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If you're a fan of the popular craft hard cider, Blake's Hard Cider, then you may be wondering “Where is Blake’s Hard Cider made?”. As it turns out, this delicious and award-winning cider is made right in Michigan!

Blake’s Hard Cider is produced in an old 120-acre farmstead near Armada, Michigan. After completing studies at Michigan State University and working for several years in Colorado as an environmental engineer, Blake Shedd decided to take his career into the family business of farming by returning to his roots at the Shedd Family Orchard. Not long after that decision has he taken his hard cider passion from simple home brewing recipes to production and thus creating one of the most popular brands of craft hard cider on the market!

Since making their start over 10 years ago, Blake's Hard Cider now continues to produce some amazingly delicious ciders such as their flagship flavor: All Natural Original Blend; several flavors including Blueberry Pear and Raspberry Pear Specialty; Barrel Aged Series with Whiskey Apple Barrel Aged featuring apples that are sourced from local Michigan orchards as well as from Washington State; canned ciders in 16 oz traditional 12 packs & Variety Packs containing 4 unique flavors; Dry Hopped Lager Series which mixes classic lager beer ingredients with a unique twist or infusion of fresh apple goodness - there are plenty more products within their extensive portfolio.

Beer enthusiasts will also enjoy discovering The Good Intent Pub & Brewery located on site owners Michael & Pauline’s original Hayloft Bar premise right next door offering plenty of awesome beers by them such as Stair Master Pale Ale, Wagon Wheel Witbier and Red Zeppelin Irish Ale as well!

So if you ever find yourself wondering "Where is blake's hard cider made?" -- now you know where it stems from: Armada Farmstead brewery located just outside Detroit Metro area proudly producing award-winning brews since 2009. Cheers!

In which country is Blake's Hard Cider brewed?

Blake's Hard Cider is a premium, small-batch craft cider that first started creating delicious blends in a tiny barn in the northern Michigan countryside back in 2013. Today, Blake's has grown to become one of the most popular ciders on tap across America.

So where exactly is Blake's Hard Cider being brewed? Unlike traditional cider companies that mass produce their ciders for large-scale distribution, Blake's takes pride in maintaining its smaller footprint and crafting unique batches that can be enjoyed from coast to coast. While we source some of our ingredients from outside Michigan (we work with special partner farms all around the US!) ultimately, every bottle of cider you can find from Blake's is brewed right here at home - in Michigan!

We recommend sampling some of our signature flavors like All-Day Apple Crisp or Wild Country Rose or taking part in one of our virtual tasting events here at our Fenton headquarters to get an even closer taste! After all, deep roots are worth digging into and nothing compares to enjoying an ice cold glass brewed right where it was born - right here at home.

What is the origin of Blake's Hard Cider?

Blake’s Hard Cider is a family-run craft cider company that emerged from Michigan’s apple-rich soil. What began as Blake’s Fruit House, Blake’s original farm stand over eighty years ago, has evolved to become a nationally recognized brand.

Inspired by his grandfather, Andy Blake decided to take his business further and began experimenting with hard cider production in 2013. Since then the company has grown tremendously and now produces a variety of ciders ranging from traditional dry styles to sweet and fruity sippers. In addition to their award-winning core lineup, they continually bring new tasty creations every year offering something special for everyone across all seasons!

The company uses fresh fruit sourced as locally as possible with organic apples coming right off the tree at Blake Farms; an orchard owned by the same family since 1946 Located just two miles south of their brewery & tasting room in Armada, Michigan. This ensures the flavors remain true and unique for each drinker - something that cannot be said about most commercially produced ciders out on the market today. The process which begins during orchard season in August combining harvesting & pressing of apples from over one hundred different varieties continues through alcohol fermentation before canning begins in late fall/early winter - finishing with distribution all around each state come springtime!

In 2020+, Blake's Hard Cider looks forward to continuing giving back within local communities; partnering up w/ non profits like charity water + making sure that families have access clean healthy drinking water around world, launching its own Summer Pint Series; special edition style ciders honoring its home state - Michigan & striving daily create delicious craft skills while simultaneously expanding availability nationwide current standards!

What location is Blake's Hard Cider produced?

If you’re looking for a delicious, locally-produced hard cider in the United States, look no further than Blake’s Hard Cider! Blake’s Hard Cider is produced in Armada, Michigan – a small city located just 20 miles north of Metro Detroit.

