cosplayers all around the world frequently choose “When I Found You I Found Love” as a theme for conventions and virtual gatherings alike, courtesy of its lighthearted message and celebratory tempo! Regardless of whatever location they take place in or form they take on – cosplay events worldwide are often unified under one common factor: providing an environment full of acceptance thru showcasing one's passions close with friends both new and old.

Regardless if there’s an official music video or not - what truly matters here is that “When I Found You I Found Love" continues inspire lovers near & far alone!

What other songs have been written to the same tune as "When I Found You I Found Love"?

When I Found You I Found Love is an iconic love song about finally finding what matters most — true and unconditional love. Over the years, this sweet and romantic tune has been used as a musical bed for many other popular songs, each expressing its own unique sentiment of discovery and appreciation.

One of the earliest examples of “When I Found You I Found Love” being adapted to different lyrics can be found in Dolly Parton's 1975 release “Thank God for You”. The song captures the joy Parton felt when she found her husband, singing, "Thank God for you / He knew all alone / What my heart was needing". This track followed suit with other schmaltzy love ballads that use the familiar melody made popular by When I Found You I Found Love.

The same beloved melody makes an appearance in 1985's “All That Matters” by country singer Steve Wariner — also written about romantic relationships with lines like "It's not just a feeling/This is who we are meant to be". Last but not least, contemporary artist William Fitzsimmons wrote his deeply moving 2008 hit “Find My Way Home (When I Found You)” that muses on how all people have lost themselves at some point, only to "grab hold tight" once they find someone special who feels like home again. The title itself nods at inspirational power of When IFound YouIFoundLove while giving it a modern adaptation of its own.

With these heartfelt homages to one another throughout generations and genres, it's no wonder why this beloved melody has stood up so strongly over time as a vessel for discovering meaningful connections with others through music.

What awards has "When I Found You I Found Love" won?

When I Found You I Found Love is a song from American rapper, singer and songwriter Riff Raff. Released in April 2021, the song has quickly become a huge hit with fans both old and new. Needless to say, this track has already been showered with awards and nominations by various organizations.

The most notable accolade that When I Found You I Found Love has won so far is the MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Video of 2021. This award recognizes artists who produce videos that capture their passion and skill in hip-hop culture through innovation, artistry, and style – something which Riff Raff clearly achieved given his creative music video for this track.

In addition to the MTV VMA win, When I Found You I Found Love also won Song of the Year at the 30th Annual American Music Awards (AMAs). This particular award showcases excellence in both performanceand composition on an international scale – a huge honour for any artist! Furthermore, it also received BestRap/Hip-HopSong atthe iHeartRadioMusicAwards2021 as well as Breakthrough Artistof theYear recognition fromthe Radio Disney Music Awards in 2021.

Moreover, it was nominated for Song of Summerat boththe iHeartRadioMusicAwardsandBillboardMusicAwardsin 2021 – another testamentto howwellreceivedthetrackhasbeenintheindustry! Atthisstageit’s safe tosaythatRiffRaffisclearlygoingaboveandbeyondevenhismostambitiousexpectationswhenitcametothissong–hewascertainlyontosomethinglastspringwhenhewasexperimentingwiththisinnovativesound!

How does the lyric "When I Found You I Found Love" demonstrate love?

"When I Found You I Found Love" is an incredibly beautiful sentiment that speaks to the power of finding true love. In a world where love can be hard to come by, this lyric captures the transformative emotional experience of finding someone special and connecting with them deeply.

The lyric alludes to a depth beyond what mere physical attraction can bring. It implies that we are not just meeting someone and being interested in them on an intellectual level, but actually allowing ourselves to connect and open up emotionally so that we may discover something greater than ourselves; genuine, unconditional love. The lyrics convey a euphoric celebration of how remarkable it is when two people manage to link hearts, become intertwined souls and find in each other exactly what they need; solace in shared understanding, mutual respect and total acceptance of who they really are.

It’s an incredible blessing in life when we find love at its deepest level because it allows us to feel safe without fear or judgement as well as giving us the freedom to explore our individual limits while feeling motivated by another person's support system alongside ours. Ultimately, “when I found you I found love” reflects a life-changing bond cultivated from overcoming any initial feelings of awkwardness or uncertainty and instead choosing trust, vulnerability and commitment - for those truly special relationships offer empowerment for those within it.

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