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When it comes to lighting, one of the hottest brands out there is Morimoto. Their products have become synonymous with quality and style in the automotive aftermarket industry, providing a powerful light output that often outperforms even higher priced alternatives. So if you’re in the market for a set of amazing lights, you’re likely considering those made by Morimoto. And when considering such a purchase, chances are you may be wondering where they make their products – after all, it's nice to know where our hard-earned money is going!

Morimoto craftsmen design and manufacture their lights from scratch at their facilities in Lincolnwood, Illinois. An entire team devoted solely to lighting goes into action every day at this facility – researching cutting-edge lighting technologies, designing new mounting systems and lenses shapes to best accommodate any car or truck style on the road today. Every piece of equipment that goes into Morimoto's headlight assemblies has been carefully sourced from factories around the globe with an attention for detail that only American craftsmanship can offer.

Each product leaves Lincolnwood bearing not only an unmatched level of quality but also Morimoto's reputation as one of today's top lighting designers. With years invested into perfecting both internal engineering and external styling features combined with assembly factory trained technicians dedicated daily - all living up to Morimotos high standard! Artificially aged aluminum housings provide unmatched durability while ultra precise polycarbonate lenses deflect stones or any other damage inflicted against them - earning them "bulletproof" status amongst enthusiasts alike!

From concept right down to assembly each light put together by team members of Company Nine (the parent company) dedicated staff is handcrafted with deliberate attention paid to exacting detail – giving automotive enthusiasts alike something they won't find anywhere else on (or off!) The market today. For those looking for unique lights specific to their taste & vehicle – look no further than Morimoto Lighting and trust every kit proudly crafted from complex components internationally sourced will last anyone indefinitely through miles & miles driveinhg enjoyment!

What country do Morimoto lights originate from?

Morimoto lights are a popular brand of automotive lighting fixtures, known for their superior quality and stunning design. Although the company is based in the United States, it has its roots far away from American soil – in Japan.

The company's founder, Shiro Morimoto, was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He was always fascinated with car culture growing up and fell deeply in love with aftermarket automotive accessories at an early age. Shiro spent a lot of time tinkering with various parts in his father's garage before eventually deciding to pursue his passion by launching his own project - Morimoto Lighting Co.

At first, he struggled to find success due to a lack of experience and resources; however, after plenty of hard work & dedication he finally hit the big time when his signature product line - Morimoto Lights - were picked up by car enthusiasts all over the world! And today they remain one of the hottest names on the market for stylish & reliable automotive lighting solutions.

The incredible quality that makes these products shine is due not only to Shiro’s dedication but also due to their Made-in-Japan origin; which still applies today as all components used in production are sourced from reputable Japanese factories according to strict ISO 9001 standards.

In conclusion: even though Minoru’s brand has become internationally renowned since its founding back in 2001 – its Japanese heritage remains at its core as this is where it all started for him years ago!

What materials are used to construct Morimoto lights?

Morimoto lights are known for their impressive aesthetic and durability, but most don’t realize the kind of materials that go into making Morimoto lights. They stand out from other lighting products thanks to the top-quality Grade A materials used in their manufacturing process.

The process begins with precision-cut high-grade aluminium housings for an attractive, lightweight silhouette. These are then welded together using reinforced seams for maximum durable strength and quality assurance. In addition to the housing, individual bulb pods are constructed with specially treated PMMA optical lenses built to disperse light evenly in all directions – creating a truly vibrant presence both night and day! Other components of the Morimoto lights consist of stainless steel screws that ensure secure fastening and prevent corrosion even in harsh climates; along with UV stable silicone gaskets to maintain proper insulation strength

Morimoto prides itself on creating top-notch lighting products fueled by top-shelf materials. With this tough yet appealing design, they ensure years of reliable illumination while maintaining a luxurious appeal no matter where they are installed – from Jeep roof racks on offroad adventures to your garage’s stylish interior décor!

Who manufactures Morimoto lights?

Morimoto is an established leader in the field of automotive lighting, providing superior quality LEDs, halos, and projector headlights. The company was founded over 22 years ago and has since become an industry leader due to their commitment to innovation and quality.

Morimoto lights are all manufactured in Morimoto's own factories located in China. Over the years they have perfected the art of producing high-quality lighting products with both OEM spec parts as well as aftermarket designs. The company works closely with a global network of suppliers to source all necessary components for their lights. This ensures that each product meets stringent quality standards before being shipped out to customers around the world.