The company was founded in 2013 by Andrew Oliver and his father Jeff. With Andrew's passion for locally sourcing ingredients and creating unique hard ciders that are as good as they are unique, Blake's has grown quickly over the years. Today they have an impressive variety of year round ciders and seasonal offerings with distinctive flavors like Gravenstein Apple Winesap and Honeycrisp Apple Cinnamon Toast cider to Blueberries & Apples with Ginger. The company also makes their own line of seltzer drinks that come in various fruity flavors like Black Cherry Fizz Seltzer, Watermelon Fizz Seltzer and more!

Blake’s is also dedicated to sustainability – from using renewable energy sources to packaging their products with 100% recyclable cans manufactured from postconsumer recycled metal (and saving nearly 1 million tons per year from landfill), Blake’s strives to be a steward of the environment each day.

If you're looking for delicious craft hard cider made right here in Michigan, look no further than Blake's Hard Cider!

Where can I find Blake's Hard Cider?

If you’re looking for a delicious, crisp hard cider with a unique flavor, Blake’s Hard Cider is the right choice for you! Blake’s is a Michigan-based craft cidery with several different flavors of hard ciders. The ciders are produced in local farms and sourced from Michigan apples.

The first thing to do when trying to find Blake’s Hard Cider is to check the list of states it's available in—you can find those on the company's website. Right now, Blake’s is sold in over 25 states throughout the country, including popular places like California, Florida and New York. Chances are your favorite bottle shop has it or if don't have a bottle shop near your home town then you can look at nearby stores that sell liquor/beer - convenience stores and grocery stores likely carry them too!

Another great way to find Blake’s Hard Cider is by visiting their website which features locations of retailers carrying their products (or you could just call and ask!) You can also use Locator services such as FindABeerLocator.com or LocalBreweriesMap.com which provide instant search results for nearby bars, liquor stores and craft brewers who supply Blake's Hard Cider.

Finally, if all else fails you can always order directly from their website! They offer shipping across USA so it doesn't matter where you live; as long as its within the states that carry their products - they ship fast directly to your door!

Who manufactures Blake's Hard Cider?

If you’re a fan of hard cider, then you’ve likely heard of Blake’s Hard Cider. This Michigan-based craft cider brewery has become well known for its creative takes on traditional ciders, incorporating tasty flavors like watermelon, peach, and even habanero. But who exactly manufactures Blake's Hard Cider?

The answer to that question is Clear Vision beverage group LLC. Established in 2018 by brothers Andrew and Scott Bishop as well as Jamie Narsick, the group began by discovering new and exciting brands that could be brought to the craft beverage industry--starting with Blake's Hard Cider! After initially raising capital by working off a revenue-share agreement with their distribution partners in 2018, Clear Vision Beverage Group was born! With the help of their family members they started making their dream come true while managing daily operations out of an old barn located in Armada Township Michigan.

Clear Vision Beverage Group now proudly owns over 20 unique brands in addition to Blake's firmly establishing them as a major player within the craft beer market. All products are fermented and packed on site at their location which is now home to one of Michigan’s largest fermentation production centers certified for Quality Assurance & Quality Control. In addition to having multiple locations stocked with refrigerated product across the Midwest shoreline states ranging from Illinois all the way up into Minnesota—where Blake's can also be found distributed through various retail outlets including liquor stores and grocery chains alike!

If you love cider like we do here at Clear Vision Beverage Group—there’s no better choice than sipping a refreshingly crisp glass of our Award Winning drink –Blake's Hard Cider -- brewed right here in Michigan! So don't forget: when it comes time for your next drink—Make Sure it’s CLEAR VISION - because Keeping it Real Makes All The Difference In Life…Cheers!

What are the ingredients of Blake's Hard Cider?

If you’re looking for a delicious drink to enjoy during the upcoming fall season, Blake’s Hard Cider is a great choice! It was first introduced by Michigan-based Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill in 2013 and has become one of the most popular ciders on the market. But what are the ingredients of Blake’s Hard Cider that make it so delicious?

At its core, Blake's Hard Cider begins with fresh apples all sourced from Michigan orchards. The apples are carefully milled and juiced right after being harvested to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. From there, yeast is added to begin the fermentation process while natural sugar provides sweetness. Finally, a blend of all-natural flavors such as cherry, cranberry-pomegranate, peach-honeycrisp apple and blood orange is added to give each batch its unique taste.

Although it may seem simple on paper (or screen!) put together these ingredients result in one tasty beverage that perfectly captures everything you love about fall! With notes of tart apple flavors balanced out by sweet undertones from the natural sugars and other fruits - we guarantee this delightful cider will keep you coming back for more! So if you're looking for something unique yet familiar this season - try out some Blair's Hard cider – your taste buds won't regret it!

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