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Duromax generators are made right here in the United States of America! This American brand of premium power equipment is manufactured using state-of-the-art processes and components at its facility located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Throughout Duromax’s production process, only the highest quality materials and components available are used to ensure long lasting reliability and performance. It’s on this promise that Duromax has grown to become one of the leading generator brands for enthusiasts who appreciate quality craftsmanship backed by reliable customer support with a hassle free warranty.

Wherever you go, stay prepared by packing a durable portable generator when camping or tailgating at sports events. Whether you’re looking for safe backup electricity during an outage or just want some extra power when you’re away from home, Duromax provides the perfect solution with reliable performance rated up to 10KW depending on model type. So whether it's weekend barbeques or more serious projects like construction jobsites, trust that you've got the power when needed to get work done as fast as possible without fail with Duromax generators!

What country produces Duromax generators?

Duromax generators are a popular item among those who need reliable electricity during their outdoor activities, such as camping and using RV’s. Duromax generators provide efficient performance, long run-times and quiet operation without the use of fuel or gasoline. If you’re wondering which country produces these reliable generators, wonder no more — they are made in China!

China is one of the world's leading producers of portable generators like Duromax. This is due to its vast manufacturing capabilities and technology advancements in the energy sector that have enabled companies like Duromax to produce high-quality generator models at affordable prices. Over the years, Chinese manufacturers have also been able to incorporate innovative features into these products such as extended run time for longer power usage sessions, enhanced safety features like an automatic shutdown feature which prevents any accident from occurring due to overheating, overload or low oil levels.

Duromax generators are designed with cutting-edge technologies like computerized control boards with LED readouts for quick monitoring. The generator also has digital displays for displaying information about remaining power settings on different outlets as well as a service reminder feature -all professionally packaged into this compact design from China! Additionally, each unit undergoes rigorous quality controls prior to shipment – meaning that no matter where you buy your Duromax generator it’s guaranteed top notch quality.

In conclusion if you're looking for a reliable source of energy while out camping look no further than a Duromax Generator made right here in China!

What company manufactures Duromax generators?

Duromax generators are manufactured by the company PowerMax. The company has been around since 2005 and is dedicated to producing reliable gas-powered generators of superior quality and durability. From portable models perfect for camping trips to large standby systems capable of providing emergency backup power during an outage, Duromax generators have something to fit your needs.

One thing that sets Duromax apart from other brands is their focus on safety features, including automatic voltage regulation and circuit breakers that protect valuable electronics from sudden power surges or fluctuations. They also use heavy-duty engines and components made from top-quality materials like steel tubing, wrapped aluminum windings, heavy-duty brushless alternators, and hardened crankshafts for long life in commercial or residential applications.

Duromaxalso offers a comprehensive warranty that covers both parts and labor for a full two years after purchase, giving you peace of mind in knowing your generator will be running reliably when you need it most. Additionally, the manufacturer offers a customer service hotline staffed by experienced technicians offering quick solutions so you can get back up and running faster than ever before.

PowerMax's devotion to reliable generator technology backed by excellent service makes them the number one choice when it comes to selecting an engine powered generator solution - so if you're looking for something rock solid consider Duromax as an option!

What type of power does a Duromax generator produce?

If you’re looking for reliable and portable power, a Duromax generator is the perfect solution. Duromax generators provide clean and consistent power, no matter what the application. So what type of power does a Duromax generator produce?

Duromax generators are designed to produce both 120-volt AC (alternating current) and 12-volt DC (direct current) electricity. The two types of AC generated by these generators are modified sine wave or pure sine wave electricity. Modified sine wave is mathematical approximation of a true or pure sine waveform, and is commonly used for small appliances such as televisions, lamps, and microwaves. Pure sine wave would be used for sensitive equipment like computers because it does not interfere with their operation in any way. Generally speaking, most electronics can use either type of AC however if you plan on powering more complex equipment like large motors or high-end audio/video components then only pure sinewave should be used.

In addition to providing 120 volt AC power output, the internals of a Duromax generator contain an alternator that generates 12 volts DC voltage from its running engine - this can come in handy when charging car batteries or other applications requiring direct current (DC). On certain models you can even hook up an inverter allowing devices that require alternating current (AC) to run directly off your running engine without converting back to AC needed first - this feature can save valuable time when dealing with emergency repairs or just powering something up quickly whenever needed!

All in all Duramax generators offer excellent value by producing quality power outputs whether the need is for alternating versus direct currents at either 120VACs or 12VDC respectively – so whatever your generation needs may be few solutions compare with having one of these efficient engines on board!

How long has Duromax been producing generators?

Duromax has been providing reliable and high-quality generator solutions to a variety of customers for over 20 years. Founded in 1999 in Los Angeles, California, Duromax's mission has always been to meet the needs of customers with an impressive range of options.

Since its inception, Duromax's top priority has remained providing durable and dependable generators that are perfect for anyone who needs reliable portable power and industrial-grade use. Duromax generators can be utilized anywhere from camping trips to construction sites and more with units that can easily fit inside any vehicle or within tight spaces. Going beyond the standard features offered by many generator companies, not only do Duromax units include the latest safety features but they also come with a free two-year warranty giving customers peace of mind over the quality they’re receiving.

Whether it is through their wide selection of competitively priced Generators or their outstanding customer service solutions, Duromax takes pride in meeting the needs of all their clients no matter what specific demands may be posed whether easy portability or professional grade power terms are required. With an ever expanding catalogue populated by some of the most efficient option out there today as well as plenty more on offer throughout 2020; you can rest easy knowing that in nearly two decades covering various markets throughout North America – there is one brand that promises results you can rely on every time – Duromax.

Does Duromax provide a warranty for its generators?

Duromax does, indeed, provide a warranty for its generators. All Duromax models come backed with a one-year limited factory warranty that can be upgraded to three years through product registration. The company also offers an extended parts and labor warranty when purchased through authorized dealers, based on the model and year of purchase.

Duromax prides itself in supplying top-of-the-line products that are built to last; however, eventually there may be some amount of wear and tear. The manufacturer takes full responsibility for the durability of their generators by providing varied options for protecting your investment during normal use. The included factory warranties cover defects in material or workmanship while the extended options offer protection from failure due to parts or labor under normal operation and usage per instructions provided in the product manual at time of sale as well as potential breakage caused by accidental incidents or events you may encounter throughout generator ownership such as severe weather conditions or spills.

No matter what option you choose—or even if you don’t choose one at all—Duromax will always stand behind their quality products so that all customers enjoy safe and reliable solutions whenever they need them most.

What safety features come standard with a Duromax generator?

When it comes to generator safety, Duromax is a name that you can trust. Their generators are designed with user safety as the top priority, so it’s no surprise that they come standard with a wide range of safety features.

Duromax generators include an automatic shut-off feature which will turn off the engine if oil or gasoline levels drop too low. This prevents potential damage that could be caused by running an engine on insufficient fuel levels. Another key feature is an overload protection system which shuts down the unit automatically in the event of overloading or short circuiting.

In addition to these standard features, many Duromax generators are also equipped with spark arrestors for added protection and peace of mind when operating near combustible materials such as gas and oil fumes. Spark arrestors help keep sparks from igniting any flammable materials in your work area and reduces fire hazards significantly if operated properly.

For ultimate convenience and safety, some Duromax models also have tamper proof protective covers which keep out contaminants while locking securely in place when not in use to reduce risk of injury while adding an extra layer of security against theft or misuse (depending on model).

Above all else though, every Duromax generator includes detailed instructions describing safe operation guidelines and maintenance procedures; making sure you never have a doubt about how to operate your generator safely!

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