Morimoto's signature style is unmistakable - strong shapes and bold colors combine with cutting edge technology to make lighting solutions that stand out from ordinary bulbs found on today's roads and highways.. This level of craftsmanship can be seen across their entire light range — from projector headlights for cars/trucks, off-road vehicles & ATV/UTV’s, DRLs (daytime running lights), fog lamps & interior accent lighting solutions too! Many unique styles feature cool halo rings along with powerful LED “Angel Eyes” which let you customize your ride not only functionally but aesthetically too!

You could find no better manufacturer if you are looking for a reputed name offering top notch quality when it comes to auto lightening products than Morimoto! Their unbeatable combination of innovation and superior design has made them one of the most highly sought after manufacturers when it comes vehicle specific products like projector headlights, HIDs or LED Light accessories

Whether you need headlamps or fog lamps; driving beams or low bar LEDs; halos or accents – whatever it may be – look no further than Morimoto Lights: they know what they're doing!

How are Morimoto lights shipped?

When it comes to shipping products from Morimoto, you can rest assured that your items will arrive safely and securely. Their lights come with a specialized packaging to ensure they make it safely no matter where they are traveling.

Morimoto packages their products differently depending on which product you are ordering. For example, their LED lighting kits typically come in sturdier boxes which include insulation, foam blocks and other packing materials to protect them thoroughly. Each light is further protected by an individual molded tray that's custom-fitted for each specific product. Additionally, Morimoto includes several layers of bubble wrap over each of these trays before they're placed into the main box for extra protection during shipping and handling. This ensures each light arrives in its original condition without any damage when the box reaches its destination.

Furthermore, each package shipped from Morimoto also contains special handling instructions if problems arise during freight transit so you can be sure your lights will reach their destination in perfect condition for installation before long!

In what waysdo Morimoto lights differ from other lighting brands?

When it comes to lighting, there is no question that Morimoto has made a name for itself in recent years. Their products are highly regarded and sought after by customers and professionals alike. But what sets them apart from other lighting brands on the market?

In many ways, Morimoto lights differ from other lighting brands in notable ways. One quality immediately stands out with their signature XB LED bulbs – they are specifically designed to emit a wide variety of vibrant colors that emulate the look of incandescent and xenon lamps more precisely than any other LED bulb currently available. Not only does this provide customers with greater control over how they want their car or accessory to look, but it also allows them to produce far more creative lighting effects than before possible.

Another distinct advantage for Morimoto lights is the range of technologies used for different applications such as halos, RGB accents, DRLs (daytime running lamps), color shifting wheel rings etc. The Dot-Matrix Halogens create continuous HID-style backgrounds without any gaps or hot spots while CAN bus connectors help most users easily configure LED strips and wheel rings without using cutting or soldering wires themselves. They also use advanced projecting lens technology which allows some models like the HD Slimline series project light further and wider than many of its competitors’ offerings - making it ideal for those looking to maximise road illumination while saving on power consumption at night time driving scenarios.

Finally, all Morimoto products come protected under an industry leading “For Life” warranty – meaning each product comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects regardless if you are the original owner or not - thus providing further peace of mind when considering investing in these items over others on the market today!

What types of vehicles can Morimoto lights be installed on?

If you're looking for lights that will help you make a bold statement on any style of vehicle, look no further than Morimoto lights. These high-end lighting solutions have been designed to work effectively on many different types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats.

Morimoto lights come in a variety of styles and shapes that are sure to fit the unique shape of your vehicle. These lights feature state-of-the-art construction that is sure to provide superior illumination and long lasting life. They offer advanced color temperature customization so you can get precisely the look you want from your lighting setup. Plus there’s even more choices with LED headlights, tail lamps and RGB halos available as options too!

No matter what type of vehicle or watercrafts you are looking to install Morimoto lights on, the process is made simple thanks to their plug & play wiring harnesses. This makes it easy for anyone with minimal auto knowledge upskill themself very quickly so they can confidently install these amazing upgraded products onto their favorite ride in no time!

So if you've got a Jeep JK Wrangler or Ford Focus sedan - we've got lighting solutions that can help transform the exterior appearance while also providing improved visibility during night time driving conditions at the same time! The choice is yours…take control over how your vehicle looks & drives today with Morimoto's range of lighting components & accessories - available online now!

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