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This may sound like a silly question, but it actually captures the sentiment of confusion and heartbreak felt by many when trying to express and understand their emotions toward someone else. Love, in its most basic form, is an intangible emotion that cannot be put into words or music. While a piano composition may carry the spirit of love in its melody and chord progressions, it still lacks the ability to actually embody what truly makes love so powerful; its personal connection between two individuals.

No matter how beautiful the music created when playing a piano with passion, it will never replace or duplicate what we all experience when eyes meet for that one moment that transcends language: love at first sight. It's this incomparable spark of recognition coupled with an endless curiosity within us that brings us together as human beings — something no instrument can ever create or explain.

So while some people may attempt to express their feelings through playing the piano or other means of artistic expression, it simply isn't possible for any artist to completely explain "why can't this be love." That answer lies within each individual soul who has experienced real love — a feeling so strangely intense yet miraculous at the same time; one which even instruments have not yet achieved replicating truly faithfully.

Why is this song called “Why Can’t This Be Love”?

The 1986 song “Why Can’t This Be Love” by Van Halen is the ultimate love song. Not only does it capture the feelings of longing and passion, but it also questions why those feelings can't be reciprocated or bring two people closer together.

The song begins with an acoustic guitar riff that is accompanied by a light drum beat and lead singer David Lee Roth singing about a relationship that is stuck in limbo. The chorus poignantly asks, "Why can't this be love/ We're too young to know/ But when we wake up tomorrow, still in each other's arms...why can't this be love?" Through these lyrics, Van Halen expresses the longing for an intimate connection between two people that often never comes to fruition due to reasons like societal expectations or one person not wanting to take the risk and leave themselves vulnerable.

Beyond its lyrical content, “Why Can’t This Be Love” features impressive guitar work from Eddie Van Halen that builds as the song progresses towards its powerful climax – one last plea of why can't this moment last forever? While we may never get a definitive answer as to why some relationships fall apart even though both parties may feel something strong between them at times, this classic rock anthem will always remain as an ode to hopefulness in finding true connection and lasting love despite any obstacle.

How do you play “Why Can’t This Be Love” on the piano?

Playing the classic Van Halen song Why Can't This Be Love on your piano can be a fun way to spice up your home music sessions. This lively, upbeat song has been a favorite for decades, and in just seven easy steps you'll be able to bring its nostalgic feel into your space.

Step 1: Start off with the verses of Why Can't This Be Love by playing simple fourths chords. For example, D4-G4-A#4-F4 (Dmaj7/G). The notes should ring out swift but gentle.

Step 2: Move onto the bridge of the song by playing seventh chords in thirds made up of two octaves using both hands (e.g., C3-E3-C5 to Eb3-Ab3). Make sure that you play these warmly and emotionally.

Step 3: Get ready for David Lee Roth's famous lyrics with the chorus, which utilizes ninth chords and four note voicings made up of two octaves each (e.g., E2 Bb2 Db3 F#3). Focus on keeping a tight rhythm as these notes give it distinct energy and power!

Step 4: When it comes time for Eddie Van Halen's iconic guitar solo towards the end of Why Can't This Be Love, take this as an opportunity to improvise freely while still sticking close to his famous pattern by utilizing pentatonic scales (major or minor) combined with bluesruns. If this feels intimidating then don’t worry - just add some flourishes around individual notes here or there until you feel comfortable experimenting more closely with his original style!

Step 5: Now that you've gone through all aspects of ``Why Can't This Be Love," it's time to segue into other parts just like a DJ might do during their set - try transitioning from slow Cuban montunos into quickersixteenth triplets as per Eddie's solo style over this track in order to create further variety and fun!

Step 6: Finish off with some powerful runs before returning back toward more simplistic fourths chords again atop thunderous drum fills written specifically by Alex Van Halen at times when appropriate throughout your rendition!

Step 7: Take what you learned here today; go practice this Van Halen classic yourself so that next time someone requests “Why Can’t This Be Love” within earshot you can strategically put together one unforgettable performance on your piano – cheers matey!!

What does the song “Why Can’t This Be Love” mean?

As the second single from Van Halen's 1986 album, 5150, the song “Why Can’t This Be Love” has become a power ballad classic in the music world. It starts with a haunting guitar intro and leads up to a high energy rock anthem. But what does this song really mean?

The song is about trying to make sense of an unrequited love—or perhaps just not understanding why things aren't working out. Lyrics such as “Dreamin of things we can never be / Why can’t this be love?” express confusion and uncertainty over impossible romantic scenarios that are sensed but never quite realized. The chorus “Why can’t this be love? / Must I always be dreaming of you my love? / I wanna know why ain't nothing happening between us two? reminds us that a spark has definitely been felt, yet for whatever reason, it will remain unrequited forever.

