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When you love somebody, the lyrics always seem to matter more than anything else. Whether it's a love song or something more upbeat and lighthearted, the words of a song can carry with them so much emotion and meaning. But what makes certain songs particularly special is when they are able to express our deepest feelings in ways that we sometimes have difficulty grasping or verbalizing ourselves.

So when it comes to loving somebody, lyrics can help us make sense of our emotions – and give us strength in times of need. For instance, take the chart-topping hit “When You Love Somebody” by Fruit Bats: “Take me home again/ With my heavy heart/ I know I'll stay close/ And not drift apart”; these thoughtful lines perfectly capture the pain associated with loving someone who may be difficult for us to reach out for comfort from – but, at the same time, reminds us that we should never give up hope on finding connection no matter how uncertain things are.

The importance of having someone in your life whom you share a special bond is also addressed by landmark singer-songwriter Al Green's powerful composition “Simply Beautiful”: “If there ever comes a day/ When we don't talk anymore/ Remember what I said now..you're simply beautiful”; this amazing track perfectly captures the beauty inherent to unconditional love without judgment and fear - testifying that even if times get hard between two people who care about each other deeply, these feelings will remain strong forever – after all that really matters is how two people feel about each other from within their hearts.

Lyrically speaking, there are many other songs which emotionally articulate embracing an extraordinary kind of love – from rock anthems such as John Lennon's classic “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” (Lennon explains how you must let go someday but never forget just how loved one may feel) to thoughtful ballads like Billy Joel's hit single “She's Always A Woman To Me" (addressing what deep admiration feels like). In any case though one thing remains clear – while music has managed time after time throughout history reminding us all just why even living vicariously through momentary moments feeling loved matters ever so much- nothing stands out quite as poignant as unforgettable lyrics detailing genuine affection directed right back at those we feel closest towards unconditionally every day spent together!

What are the words to the song 'When You Love Somebody'?

If you’ve ever been in a relationship that’s full of love, then you might recognize the powerful and graceful lyrics of the song “When You Love Somebody.” Written by singer-songwriter Bryan Adams, this 80s hit has become an all-time classic that is sure to evoke emotion in anyone who hears it.

The gentle guitar riffs begin with the classic lines:.

“When you love somebody / You tell them so / Don't let your feelings go / So they won't know.”

Adams begins by explaining how sometimes it can be difficult to express our affection for someone we truly care about, even if we want to let our feelings known more than anything else. He emphasizes how important it is to not keep our emotions bottled up and encourages us to take risks if we truly want something.

The chorus gets a bit more upbeat as he continues:.

“And when you're feeling worried / And don't understand / That's when your heart needs loving the most/ When you love somebody/ Take care of their heart/ And guard it with all that you've got.”

The bridge multiplies this idea tenfold as he sings:.

“Strangers may hurt someone so deep inside/ Better watch out for their pride/ All these things have come between us several times before."

Here, Adams warns us about mistakes made in relationships due to misunderstandings or too much pride getting in the way--like walking away from each other instead of taking a moment and trying to work through problems as a couple. The takeaway from this song is ultimately rooted in recognizing issues with compassion rather than letting your pride get in the way, understanding that disagreements are often just products of misunderstandings and faults on both sides rather than either one person being right or wrong and appreciating everyone involved no matter what conflicts may arise between them twoand cherish every moment shared together..

Who wrote the song 'When You Love Somebody'?

The heart-warming and soulful single, "When You Love Somebody," was written by British alternative rock artist, Craig David.

Released in 2001 as the lead single from his debut album "Born to Do It," the song quickly became a worldwide success, peaking at No. 7 on the UK Singles chart and charting in numerous other countries around the world.

A passionate love anthem about being totally taken over by the emotions of loving someone, it has gone onto inspire countless other artists who cite David's work as an influence when it comes to true sentiments of love in their music.

David wrote and produced "When You Love Somebody" alongside Mark Hill (of acclaimed production duo The Artful Dodger) who also co-wrote two of his other big hits - "Fill Me In" and remake of Diana Ross' classic “Walking on Sunshine” - both released during that same period. The combination proved a winning formula for Craig which led him to become one of UK's most successful musical exports since – with several multiple platinum-selling albums under his belt since then.

Who originally performed the song 'When You Love Somebody'?

The iconic 1997 single, ‘When You Love Somebody’ is a feel-good anthem about the joys of being in love that continues to inspire listeners to this day. But who exactly is singing these inspiring lyrics?

