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When you love somebody, it is often a feeling that transcends both time and space. It's an emotion that even words can't give justice to because there is no clear way of fully expressing the strength of the bond between two people. However, when we look to music and lyrics as our source of comfort or inspiration, they can often provide us with a glimpse into a different realm - one where the power of emotion pierces through the air and speaks directly to us.

The lyrics below illustrate a sentiment of love that goes beyond what we may typically attribute to infatuation or attraction; these lyrics recognize how two individuals can come together despite their flaws and setbacks in order to create something beautiful:.

"When you love somebody.

You have eternity in your heart.

No matter how far apart, you'll still stare at the stars above.

And share each other’s dreams with compassion like only true lovers do".

These words exemplify exactly why we seek out companionship - emotional support from someone who will always have our back regardless of what life throws at us. Whether it be for moments full laughter or those in deep sorrow, when you’re in love with somebody their presence becomes transformative – helping shift your perspective on life altogether.

Who wrote the song "When You Love Somebody"?

When You Love Somebody is a beautiful, soul-stirring ballad that evokes awe in all who hear it. This stirring tune was written by renowned singer/songwriter Bryan Adams and Gretchen Peters in 1997 for Adams' sixth studio album, 18 til I Die.

This renowned song has been unforgettable ever since its release over twenty years ago. Recorded both as a solo performance by Bryan Adams as well as being featured on the soundtrack of Disney's Hercules animated film, When You Love Somebody soundtracks the emotions of an unrequited love story.

The depth and lyrical beauty of this ode to unbridled passion reaches out to many different audiences; indeed, their respective discographies are full of songs that can touch an audience through the sentiment expressed. No matter what the circumstances may be- heartache or joy -When You Love Somebody ensures listeners of this sweet sentiment will never be forgotten.

Adams and Peters’ chemistry makes it obvious why their collaborative effort resonated so strongly with audiences from around the world from their take on romantic love: they know how to blend music and lyrics together in ways that no one else can match. Serving as a positive message disguised within sorrowful tunes, these two made sure listeners across could relate to – 'When you love somebody,' no matter where they come from or what situation they find themselves in; we are all connected through such vulnerable emotionality experienced within its duration - 3 minutes and 34 seconds -and provided countless people with an assurance that someone else can feel what they do when faced with similar circumstances.. It isn't often we hear artists collaborate so perfectly together- making When You Love Somebody a monumental track amidst thousands released during late 1990s. Bryan Adams collaborated some illustrious works throughout his career yet he'd lesser have one hold such prominent esteem than when which he wrote along his comrade Gretchen Peters - When You Love Somebody simply stands alone!

What are the lyrics to the song "When You Love Somebody"?

If you've ever felt what it's like to be madly in love, then chances are you can identify with the song "When You Love Somebody" from indie rock band Fun. As the title suggests, this song is all about telling someone how much they mean to you and expressing your appreciation for their presence in your life. Read on as we take an in-depth look at the lyrics to this beautiful tune.

Verse 1:.

It's hard for me to give away these pieces of my heart.

Finding solace when I look into your eyes and find a work of art.

Falling so deep, it feels like I'm never comin' back up again.

You make me brave enough to gamble, just not enough to win.


When you love somebody, then you show 'em that they belong.

Pour out your feelings, when need comes put them into song.

Remember who loves ya every single moment of this life.

Verse 2: True courage means showing vulnerability sometimes You help me break down all my walls so I don't hide Trying hard each day doesn't always save us or make us feel right We build around us a fortress made of steel and light.

Chorus (conga drums): When you love somebody, tell 'em without fail Help them learn there's no need for smothering veil Sing along loud as every word hits home true blue.

Bridge: What inspires me more than anything can say? The way that our hearts intertwined together cannot fade away It feels that nothing else matters more than when We do everything together just meant for two Verse 3: A gentle touch breaks the mold from moments spent alone As if written by divine command each step will lead us back home Open ears learn without speaking truly heal each other strong What was once one finds strength withstanding even what is wrong Chorus (chorale vocals): When you love somebody don’t forget how far we’ve gone Show them every part behind what makes us holding on Sleep proud knowing love keeps consuming stronger flame Hold close through doubts cradled safely free from blame

What is the melody of the song "When You Love Somebody"?

The melody of the song "When You Love Somebody" by Bryan Adams is both beautiful and emotive. It is one of those songs that evoke strong emotions on first listen, no matter the occasion.

The melody starts off with a soft piano part, soon accomanied by the typical electric guitar arpeggios that are characteristic of Bryan Adam's music. The two instruments blend together perfectly to create an inviting introduction to the song.

This is followed by a chorus of layered vocals which soar above a driving drum beat, lent urgency and focus to this powerful melody. Then halfway through, Adams' signature power vocal break kicks in as he sings passionately about finding something better in life than what it already promised us—love when you least expect it especially when you’re struggling to find your place in life or forgo something for it. It has been famously covered many times since its release in 1997 due to its undeniable poignancy and sentimental appeal resonating with many generations all over the world.

Finally, we reach an emotional pinnacle as strings enter on top of this already heart-wrenching musical crescendo gaining intensity until Bryan proclaims that “l[He] follows his heart” among other lyrics meant for pure catharsis — leaving us silently crying along But with all the pain comes resolution: love—the ultimate triumph over trials life sometimes throws our ways Those three minutes can send chills down anyone's spine - making this song an absolute classic..

Who is the artist performing the song "When You Love Somebody"?

The song “When You Love Somebody” is performed by the British soul group Level 42. Founded in 1980, Level 42 was a prominent part of the jazz-funk and soul genres during the 1980s. The group consisted of Mark King (vocals, bass), Mike Lindup (vocals, keyboards), Phil Gould (drums), Alan Murphy (guitars) and Wally Badarou (keyboards).

“When You Love Somebody” was released on their album ‘Forever Now: The Very Best Of’ which peaked at number 11 on the UK Albums Chart in June 2008. It was co-written by Mark King alongside his sons Nathan and Arthur, who were part of a younger lineup when Level 42 returned to active duty in 2014. The track appeared as a single two years later with its bright sound favouring an uplifting message about being caught up in a passionate romance despite knowing it won't last forever.

This has been one of Level 42's most enduring hits brought back for nostalgia whenever support for this pioneering band is among those remembered. Everyone involved always seem well aware that their impact on music will not be forgotten anytime soon!

What genre is the song "When You Love Somebody" categorized as?

The popular R&B song, "When You Love Somebody," is categorized as an R&B/soul love ballad. Written by Luther Vandross and penned by Marcus Miller and Luther Vandross, the mid-tempo ballad evokes a feeling of warmth and tenderness. The heartfelt lyrics tell the story of a lover who is so deeply in love that they must express their deepest feelings to their beloved. The vocal delivery is soulfully passionate yet effortless, conveying all the patient longing that comes with genuine affection. The swaying rhythm section laid out by Miller's electric bass provides a soft backdrop while Vandross' emotive voice soars above it all.

Musically speaking, "When You Love Somebody" contains elements of classic soul singers like Al Green blended with modern R&B production techniques - including jazzy chords and airy synths - creating an enjoyable sonic experience for listeners of contemporary music. On top of that, Vandross himself offers up a performance steeped in true soul music fashion; making this song truly unique unto itself amongst modern classics of the genre such as Beyonce's "Love on Top".

Overall, "When You Love Somebody" perfectly encapsulates what it means to be sincerely head over heels for someone; bringing together lush acoustics with lyrical sincerity to create an incredibly effective slow jam full of emotion and positive vibes!

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