But what's most interesting about this song isn't its themes; it's how Van Halen used their music to express them. The steady bass line and drum groove give suggestions of calmness while David Lee Roth sings lyrics voicing his questions on why he can't find proper fulfillment in relationships; at the same time, Eddie Van Halen's powerful guitar riffs throughout the chorus add an element of frustration exuding raw emotion right out into your ears with each solo he plays as if feeling couldn't possibly be any more transparent or open for interpretation than in such musical terms! All these components form together creating one beautiful yet bittersweet piece that resonates strongly even after all these decades since its release - making "Why Can’t This Be Love" an iconic anthem for anyone longing for answers regarding unanswered or unrequited love.

What key does “Why Can’t This Be Love” sound best in?

When it comes to the 1987 Van Halen classic "Why Can’t This Be Love," the answer may depend on who you're asking. This upbeat and powerful hard rock anthem certainly demands attention, and its key of C# minor has been called a "perfectly crafted harmonic arena" by some.

Whether it's heard in its recorded version or performed live, one thing is for certain: there are tons of great possibilities when it comes to performing "Why Can't This Be Love." As anyone familiar with the song's signature guitar riff knows, Eddie Van Halen was a master improviser with an ear for tonality; so playing this classic in different keys can create some very intriguing changes and variations off the original formula.

A popular option is playing "Why Can’t This Be Love" in E major as opposed to its original key of C# minor. The switch makes everything brighter; so instead of the song's signature gloomy feeling, it delivers lots of energy and power due to increased tensions across all those chords. Even if you don't know much music theory or don't understand why moving up by three semitones would make such a difference, just give it a listen – especially during those powerful choruses!

Change is Good!

Playing “Why Can’t This Be Love” higher up means that singing it becomes easier for vocalists without sacrificing any of its intensity (this bodes especially well for sopranos.) Every chorus requires more high notes than verses do; but since those high notes are now two semitones lower – not to mention simpler shapes - everyone can benefit from this tweak in key!

No matter what version you choose though, there's no denying that 'Why Can't Thee be Love' remains an undeniable classic that will likely remain popular (and iconic) forever - just make sure your Music Key Choice fits your needs!

Where can I find the sheet music for “Why Can’t This Be Love”?

If you’re looking for the sheet music to Van Halen’s classic “Why Can’t This Be Love,” then you’ve come to the right place! Originally released on the band's 1986 album 5150 and written by vocalist David Lee Roth, “Why Can't This Be Love" is one of Van Halen's most recognized hits.

Fortunately for all the wannabe guitarists out there trying to replicate Eddie Van Halen's famous solo in this song, you can easily find accurate sheet music online nowadays. First and foremost would be music transcription websites like MusicNotes or SheetMusicPlus which both offer an official version of this iconic piece. In addition, they also include basic tablature should you want to practice playing along with a virtual accompaniment as heard on the original album recording.

For those users who prefer a physical copy at their disposal while practicing or transcribing their own version of the song, there are printed versions available at bookstores and online vendors like Amazon. Chances are good that these versions will include additional resources such as lead guitar exercises and vocal sheets – a great perk for budding musicians interested in capturing every last detail from this powerhouse rock tune!

Whether your goal is to capture every nuance from Eddie Van Halen’s memorable solo or just play it as part of your shred guitar repertoire – finding sheet music for “Why Can't This Be Love" isn't too hard these days. With so many options out there beyond traditional stores, now anyone can become an expert lead guitarist at home!

What chords are featured in “Why Can’t This Be Love”?

If you love Eighties rock, then you are undoubtedly familiar with Van Halen’s 80s classic ‘Why Can’t This Be Love.’ Written by band members David Lee Roth and Edward Van Halen, this song presented audiences with a perfect pop-rock summer anthem. The track is compatible for seasoned guitarists who want to add it to their repertoire - the main chord progression in “Why Can’t This Be Love,” is G - Dm - Fmaj7- Am. While this provides the basic structure and harmony of the chorus and verse sections of the song, delicate aesthetic touches are added through additional chords such as Em (just before every chorus) and A7 (in both sections). The bridge section of “Why Can’t This Be Love?” is especially intricate; incorporating a combination of C (it opens the bridge), Eaug5 (on each following line), Bb9b13 at lines 9 onwards before extending these changes through to Eaug/B again at 19th line. Although daunting on paper, these embellishments fuel excitement for experienced guitarists looking for something challenging in their kit bag!

To conclude: if you are eager to master some classic Van Halen chords from their eighties output then Get your strings ready! Because all that stands between you and mastering “Why Can't This Be Love" is an effective practice plan that incorporates G - Dm - Fmaj7- Am along with other additional chords like Em, A7,C,Eaug5 Bb9b13 and Eaug/B. So pull on those headphones because it won't take too long until wowing crowds with some sought after stage magic produced by Roth's trademark vocal melody!

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