Released as part of their album ‘Big Bam Boom’, the song was originally performed by legendary R&B/funk group Hall & Oates. The duo consists of Daryl Hall and John Oates, two musicians who are widely regarded as one of the most successful duos in music history. Together they wrote and produced a total of twenty-one Top Five singles with five hitting number one. This includes songs like “Kiss on My List” and “Maneater.”

Hall and Oates have a soft spot for this particular single among longtime fans because it was written from a personal experience from when Hall was going through his own romantic difficulties at the time. This heartfelt touch can also be heard throughout ‘When You Love Somebody’ as it traces its story about learning to love someone again after all obstructions have been cleared away, making it more meaningful to many people listening closely for its soothing message for those struggling in their own relationships today.

Since its release over 20 years ago, American Idol star Kelly Clarkson has covered it during her 2008 tour and Xavier Dunn released an acoustic version – both paying tribute to the magic that Hall & Oates brought forth with this family favourite hit single!

What album features the song 'When You Love Somebody'?

If you're an R&B fan, you'll be excited to hear that the song "When You Love Somebody" is featured on the album Just The Way I Do released by American singer and songwriter Dan Hill in 1982.

Hill made a name for himself in the 1970s and 1980s with his classic soft-rock ballads, soulful falsetto vocals, and heartfelt lyrics. One of his most beloved songs is "When You Love Somebody," which has been covered by numerous artists such as Destiny's Child as well as features on soundtracks like Twister (1996) and Along Came Polly (2004).

The rest of Dan Hill's album Just The Way I Do features 11 other tracks including hits like ”Sometimes When We Touch” which was covered by Rod Stewart, Maureen McGovern, Tina Turner and many more; the title track “Just The Way I Do”; the up-tempo classic “Can't We Try” featuring Vonda Shepard; and closing out with social commentary steeped into catchy melody “It's A Long Road - Listen To That Voice Inside”.

This entire collection would make for a great addition to your music library if you want some more tunes about love lost or found as Hill puts it: "plenty of love got there yesterday... But it seems that today we can't find those same reasons why."

What is the meaning behind the lyrics of 'When You Love Somebody'?

"When You Love Somebody" is a song that speaks to the emotional power of love. Written by American singer-songwriter Bryan Adams and co-written with Gretchen Peters, the lyrics speak of a person's struggle to come to terms with being in love.

The meaning behind the lyrics of "When You Love Somebody" are both complex and simple. It's about recognizing when you deeply care for someone, no matter how difficult it may be emotionally or physically. The first line starts off by saying "When you love somebody, there's so much more than just giving," indicating that loving someone goes beyond physical gifts; it requires an emotional investment as well.

The chorus reiterates this sentiment: "It takes so much more than words can say/To show them what they mean when you love somebody." This part suggests that even if we say we love someone, how often do our actions actually demonstrate it? How often do we go out of our way to show them? This holds especially true when one finds themselves loving another person despite whatever pain or fear may accompany that kind of relationship.

Throughout this song, Adams emphasizes how powerful and sometimes overwhelming feeling of being in love can be for both partners involved: "You go through life just trying to survive/ And then at times suddenly arrive in paradise." He paints a vivid picture not only how enthralling falling in love can be on some days but also how badly it can hurt on other days as well (e.g., “A tear comes down like rain from the sky above”). Overall, this song recognizes the beautiful yet complicated emotions brought forth while falling in and out of love –– emotions shared by many people throughout history –– making its message all the more relatable today.

What year was the song 'When You Love Somebody' released?

The 2008 release "When You Love Somebody", by English singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae is a classic that continues to hold court in the hearts of many music lovers around the world. A delightful blend of soulful vocals, and jazzy riffs, this track has been a timeless hit from its release over 12 years ago.

Originally appearing on Corinne's debut studio album self-titled 'Corinne Bailey Rae', it was released officially on May 28th, 2006 and quickly established itself as one of her signature songs. Remastered for radio play the following year, it soon climbed to number 15 in the UK singles chart following its re-release on May 28th 2007 and became one of The Radio Academy’s top 100 most played songs from 2007 - 2009.

The song has been featured in countless movies, television shows, cafes and clubs over the years as well; with YouTube covers also becoming popular amongst fans who love to recreate their own take on this classic hit. With an absolutely gorgeous melody that takes you straight back to those days when love wasn't so complicated - "When You Love Somebody" makes us fall head over heels with its enthusiasm every soft time we hear it; truly a spellbinding piece!

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