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Victor Salazar, the title character in the romantic-comedy Love Victor, will be portrayed by Michael Cimino. Although this is Cimino’s first lead role in a major televised production, fans of the hit series Sacred Lies and Heathers have seen his work before.

Cimino makes for an endearing Victor. His charming personality mixed with a mixture of both sensitivity and grounded humor perfectly reflects Victor’s awkward yet optimistic journey in discovering his identity. In an interview shortly after being cast, Cimino described the part of Vic as “a huge honor” as well as “such an incredibly important responsibility for me to make sure I do justice to every way that Vic can be seen on screen.”

Bringing these character traits to life, Michael Cimino strives to make Love Victor an entertaining show that is not only uplifting to watch but also realistic and relatable to its viewers. Having such a warm persona simultaneously fit yet challenge conventional narrative roles and tropes is something we can all look forward to witnessing this summer!

Who is the actor that plays Victor in Love Victor?

Victor, the main character in the forthcoming movie Love Victor is gracefully portrayed by Michael Cimino. Michael Cimino fell in love with acting at an early age and made his film debut in 2016 in a short film titled ‘Succubus’. Since then he has worked hard to carve out a successful acting career and impress audiences with his talent.

His most prominent roles include Richie Stokes in the show Grown-ish and Cooper Schildhaus in the The Secret Life of Boys. Michael’s effortless acting prowess is what makes him the perfect fit for Victor in Love Victor. He emphatically portrays Victor’s struggle to navigate his coming-of-age narrative as a closeted high school student while standing up for himself and finding his own purpose.

This role has become one of his most major breakthroughs and it has earned him several nominations, including an Independent Spirit Awards nomination for Best Breakthrough Performance, alongside beautifully praises from critics all over the world.

It will be interesting to see what other projects he takes up next, because this is only the beginning for him!

Who plays Victor's love interest Felix in Love Victor?

Victor’s love interest Felix in the Hulu original show Love Victor is played by the actor Maxwell Simkins. He is no stranger to the world of acting, being a featured player in several popular films and shows.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Max was born into a family of actors. His mother and father were both heavily involved in theatre productions with his father even having a role on Broadway. By the age of 11 Max had already made up his mind that he wanted to pursue acting and shortly afterwards he began taking classes and performing in short films.

Max began gaining notability after taking on the role of ‘Young Joshua’ in the 2006 film version of Robots directed by Chris Wedge. Since then he has taken part in other popular films like Night at the Museum: Secrets of The Tomb, Bandslam and Alexander And The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. He has also appeared in several television shows including House Of Lies, Superstore, Bones and Zeke & Luther making him one of Hollywood’s most recognizable young stars.

He finally found international acclaim with his appearance as Felix on Love Victor. His performance as a caring and supportive friend to Victor has been praised by both fans and critics alike for its authenticity and charm. It certainly helped that prior to filming Simkins was able to draw from personal experience seeing as his own parents are both openly gay, allowing him to bring a certain degree of understanding to his role which otherwise would not have been there.

Make sure you check out Max Simkins performance as Felix on Love Victor now streaming only on Hulu!

Who is the actor that portrays Felix in Love Victor?

Felix on the popular Hulu Television Series, Love Victor is portrayed by Michael Cimino.

Michael Cimino is a 17-year-old actor, who hails from Pennsylvania; whom has gained immense fame and recognition due to his work on Love Victor. Before his big break into stardom as Felix, Cimino had appeared in several short films and music videos. His most notable prior roles include a guest starring role in Rachel age 8 - which aired on PBS Kids - as well as doubling for a young Harrison Ford in Air Force One.

Cimino's performance as Felix has truly shined this past year. His portrayal of the character manages to capture both the funny and—sometimes—heart-breaking life stories of teens, encased in meaningful themes about self-exploration and identity. While portraying Felix, Cimino transcends TV screen—bringing life to an ambitious and genuine role that speaks to millions around the world who are dealing with love, family struggles, and identity crises of their own. Not only does his acting draw viewers in & leave them wanting more - but also sparks meaningful conversations amongst viewers watching along & also provides a comforting yet important outlook on sometimes difficult topics of conversation surrounding the LGBTQ+ community.

Overall it can be said that Michael Cimino's performance as Felix in Love Victor has truly left an everlasting impression upon all viewers—and is sure to be remembered not just this year; but for many years to come!

Who stars as Felix in Love Victor?

Michael Cimino stars as Felix in the hit show Love Victor. Felix is a charismatic high school student who just moved to Creekwood. He is an outgoing, spontaneous, and often naive young man who finds himself navigating relationships, breakups, bad influences, and his own self-discovery.

Felix is surrounded by a wonderful cast of characters that provide comedic and dramatic foil throughout the show. He has a great friend in Mia, played by Rachel Hilson, his long-time friend Benji (George Sear), love interest Lake (Bebe Wood), and parents Josephine Langford and Anthony Turpel. It is this fantastic ensemble that drive the show's character arcs to success.

Michael Cimino does an outstanding job as Felix. His unique blend of mystery, silliness and sincere emotion brings life to this character in ways no other actor could replicate. He captures the thrill of succeeding at a difficult task and keeps the audience engaged with his quick-witted humor. Thanks to Michael Cimino's performance, Love Victor fans cheer when Felix succeeds while being inspired when he fails - creating an intense experience viewers can't get enough of!

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