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If you're wanting to see the stage show of the beloved story "Les Miserables," your search is finally over! This spectacular musical tells a powerful and heart wrenching story about redemption and grace, set against incredible music and dance. It's playing all around the world, taking its characters from humble beginnings to dramatic climaxes with every turn of its thrilling plot.

Currently, Les Miserables is playing on Broadway in New York City at The Imperial Theatre. In addition, it can be seen across the United States in cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles as well as in Toronto. The London Palladium also hosts a production for visitors to England's capital that has been running for over 12 years now! Other locations where you can enjoy this classic include Sydney Australia and Tokyo Japan.

You are sure to be enchanted by this beautiful masterpiece wherever you choose to experience it. So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets today and experience why Les Miserables continues to captivate audiences worldwide even after 35 years!

What cinemas are currently showing Les Misérables?

The beloved musical Les Misérables is currently playing in cinemas across the world, making for an enjoyable night out for fans and newcomers alike. While the scope of cinemas holding showings varies from country to country, some of the major multiplexes are showing this epic story on the big screen.

In the United States, moviegoers can find Les Misérables showing in most major cities. AMC Theatres has many theatres that have this film running now, with plenty of convenient showtimes available across seven provinces in Canada. Cineplex Odeon also has plenty of showings throughout Canada as well as select locations in Mexico and Republica Dominicana.

In Europe, fans can travel around to see this beautiful piece! Vue Cinemas have locations all over England and Northern Ireland where Les Misérables is currently playing, while Ireland's premiere cinema chain Omniplex has several sites offering showings too. Filmstaden Kino shows it in Nordic countries like Sweden and Norway while Switzerland's Pathe Entertainment runs screenings at various independent theatres throughout the region.

No matter where you live you may be able to catch up with Jean Valjean for a night out at your local cinema! Showtimes and availability will vary by location so be sure to check your area ahead of time before planning your visit; book now to get a ticket so that you don't miss out on a classic experience!

What are the showtimes for Les Misérables?

If you're asking about the iconic Victor Hugo novel turned musical, unfortunately there are no showtimes for Les Misérables. Sure, you can find the book or movie at your local library or video store, but it's not something that's regularly performed on stage.

That being said, if you’re looking for a night of stunning singing and dramatic performances set to amazing music – then you’ve come to the right place! Les Misérables is currently experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity as one of New York City's hottest shows this season - so tickets might be tough to come by - but they'll be worth it.

The show is playing right now at Imperial Theatre in NYC with shows throughout November and December and into 2020. The performance schedule changes from week to week so make sure to check online for exact showtimes and availability before heading out. For those hoping for more than just an evening performance, the theater also hosts matinees Saturdays & Sundays at 2 pm most weeks too so families can get their fill of this heart moving story together during the weekend.

No matter what showtime(s) you opt for- when attending living theatre like Les Misérables- don't forget no two performances are ever alike; every audience reacts differently to each scene creating an entirely new experience every time! So sit back and enjoy as these beloved characters take flight on your stage!

What theatres are showing Les Misérables?

Les Misérables is one of the most beloved musicals to ever grace the stage, and it’s fortunate that many theatres are continuing to produce and showcase this classic show.

As is the case with the majority of Broadway productions, New York City is home to some of the best versions of Les Misérables currently running. Theatregoers in NYC can witness renditions at both The Imperial Theatre and The May Brodaway Theatre. In addition, there are also options available for live streaming performances as well as movie adaptations on DVD or streaming services like Netflix.

Outside of NYC, theatre patrons may be surprised to find out that they can still experience this production in a variety of venues around the world! For example, there is an exciting revival playing in London’s West End at The Queen’s Theater; Toronto has its own staging at CAA Theater; Tokyo is home to a longstanding performance at Shinjuku Paramount Hall; and Melbourne boasts yet another interpretation at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Other countries who have staged Les Misérables include Canada, Ireland and Sweden among others.

No matter where you are based or plan on traveling soon, chances are you will be able to witness this amazing musical! Whether it be a movie version or live performance – take advantage of your opportunity here today – enjoy Les Misérables!

Is Les Misérables available to view online?

Yes, Les Misérables is certainly available to view online! Whether you’re a fan of the classic book or the multiple movie adaptations, there are numerous ways to watch this story of redemption, passion and sacrifice.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription or a Hulu account, both sources offer free streaming of the 2012 adaptation and some other versions. This version stars Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert and Anne Hathaway as Fantine. It was nominated for eight Academy Awards including Best Picture!

Netflix also offers several films in their library including 1978’s Les Misérables starring Sir Alec Guinness and Eleanor Bron which follows more closely to Victor Hugo’s original novel. The 1998 miniseries which starred Liam Neeson is also only available on Netflix for instant viewing in over 200 countries around the world!

YouTube is full of searchable clips from Les Misérables ranging from audio tracks featured in many theatrical productions to full-length feature films from 1952 and 1982—and it's all free! Additionally, several rental companies such as Google Play Movies & TV or Vudu offer pay-per-view services that allow viewers access to whichever version they prefer at home with no subscription needed.

When it comes down to it, there’s no wrong option when viewing Les Misérables online – so long as everyone carries a little bit of Jean Valjean's hope with them always.

Where can I watch Les Misérables?

As one of the world's most beloved and enduring stories, it's no surprise that Les Misérables is available from a variety of sources. If you're wondering where you can watch this timeless classic, here are some excellent options for you to explore.

The first and perhaps easiest place to watch Les Misérables is through your local library or rental service. Many libraries around the world keep copies on their shelves so be sure to check yours first before making any other plans. There are also online rental services like Netflix that offer streaming versions for a low fee; these are often cheaper than buying the DVD outright.

Perhaps one of the most cinematic ways to watch Les Misérables is in the movie theater - many theaters around the world have been screening reruns or revival releases, giving you an opportunity not only to enjoy but also support your local theater while doing so (which they really need right now). The national network of arthouse cinemas has had several encore presentations in recent months as well which can be great fun; if they feature popcorn and soda with your ticket price then all the better!

Finally, if none of these options sound particularly attractive to you then simply buy or rent a digital copy and break out some popcorn at home – there’s something small but special about inviting friends over for movie night that just can never quite be replaced by anything else (not even streaming services). With more and more digital marketplaces offering their own take on “media libraries” this become increasingly easy (and cheap) too!

All in all there are plenty of ways for anyone looking where they can watch Les Misérables - whatever way suits your tastes best will likely hold true every single time!

What are the dates for Les Misérables showings?

If you’ve ever wanted to see Victor Hugo’s classic tale of redemption, love and courage brought to life on the stage, you won’t want to miss the international return of Les Misérables! The beloved musical will make its grand opening in London on December 1st 2019 at the Sondheim Theatre with previews from October 21st.

The show will make its way across Europe with stops in cities such as Birmingham, Dublin, Edinburgh and Amsterdam all scheduled for performances that run through February 2020. Les Misérables then leaves for North America where it begins its stateside tour on April 7 at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles. Subsequent musical runs will take place in Seattle March 14 - April 19 2020; San Francisco May 12 - July 5; Chicago September 22 – October 25; Pittsburgh November 10 – December 13, Boston December 29-January 17 2021 and Toronto Jane 11- August 8 2021.

For fans of this beloved story and alluring music who can’t make it out to a live showing, don't worry! A new motion picture adaptation will be released later this year featuring an all star cast including Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. Though still no exact date has been announced yet so keep your eyes peeled for more updates so you can join us one last time as we sing “Do You Hear The People Sing?”

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