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Kessler Whiskey is a brand of whiskey crafted by the Beam family in Clermont, Kentucky. The Beam family has been making whiskey for more than 200 years and is one of the oldest and largest distillers in America. Kessler Whiskey is produced at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse which sits on over 200 acres of farmland. They have their own water sources, including limestone-filtered water that lends to its smooth flavor profile. All Kessler whiskeys start with aged white oak barrels and are aged between two to five years before blending them into their pre-determined profiles. This type of distilling ensures that every bottle has consistency in taste as well as an incredibly smooth finish within each variety they provide such as Traditional 84, American Rye 89 or Double Aged 86 varieties made from 6 year old bourbon mixed with 12 year old rye whiskey.

Kessler Whiskies can be found all over the United States, with availability varying per state depending on local legislation and alcohol laws but it can be easily ordered online from many retailers. So if you’re looking for a smooth yet complex flavor profile delivered from decades of unique distilling experience then look no further than Kessler Whiskey; crafted proudly in Clermont, Kentucky!

What country is Kessler Whiskey produced in?

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for the perfect bottle of whisky to end your night, then Kessler American Blended Whisky should surely be on your list. This smooth, classic-tasting whisky is produced in the United States.

Kessler Whiskey is made with Kentucky and Tennessee whiskeys that are barrel-aged for four to six years before being blended and bottled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The blend yields a smooth and mellow finish that’s perfect for sipping after dinner or to add a bit of heat to any cocktail recipe. The proof clocks in at 86, so it isn’t overly strong like some other whiskeys you might come across. In fact, its complex yet subtle flavor makes it ideal for experimenting with different food pairings or creative mixology techniques!

The company behind Kessler Whiskey began back in 1862 when Louis Kessler created his family’s distilling company in Lawrenceburg (sound familiar?). Today they still take pride in this heritage by creating whiskey that captures all the rich history of a timeless product. For those looking for an authentic taste experience without spending too much money – Kessler American Blended Whiskey should be your go-to choice!

What distillery produces Kessler Whiskey?

Kessler Whiskey is a unique and popular brand of whiskey that can usually be found on the shelves of many liquor stores. But, you may be curious as to which distillery produces it. Well, I can tell you that Kessler Whiskey comes from none other than the renowned Four Roses Distillery.

The Four Roses Distillery is located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and has been producing quality bourbon since 1888. Their distilling process combines two mashbills (recipes) with five proprietary yeast strains that are all combined to create their signature flavor profile they call "the Marriage of Two Mashbills". These mash bills make up ten different bourbons, one of which being Kessler's whiskey which consists mainly of corn-based whiskeys gives it its unique sweet taste. The other ingredients are malted barley and rye-grain with an ingredient called “distiller’s beer” to bring out Kessler's characteristic flavor.

In addition to producing outstanding whiskies for over 130 years now, Four Roses is also environmentally conscious when crafting their products by making sure their facilities have minimal environmental impact whenever possible. The distillation process for their whiskeys uses less water than traditional methods due to efficient cooling processes throughout production cycles – something that sets them apart from the competition!

So next time you find yourself cracking open a bottle of Kessler Whiskey remember it was made with love by the Four Roses Distillery here in Lawrenceburg!

What ingredients are used to make Kessler Whiskey?

When it comes to making great whiskey, Kessler Whiskey uses only the highest quality ingredients to craft their unique spirit. From grains to water and yeast, every ingredient plays an important role in making a high-quality whiskey.

For Kessler whiskey, they use corn as their grain of choice. Corn adds body and sweetness to the final product, giving it its unique flavor profile. They also include rye as part of their grain line-up which adds a hint of spice along with some complexity. Because Kessler is an 80 proof spirit, they also use barley malt which gives the whiskey its light color and smooth texture.

To round out the flavor profile for Kessler whiskies, crystal clear mountain spring water is added that provides balance and cuts through any heat or burn associated with traditional spirits like bourbon or Scotch whisky’s. In addition, a specific strain of yeast creates a clean yet mild character while ensuring consistency within each batch produced.

