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“When I need love, I hold out my hand.” This powerful lyric captures the essence of a universal truth - that in times of intense longing, we often reach out for companionship and solace to help us through our struggles. In many ways, this phrase symbolizes the power of human connection and reminds us that even during our lowest moments, there is always someone willing to lend a helping hand if we just dare to open up and ask for it.

No matter how tough life can get or how difficult it may be to find happiness within ourselves at times - reaching out is an incredibly important part of finding love again in our lives. We can never underestimate the strength found in allowing ourselves to seek comfort from those closest around us; whether it be a friend or family member, letting inside one's heart will often lead them down roads filled with understanding and loving support.

This lyric encourages readers not to forget that compassion for others is often coupled with hope and courage; by taking risks no matter what form they may come in, we open ourselves up top receiving unconditional love that words cannot accurately describe but feelings beyond measure nonetheless ignite within oneself when another offers their comforting embrace without judgment or expectation. When I need love i hold out my hand reminds us of the importance of learning how to express vulnerability without fear and ultimately trusting those most deserving enough into wanting what's best for us at all times regardless..

Who wrote the song "When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand"?

One of the most beloved love songs in pop music history is “When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand”, written by the legendary Delta blues singer Mississippi John Hurt. Released in 1928, Mississippi John’s song faded into obscurity for decades until it was included on a 1962 compilation recording of his work. Since then, his version has been covered by countless other musicians and remains an enduring piece of popular culture.

Mississippi John Hurt wrote a wide range of music throughout his career but is best remembered for “When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand” in particular; it exemplifies the powerful emotion he packed into even seemingly simple stories and melodies. The song talks about walking away from a broken hearted relationship that resulted in emotional pain yet still holding out hope for greater things -all encapsulated within its three verse structure- mirroring so many others' bittersweet experiences with relationships gone awry. Even nearly 100 years after its writing, this song has left an indelible mark on music as an expression of human longing and emotion backed up perfectly by hurt's memorable delivery and guitar style.

It's not hard to see why so many have related to this timeless classic over the last hundred years - Mississppi John Hurt captured something that everyone can relate to regardless if their heart had ever been broken before or not. As one musical tribute puts it - "no matter who you are listening now or may be listening later on..."When I need love" will always remain relevant".

What is the title of the album that contains the song "When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand"?

If you’re a fan of mid-1980s pop music, then you are sure to know the song “When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand”. The artist behind this hit tune is English singer and songwriter Cliff Richard, and it was released as the first single from his 1985 studio album titled “Wired for Sound”.

Released on October 13th, 1985 by EMI Records in the UK, “Wired for Sound” spent 37 weeks on UK album charts and peaked at number 1 in November 1985. In addition to containing “When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand”, this 11 track compilation features fan favourites like:

• Wired For Sound.

• True Love Ways (A Duet with Olivia Newton-John).

• Some People.

• Dreamin' • Baby You're Dynamite • All I Ask Of You • Little Town • Never Be The Same Again (a duet with Diana Ross).

And many more! In all its glory, this album managed to not only regain Richard's fans attention but also made him into a cult figure among new generations of musicians—a legacy that still lives strong today.

What year was the song "When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand" released?

When it comes to love, there is nothing quite like a melancholic power ballad to get your heart pumping and tug at your emotions. One such classic song is the 1982 release "When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand" by British Rock band Smokie. This heartfelt track was part of the group's iconic album Best Of Ballads, which was released in 1982 and went on to be a worldwide success.

The song itself centers around a lover who is trying desperately for answers about their relationship but ultimately holds out his or her hand in search of true love — an emotion we can all relate to no matter our current station in life. It has been covered numerous times by various artists over the years, thus solidifying its place among some of the most memorable love songs throughout history.

Regardless of who may be singing it, "When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand" continues to speak deeply into our hearts and remind us that at the end of day we all need unconditional love — something that words cannot describe or necessarily explain away with ease. It powers us through tough times and gives us that little push toward happiness and joy when everything else feels uncertain or wrong. So if you're looking for some inspiring words during these difficult times we find ourselves living in, then reach out your hand as this timeless tune reminds us... when we need love, just hold out our hand!

What instruments are featured in the song "When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand"?

The late Bob Marley's "When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand" is an iconic reggae track known for its infectious groove and uplifting lyrics. The song features an array of instruments that give it its signature sound, making it one of the most recognizable songs in popular music.

At the heart of the song lies a strong rhythm section that includes bass guitar, electric drums, and congas. Aside from these main rhythm instruments, listeners can also hear a variety of other instruments supporting the universal message in this reggae classic.

One notable addition is a steel drum that offers a jovial counterpoint to Bob Marley’s vocals throughout the song. The steel drum provides much needed warmth and brightness to “When I Need Love” without overpowering its bright reggae beat. Additionally, there are several supporting harmonies featured throughout this track thanks to backing vocalists who create dynamic additions around echoes of Marley’s signature voice as well as add further depth to the powerful chorus sections.

Guitar also appears frequently in this tune. A lead guitar adds more complexity to both verses with long but concise phrases scattered around Marley’s vocals over instrumental parts for added flair near choruses and extending outro riffs that give “When I Need Love” it's majestic finish—all within just over three minutes! Fans of ska music will recognize similar contributions from both tenor saxophone melody lines and trumpet stabs during various parts of the arrangement which help set off unexpected musical direction changes at certain points rather than predictable transitions throughout.

Bob Marley knew he was creating something special when he wrote “When I Need Love," especially with all these different instruments coming together so nicely into one final masterpiece!

What are the first few lines of the song "When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand"?

If you’re feeling lonely, or need a friend by your side, When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand is an uplifting song that encourages you to put yourself out there and give love a chance. Written by Christian singer-songwriter BeBe Winans, this song tells the story of being vulnerable and trusting in the possibility of finding true love when it feels like all hope is lost.

The first few lines go like this:.

"I remember how it felt to be so far away from home, Searching for somebody to show me love that was strong and true. Everywhere I'd turn the road led back to where I started,"

And then these powerful words: "But even though I searched across land And seas around the world, There's one thing that's for certain Through my journey I'd soon learn."

Are there any music videos that feature the song "When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand"?

When it comes to finding music videos featuring the song “When I Need Love I Hold Out My Hand”, there aren’t many options out there. However, if you are looking for a great audio and visual experience, then you can check out FloHey's 2016 release of their vibrant music video.

With an easygoing electro music backdrop and uplifting energy provided by staccato guitar riffs which nestles during the verses, FloHey's rendition of this classic uses animated transitions between two lovers in order to create an engaging message about wanting love in difficult times. The video itself is full of color and joy as we follow around these two characters who struggle to find one another until they come face-to-face at last. This allows viewers to fully indulge in the powerful emotion that the track carries while simultaneously celebrating two people coming together again against all odds.

In short, FloHey has managed to recreate this timeless classic with their own unique flair and present it through a visual medium that captures our attention from beginning till end. This makes for a great viewing experience as we see how both people fight for their relationship until its final reward - lasting love despite any obstacle or hardship that lies ahead!

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