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The night was full of drama tonight on Love Island, as one couple was sent packing for the week. After an emotional ceremony, it was clear who got dumped from the island—Hannah and Elijah.

Both Hannah and Elijah entered Love Island with hopes to find true love on the show, but unfortunately things didn't turn out as they had hoped. Their relationship started off strong with a whirlwind romance and solid connections that seemed to be leading toward something more serious—but all of that unraveled quickly following tonight's challenge.

The challenge in question tested all of the couples' relationships by posing a series of ethical questions about cheating, loyalty and more. Many couples were faced with conflicting answers, but Hannah and Elijah answered completely differently; they simply were not seeing eye-to-eye it at this stage in their relationship. On top of that, their rapport just wasn't translating into sparks when it came time for networking with other contestants or sharing moments together like other pairs in the house.

In a unanimous decision from both sides Hannah and Elijah decided to bow out gracefully insteading of hashing it out any longer; opting for one partner leaving rather than holding out hope for reconciliation given their stance on various matters.. It was time for both partners to move on separately within the house which resulted in their mutual departure from Love Island tonght. As fans watched sadly at this untimely ending its inevitable that each former participant will carry fond memories up until now shared between them, love island will miss them dearly!

Who got eliminated on Love Island this evening?

Tonight's episode of Love Island was certainly an explosive one! While viewers voted for their favorite couple, the Islander’s had to face a tough decision. Unfortunately, this evening’s episode saw two fan favorites getting the ax and making their final exit from the island.

Troy and Eliana were both eliminated this evening after receiving fewest votes from viewers. Troy, who has been described as everyone's favorite rapper/DJ and Eliana described as a “little ray of sunshine” throughout her time on the show, have both said their goodbyes.

After being on the island together for 5 weeks, they have clearly formed a bond with each other but also with all of their fellow Islanders too. Viewers expressed sympathy through social media when they found out that Troy and Eliana were leaving tonight’s show. Some even expressed that they felt that there could have been some bias against them in this week’s voting process – citing votes possibly having gone to more controversial couples featured on tonight’s show instead – although nothing has been confirmed yet by officials running Love Island today.

We can only hope (instead of speculate) what will happen next in Love Island! Will unpopular couples manage to stay in? Or will someone else be following Troy and Eliana out of paradise? Stay tuned for more next week!

Who was taken away from Love Island tonight?

Tonight, fan-favorite contestant Michael was voted off Love Island. In an unpredictable turn of events, Michael - who had been one of the most talked-about islanders this season - was voted out by his fellow contestants.

The contestants were put in a difficult position; they were forced to choose between sending either Michael or Elma home from the island. The loyalty that both parties have shown to each other throughout the season made this decision particularly hard for all eight islanders.

Nevertheless, after much debate and deliberation, the majority of Love Island's contestants decided that Michael should be the one taken away from their love haven tonight. It seemed as if his friendships with some Islander’s weren't strong enough compared to others’ relationships - despite being popular with viewers back home!

Although we will no longer have Michael on our screens every night, he is sure to be remembered for his comedic qualities and outrageous fashion choices during his stint on Love Island 2020. We may still see him pop up in episodes as part of exclusive reveals or behind-the-scenes footage!

Which contestant was dumped from Love Island this week?

This week on Love Island, Sophie Piper was sent home after being dumped by Connagh Howard.

The latest dumping marks a dramatic end to the couple’s rollercoaster romance, which saw them almost become a firm favourite of viewers. From coming in late and still finding love, to being victimised in the hideaway battle for Connagh’s affections between herself and newcomer Rebecca Gormley - the pair stuck it out until the very end.

Sophie entered Love Island earlier this month as one of six new arrivals from Winter series Casa Amor. She immediately caught Connagh's eye with her bold personality and bubbly attitude – much to Rebecca's dismay. As tensions rose between the two ladies, Sophie remained loyal and justified why she deserved his affection with honest conversations about their connection outside of the villa walls. The pair solidified their couple status during an emotional bedside proposal where they declared their desire for a life together - but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be as Connagh chose Rebecca over Sophie at recoupling this week leaving her devastated.

It's been a true rollercoaster ride for Sophie; we wish her all the best!

Who got sent home from Love Island last night?

Last night on Love Island, it was an unforgettable semi-final that saw four contestants sent home. After a week of tough battles and dramatic twists, the show's fan-favorites Connagh Howard, Leanne Amaning, Mike Boateng and Shaughna Phillips were all leaving the island - though for different reasons.

Connagh found himself out of luck after his romance with Sophie Piper didn't gain as much traction with his fellow housemates as he'd hoped. Leanne shared goodbye hugs with Paige Turley before voluntarily exiting after her own relationship had come to its end days earlier. Mike was voted off by the public vote along with his love interest Jess Gale, depriving them both from a chance to win the grand prize of £50K when the series concludes next week. Lastly Shaughna bowed out due to being severely rewired after Casa Amor brought in Callum Jones and Molly Smith earlier this series – sparking a phenomenal fallout that resulted in her exit from Love Island last night.

It was an emotional goodbye for viewers and contestants alike but every one has already moved on! There are still three couples left vying for the crown so make sure you tune in next week to hear who will be crowned winners of Love Island 2020!

Who had to leave Love Island this evening?

Tonight saw the highly anticipated departure of two Love Island contestants. While it was undoubtedly a difficult decision to make, producers decided that Demi and Jamie had to leave the show.

Demi and Jamie had been in the villa for slightly over a week, so their time together was short-lived. Nevertheless, they formed a strong bond with each other – as well as with fellow Islanders – during their stay. They quickly became popular with viewers; the loving nature of their relationship certainly resonated with viewers at home! Despite this, both contestants manifested an honest attitude towards one another's personal ambitions and struggles throughout their stay on Love Island – an attitude which didn't go unnoticed among viewers (or producers).

Beyond forming an immediate connection with Jamie, Demi also enjoyed getting to know Shaughna since her arrival in the villa. Undoubtedly Shaughna felt sad to see her friend depart – although no doubt she will be comforted by demi's newfound Instagram fame! Similarly, Jamie may now be away from his love interest but he still has plenty of admirers on social media - ensuring he will remain a fan favourite long after this series has finished!

Demi and Jaime though not together for long made an everlasting impression on Love Island fans across the nation and may have even paved way for more connections formed outside of our island—and hearts- inside (of course) infront -behind—television screens just waiting around the corner.

Who was voted off Love Island last night?

Last night, it was the moment we've all been waiting for: the dramatic vote off on Love Island! Contestants were tested on their friendships and romances as viewers voted on who they wanted to see continue in the competition. After an intense night of voting, Stella Bulochnikov-Solomon was announced as the contestant who received the least amount of votes and was ultimately voted off.

Stella, who hails from London, entered Love Island earlier this season with her friend Heather Luscombe. Throughout her time in the villa, she formed strong friendships with other islanders which made selecting a winner more difficult for viewers. She also sparked a romance with fellow islander John Warder shortly after arriving in Spain -- a few weeks ago they shared their first kiss! Unfortunately this budding romance wasn't enough to keep Stella in the competition past last night's episode.

Though she may be leaving Love Island behind her, there's no doubt that Stella will make many relationships during her stay – especially those that are sure to last long after producers close up shop for another season of hotshots looking for love. Here’s hoping she finds someone special out there as she makes new memories out of Spain and back home in London!

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