As you can see from the high-quality ingredients used in crafting this particular type of Whiskey involves careful selection and blending which helps create one of today's best selling Spirit brands on stores shelves today!

How is Kessler Whiskey aged?

At Kessler Whiskey, aging plays a huge role in the flavor development of their products. Each batch is made up of a selection of high-quality whiskeys that have been aged to perfection. Unlike most commercial whiskeys, Kessler Whiskey batches are vatted together after the aging and distillation process has been completed. This technique means that all of the disparate whiskey flavors are blended to create a unique, rich flavor profile.

The secret behind this perfect balance lies in Kessler's meticulous aging process; each crafting stage is carefully monitored by master blenders and tasters to ensure that only the highest quality spirits make it into the final product. To begin with, every batch starts out with an 8-year minimum maturation period in premium oak barrels – these barrels help bring out all manner of subtle flavors from the whiskey without making it excessively woody or tannic.

Once these 8 years have elapsed, unique blends are created using additional whiskies from Maryland Asher Distillery’s reserves – something that Kessler has exclusive access to as its parent company owns them – as well as additional age periods for some lots if desired; generally adding 2 more years when doing so but sometimes up to 4 or 5 for special blends destined for limited releases or special occasions such as Christmas collections or wedding gifts.

At every stage during this meticulous process, samples are taken and closely analyzed according to industry standard quality control protocols before being approved by our experts at the end of production before bottling and shipping off around world!

Where can I buy Kessler Whiskey?

If you’re looking for a unique and quality whiskey that is sure to turn heads, Kessler Whiskey is the right choice for you. This artisan distillery was founded in 1921 by Newman A. Kessler, and has since become a cornerstone of Michigan's craft whiskey movement, thanks to its uniquely delightful flavor profile. But where can you find this delicious spirit?

Well, the great news is that Kessler Whiskey's selection is available in more than 20 states across the US! To make sure you get your hands on some of this premium whiskey, simply head on over to their website and use their store locator tool. Not only will it show you all nearby stores carrying Kessler Whiskey, but also provide contact information for each of them so that you can call ahead and reserve bottles if desired. In addition to regular off-the-shelf purchases, online orders are available as well through select retailers such as Amazon or Drizly.

Overall, finding good Manson Family brands like Kessler Whiskey has never been easier or more convenient! With widespread availability nationwide and excellent customer service support from the company itself, there’s no reason why anyone should go without experiencing this fantastic brand of whiskey firsthand. So go on out and grab yourself a bottle –we guarantee that it won’t be your last!

What is the history of Kessler Whiskey?

Kessler Whiskey is a brand of whiskey, named after its founder, Joseph S. Kessler. The history of Kessler Whiskey dates back to 1879 when Joseph S. Kessler started operating a small grocery store located in New York City. In the early years, he offered only a single product - his own homemade whiskey - made out of pure rye and other grains and aged in small barrels.

Despite the fact that it was unaged, Joseph's homemade whiskey quickly became popular among locals and visitors alike due to its unique flavor profile, making Kessler Whiskey one of the earliest successful American whiskeys to ever be produced.

In 1897, Joseph registered his business officially under the name "Jos.S Kessler & Sons," which then became known as Kessler Distillery Co., firmly establishing them as one of America's leading producers of fine whiskey. Over time they expanded their selection from just their original Rye recipe and offered other styles such as Bourbon and Scotch promoting their products all over America alongside producing innovative recipes such as their Cream Whisky which was highly regarded during post-war prohibition era through the mid 20th century to this day granting them an honored place on any modern bar with several loyal fans worldwide!

Kessler Whiskey continues to be celebrated today for being ahead innovators in both presentation style – like etching custom bottle designs – but also distributing wide selection flavors ranging from sour mash orfully matured even hidden secret formulas that are also accessible via limited runs available at select vendors around the world! Truly helping shape what we now know today is just how amazing aged whiskey can taste!

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