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Love can come with great joy and excitement, but it can also come with a lot of pain and suffering, which is what the movie "When Love Kills" explores. The film follows the story of Falicia Blakely (played by Niatia Kirkland), a young African-American woman in Atlanta who falls for an older drug dealer named Antoine (played by T.I.).

At first, Falicia believes that she has found true love with Antoine, but his violent temper quickly reveals itself when he forces her to become his ‘moll’ and collect money from customers on his behalf. When Falicia discovers that he was planning to make her part of a murder plot in order to cover up one of his criminal activities, she realizes too late just how dangerous their relationship has become.

The movie addresses serious topics such as domestic violence, drug use and their effects on the community while also delving into issues concerning race dynamics between black men and women within society - themes already explored through similar movies such as Moonlight. It is an incredibly powerful film sure to leave audiences moved yet informed about these hard topics.

Ultimately this movie highlights why it’s important for us all no matter gender or circumstance to educate ourselves about healthy relationships; we should never be afraid to step away from situations like this if they become toxic or potentially life-threatening because Love shouldn't be something that kills you - rather it should uplift you!

Is When Love Kills available on streaming platforms?

Yes, the movie "When Love Kills" is available on a number of streaming platforms. It was originally released as a TV movie on Lifetime in 2018, but has since been made available for digital download and many other streaming services. Netflix recently added the film to their library. It can also be found on YouTube, AppleTV+, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies and TV and more.

The film stars FLorence Hartigan as Falicia Blakely and Tami Roman as Selevia Banks before their respective fall from grace through short trajectories of violent criminality. Based on a true story of an Atlanta mother sentenced to life in prison for conspiring with her friends to kill her boyfriend in 1994, director Christine Swanson's When Love Kills serves up an intriguingly complex exploration of identity theft and misguided youth with plenty of food for thought about love--its beauty as much as its destructive power.

It's an engaging albeit somber watch which dives deep into Falicia's history dealing with abuse (both physical and mental), rejection within the foster care system during her teen years while attempting balance college studies while providing hospitality services at a local blanchonette hotel at 19 years old--all before becoming manipulated by two men that threaten both the stability she craved sporadically over the course of this story arc between 1999 to 2005 when ultimately arrest takes place due to two countso f murder conspiracy charges that landed her behind bars until 2034 when parole becomes possible being eligible given good behavior over time served during incarceration today since apprehended 15years ago.

Whether you're interested in true crime stories or just want something hauntingly beautiful from victim advocacy perspectives making sure all sides are presented here work together magnificently bringing viewers their own personal sense if closure despite tragic consequences contained within this 2 hour drama.. it's definitely worth your time enjoying whatever platform chosen for viewing purposes here!

What year was the movie When Love Kills released?

The highly anticipated crime drama, When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story, was released in 2017. Directed by Tasha Smith and written by Cas Sigers-Beedles, the movie chronicles the dramatic events that ensue after 18-year old Falicia Blakely is taken advantage of and manipulated by her much older suitor Marvin Thomas.

When Love Kills highlights the complex yet all too real dynamic involved when a young girl falls in love with an experienced older man who preys on her vulnerability. It follows Falicia’s journey as she quickly goes from an innocent vacation romance to slowly being held captive in Thomas’ corrupt grasp. As tensions rise and his relentless manipulation finally catches up with him, it becomes clear that even when love kills – the story will continue to live long after it has ended.

In this Academy Award worthy performance led by Lil Mama as Falicia Blakely and Cliff “Method Man” Martin as Marvin Thomas, When Love Kills reveals a deep tragedy of how destructive one man’s obsession can be when taken to its extreme measure. Their visceral performances ensue through a poignant message that can only be understood once seen – leaving viewers consumed with sadness while also inspired by bold Falicia’s resilience throughout what could only be described as hellish circumstances surrounding her brutal 'love'.

When Love Kills released straight to television several well deserving accolades for its gripping portrayal of such an emotionally charged topic— cementing again why 2017 was such an influential year for TV cinema!

Who starred in the movie When Love Kills?

The crime drama movie When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story starred Lil Mama in the titular role of Falicia Blakely. Written, produced, and directed by Tasha Smith and executive produced by iconic actress Laila Ali, this Lifetime movie follows the story of a young woman struggling with poverty who falls into an illicit affair with a drug kingpin which quickly leads to her becoming an accomplice to murder.

Lil Mama as Falicia delivers an impressive performance as she tries to maneuver through a world filled with lies and treachery. She portrays the rollercoaster of emotions that range from being seduced by money and power to ultimately realizing how wrong her choices really were. Joining her is Melissa De Sousa as Marcia Blakely, Falicia's mother who is trying desperately to keep her daughter away from a dangerous lifestyle. Another notable cast member is Lance Gross as Detective Ray Spears who takes on the investigation when someone close becomes involved in a troubling murder case.

Overall When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakeley Story provides an engaging crime drama experience backed up by some great performances from lead actors Lil Mama and Melissa De Sousa along with other supporting cast members like Lance Gross. If you're looking for something thrilling yet heart wrenching then this film should definitely make it onto your list!

Who directed the movie When Love Kills?

The 2018 television movie When Love Kills was directed by Christine Swanson. Swanson is no stranger to the world of television movies. She has been involved in some of Lifetime’s most successful movies, including Sabrina the Teenaged Witch, New York Minute and Beauty in the Broken. Her directorial debut came with Always and Forever for which she earned an NAACP nomination for Best Movie/Dramatic Special.

When Love Kills focuses on a young woman named Falicia who falls into a life of stripping and dealing drugs with her dangerous boyfriend Antione. The movie follows Falicia’s heartbreaking story as she tries to escape this dangerous lifestyle while still trying to save her relationship; which ultimately leads her down a dark path that could cost her both her freedom and her life. With this type of dramatic storyline, it’s essential that director be sensitive yet unafraid to tell the harsh reality stories like these come from; luckily Christine Swanson proves once again she is more than capable enough, earning critical acclaim for all aspects of direction- from cinematography to sound editing- as well as performances from its female leads RajyHHansrenee Simon'sFalicia Blakely and Lisa Renee Cox's Niecey Jenkins

Christine Swanson has proven herself time again to be one of television movie's best directors with When Love Kills being no exception!

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