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The song “When Will I Be Loved” by The Everly Brothers has held a special place in the hearts of many people since its release in 1960. Many consider it one of their most popular songs, emphasizing how powerful love can be, and coming as one of the earliest country crossover efforts. This song also speaks to many different aspects of relationships and love – from the struggles to the successes – making it a timeless classic that still captivates audiences today.

The Everly Brothers wrote this song when they were just teenagers. They wanted to explore what it meant to love someone and be loved back, something they felt passionate about even at that tender age. The lyrics tell their story: questioning whether love will continue or fade away with time. With lines like "Why can't you see what this world has done to me" and " When will I be loved? Like I've never been loved before," This song captures the emotional depth that comes along with searching for and trying to keep true love alive.

Although written over fifty years ago, “When Will I Be Loved” has retained its relevance even today - the struggle for true love is still a human experience we all share. It’s no wonder that this song has earned such a lasting impression, with covers from artists popular today joining it on iconic radio playlists alongside Elvis Presley, Carole King and probably The Everly Brothers themselves! As we search for our own answers to the same questions posed in “When Will I Be Loved”, we can take solace in knowing that this struggle is one we are all familiar with and feel just as connected to through Don and Phil Everly’s track as if it were written for us personally.

What are the lyrics to the Everly Brothers song 'When Will I Be Loved'?

The Everly Brothers’ legendary single “When Will I Be Loved” is a classic song that has been covered by many other artists since its debut as a single in 1960. Written and performed by the Everly Brothers, the song captures the feelings of heartache and romance with its simple yet powerful lyrics.

The first verse starts with the lines “When will I be loved?/ I’ve had a troubled time/ I’ve had a time of my own/ When will you see/ What your love means to me.” With these lyrics, they set an emotional stage that reflects on love that is still being searched for but never found. The chorus continues to express this feeling of loneliness as they sing “When will I be loved?/ When will I be loved?/ Why do I have to sit and cry?/ Oh why can’t somebody love me in return?” The chorus further emphasizes how hard it can be to find someone truly in love with you, especially when it seems that everybody else around you has found the same thing.

The final verse contains more pained lyrics about not finding true love as the Everly Brothers sing “I don't want no sweet talk/ Give me something plain/ So tell me now at last/ When will I be loved?” By ending on these lines, it reaffirms their main message of never giving up on finding someone who genuinely loves us for who we are and not lies or sweet talk.

What is the name of the Everly Brothers album that includes 'When Will I Be Loved'?

The Everly Brothers released the classic album “Roots” in 1968, which contains the hit single “When Will I Be Loved?”. It was their first studio album in four years and featured a unique blend of country, pop and rock. The album was recorded over two days in Nashville, Tennessee with many notable studio musicians backing up Don and Phil Everly, such as Pete Drake on steel guitar, Grady Martin on electric guitar, Tommy Jackson on fiddle, and Boots Randolph on saxophone.

Although the duo had already had several hits before “Roots”, it proved to be one of their most popular releases and included the groundbreaking track “Wichita Lineman”. Produced by Chet Atkins and featuring arrangements by Bill Walker, the single reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album also featured other popular singles such as “Cathy’s Clown”, which reached number one in April 1960.

In addition to being named after Don and Phil Everly's earliest influences, Roots also features a tribute to their father Ike Everly entitled "Don't Blame Me". It was not only a nod to their musical roots but also a testament to the strong bond between Don and Phil. Although it was successful at its time of release and received acclaim from critics for its unique blend of styles, “Roots: The Everly Brothers" has since become a classic record that will continue to be celebrated for generations to come.

Who wrote the Everly Brothers song 'When Will I Be Loved'?

The Everly Brothers, a popular rock and roll duo from the 1950s, are famous for their songs and singles. One of their most well-known songs is ‘When Will I Be Loved’, released in 1960. This song was written by Phil Everly, the youngest of the two brothers.

