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Happy hour seltzer may seem like an innocuous, fun drink, but the benefits it provides to its owner can be more significant than it appears. To discover who owns happy hour seltzer, we must delve a bit deeper and explore the major players in the market.

First and foremost is the leader of craft seltzer manufacturers: White Claw. Launched in 2016 by Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co., White Claw has risen to unbelievable heights of popularity since then – its sales skyrocketed 209% in 2019 alone. While Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. originally didn’t have ties to alcoholic beverages, White Claw hit it big with already-existing markets and created a new line of flavored beverages catering to 21+ consumers.

Second is Red Bull-owned Celsius Holdings Inc., which launched its own line of seltzer drinks late last year. Celsius carbonated products are marketed as being healthy and providing energy boosts that get you through your drive home from happy hour on Fridays. Interestingly enough, while Red Bull itself isn’t popular as an alcoholic beverage, Celsius products offer something different – a mix of flavors without alcohol content yet still providing energizing benefits.

Finally, Coke-owned Topo Chico also offers nonalcoholic flavored sparkling water which has become increasingly popular thanks to the sweet apple flavor that garnered it a cult following for over two centuries since 1893. As one of the longer-standing players in the game, Topo Chico brings with it unique market insight and power that is pushing further awareness for seltzers far and wide outside just local concentrated markets like Texas and California where it first began gaining attention within cocktail circles as a mixologist favorite over 20 years ago.

All things considered, happy hour seltzer beverages are mainly created by three large brands – White Claw (Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.), Celsius (Red Bull) and Topo Chico (Coke). With their battle over drink supremacy ongoing, all these brand owners claim portions of happy hour seltzer market share with whatever product they decide to offer up next.

What company produces Happy Hour Seltzer?

Happy Hour Seltzer is a line of sparkling drinks made in the United States. It's produced by the company White Claw Hard Seltzer and is quickly becoming one of the most popular hard seltzer beverages in the US. Adding to its popularity, White Claw has released a new line of fruity, refreshing flavors under its Happy Hour series.

The Happy Hour flavors boast natural fruit ingredients, vodka, and sparkling water. With light and low-calorie options—like raspberry lemonade, tropical colada, black cherry rosemary lemonade, lime ginger tangerine—to choose from, customers have a range of taste experiences to enjoy.

White Claw has worked hard to create a product that appeals on many levels — not just taste, but convenience and nutrition too. This is why it's become so popular for summertime activities, be it a backyard pool party or simply a backyard barbecue with friends and family. Happiness in a can? Sounds like an ideal way to kick off summer!

What is the origin of Happy Hour Seltzer?

Happy Hour Seltzer originated in 1871 when the Sebago Brewing Company of Portland, Maine first produced their very own bubbly, carbonated beverage. At the time, seltzer was not as popular as it is today. But Sebago decided to put an interesting spin on the drink by allowing its customers to purchase a package of six bottles for five dollars - thus inventing the Happy Hour Seltzer.

Thanks to this unusual discount offer, Sebago enjoyed massive success and within a few years their beverage was being distributed all over the United States. But it was only after Prohibition ended in 1933 that Happy Hour Seltzer really gained traction and become a staple in America's drinking culture. With flavors like lemon-lime and fruit punch becoming popular in American households, Happy Hour slowly grew into an even bigger phenomenon throughout the years.

Today, not only is Happy Hour Seltzer widely available in grocery stores and restaurants but it also has a wide range of fruit-flavored variations - making it an essential part of any happy hour gathering. So grab some friends, grab some seltzer and cheers to embracing this wonderful bubbly drink; all thanks to Sebago Brewing Company's clever marketing strategy way back in 1871!

What type of seltzer is Happy Hour Seltzer?

Happy Hour Seltzer is a unique type of seltzer beverage, the perfect combination of tartness and sweetness that is sure to tantalize the taste buds of any seltzer enthusiast. Developed in 2020, Happy Hour Seltzer has already become a favorite amongst consumers due to its complex and flavorful beverage profile.

Happy Hour Seltzer is made with all-natural ingredients that make it free from only artificial flavors and preservatives. This seltzer comes in two distinct varieties: original flavor and raspberry lime flavor. The original flavor contains water, acai berry extract, natural fruit flavor, citric acid, sea salt, and Monkfruit extract for a light and tart taste. Meanwhile, the raspberry lime variety contains water, beet juice concentrate, natural fruit flavors (raspberry & lime), citric acid, monkfruit extract and sea salt for a sweet-tart twist.

Whether you’re looking for something refreshing to sip on to relax at home or something special to pair with your meals or drinks out on the town⁠—Happy Hour Seltzer promises a unique experience for consumer palates everywhere. From its sophisticated yet subtle zesty citrus aroma to its ultra light carbonation that's just bubbly enough without being overpowering—it is the perfect drink for an hour (or more!) of recreation and celebration.

What flavors are available in Happy Hour Seltzer?

Happy Hour Seltzer is one of the trendiest beverages in town. It offers a fresh and fruity take on sparkling water with their selection of delicious flavors. Whether you're looking for something light and tangy, or a sweeter bubbly, Happy Hour Seltzer has it all!

The ever-growing product lineup includes an impressive variety of flavors, with something to suit everyone's palette. You can choose from tart Lemon Lime, flavorful Blackberry Lime, slightly-sweet Watermelon Elderflower, deliciously tropical Coconut Pineapple, and tangy Pink Grapefruit flavors. These amazing tastes will surely take you from happy hour to a full afternoon of sipping pleasure!

Sipping on your favorite Happy Hour Seltzer will bring out the fruity acidity in its full glory. These delectable seltzers are made with real fruit juices for a crisp taste that is never too sweet or too overpowering. Plus, Happy Hour Seltzer is guilt-free -- 99 calories per 12 oz. serving and no added sugars! There's no better way to treat yourself after a long day than with this delicious lower calorie bubbly!

Whether you're looking to unwind after work or have an evening filled with friends, stock up on some flavorful Happy Hour Seltzers before it's too late! With their yummy offerings and lighter calories than other well-known drinks, it'll quickly become your go-to beverage during happy hour.

Where can I purchase Happy Hour Seltzer?

When revamping our at-home bar for an upcoming happy hour, one of the essential elements that we must have available is good-tasting seltzer. While pathetically ordinary sparkling water will work in a pinch, there are many ways to step up your happy hour seltzer game without breaking the bank. To start off, some of the largest retailers such as Walmart or Target offer refreshing and flavorful Hard Seltzer options. Low in calories and preservatives, these brands provide a great alternative for those who want to enjoy their favorite drinks without overindulging.

For those looking for even more unique seltzer options, many craft beer producers are now creating their own versions of premium hard seltzers. Brands such as White Claw and Truly offer a range of flavor profiles that give you taste variety while still helping you save money when compared to buying craft beers. Furthermore, stores specializing in particular beverages often feature specialized Hard Seltzers flavors along with other varieties that would be harder to find at larger retailers. Be sure to take a look around your area if specialty stores offer more local brands!

For a lighter option, natural carbonated spring water is also widely available at all major grocery stores. Brands such as La Croix are refreshing and can be flavored with different fruits or spices for an added kick. No matter what type of hard seltzer you’re looking for there’s certainly something out there for everyone; all it takes is a bit of research and exploration!

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