Phil had written several songs before this one and was starting to become more familiar with the art and craft of music-writing while under the watchful eye of his older brother Don Everly. There are speculations that this particular track was inspired by a raw divorce experience Phil faced. He wanted to express how it felt to him at that time; a feeling many people could relate to regardless of whether or not they had gone through such an experience.

The song beckons listeners to be conscious of how special it is to be loved. The simple yet catchy lyrics, combined with Phil’s great vocal performance resulted in a classic hit that endures all these years later. Not only did it propel the two brothers into superstardom but it also re-instilled faith in those who found themselves in dire situations that love would come eventually when you least expect it.

What is the meaning behind the Everly Brothers song 'When Will I Be Loved'?

The Everly Brothers' hit single, "When Will I Be Loved" is a classic song of lament, exploring parental love and expectations, longing for the return of a lover, and more. The title is powerful in itself, as the singer desperately contemplates when they will experience true and unconditional love.

The lyrics depict feelings of abandoning a perfect relationship in which the other person never showed their commitment to the relationship. The singer yearns to be loved as much as they love their partner but ultimately realizes that this hope in vain. This leads them to wish for better communication with their partner and to express how much they need to be loved for who they are, rather than for something superficial or fleeting.

Ultimately, "When Will I Be Loved" expresses a universal theme of wanting to be appreciated and accepted for who you are. The song is timeless and relatable; many people throughout history have searched for that sense of belonging that comes from being truly understood by someone else. Through this classic hit single, the Everly Brothers bring awareness to one's desire to be loved unconditionally without any labels or expectations placed upon them.

What is the last line of the Everly Brothers song 'When Will I Be Loved'?

The final word of the old classic by the Everly Brothers is “loved.” This track was released in 1960, and it has since become an iconic song in the rock and roll era. The question “When Will I Be Loved” is continuously asked in pop culture references, from books to T-shirts.

The upbeat tempo camouflages a look deeper into what Phil, who wrote this song back in 1958 as part of his first solo EP, was attempting to express through his lyrics. He questions his own self-worth and ability to create true connections within relationships, despite being frequently let down. He pleads for affection and love throughout the song with the last line “when will I be loved” giving an extra push that may be metaphorically comparable to a last-minute plea for help. To finish this thought, the Everly Brothers modifies it by adding one singular word – “loved”- as a positive reassurance for Phil that things will eventually turn out okay; love will come along eventually.

This song has become regarded as a timeless classic over its decades of existence because of its relatability even over time. The duet's connotation towards true romantic connection as well human exchanges such as friendship remain relevant and powerful today just like when it was first released many years ago. Despite being nearly sixty years old, “When Will I Be Loved' still has many listeners with its memorable simple chorus that emphasizes its optimistic side - with those three words: "when will I be loved".

What is the Everly Brothers version of 'When Will I Be Loved' commonly compared to?

The Everly Brothers version of their hit single, “When Will I Be Loved” is a timeless classic, and the original recording remains one of the most influential early country-rock songs in music history. To this day, many cover versions—both tribute and contemporary—have been made of the song, with the Everly Brothers’ original being held up as a golden standard to which every version is compared against.

The Everly Brothers version is often praised for its slick production value, simple yet effective instrumentation, and lush vocal harmonies. Additionally, their willingness to maintain a country influence set it apart from other rock acts from the era. Despite being over fifty years old, the track has maintained its timeless appeal due to its traditional three chord structure and catchy chorus line: “when will I be loved”.

The production also contains subtle touches that give it an incredible dynamic range. The jangling electric guitar solo speaks directly to country music fans while adding a twist of pop flavor that maintains overall energy. With its instantly recognizable melody spurring kids everywhere to sing along in public places—both then and now—it’s easy to see why this track has been beloved by generations of listeners.

In short, The Everly Brothers’ “When Will I Be Loved” remains a classic today because its catchy chorus, straightforward yet varied instrumentation, and traditional country influences provide a perfect blend of genres for all types of fans alike. Any version that attempts to implement this unique formula cannot avoid being compared in some way against the original evergreen release by the Everly Brothers!

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