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If the question is referring to a guitar tab, the answer could be that this particular tab may not accurately reflect the way the song was recorded, so it cannot “be love” in a technical sense. It is also possible that this tab does not contain all of the correct notes for the song and therefore cannot provide an accurate representation of what “love” might sound like on guitar. Even if this tab does represent all of the correct notes, it may not contain all subtle variations such as dynamics and other effects that can give a piece of music extra depth and emotion – or "love."

Alternatively, if you are referring to something specific like an Elvis Presley song titled "Can't Help Falling in Love", then it could be said that such an arrangement is hard to replicate using guitar tabs alone since there are so many different elements playing throughout (such as percussion instruments). Therefore, while tabs can be very useful for learning songs by ear or even replicating them with other instruments such as keyboards; they likely do not capture all nuances required to fully appreciate what makes “Can't Help Falling in Love" so special - its capacity to illicit emotions within us; which essentially encompasses what we mean when we reference something being full of love.

What chords are used in the "Why Can't This Be Love" song?

The power ballad, "Why Can't This Be Love", recorded by Van Halen in 1986 on the album 5150, is an iconic piece of hard rock music. A classic example of what makes the band unique, its catchy melody and toe-tapping energy make it one of their most recognizable hits. But part of what makes this song so great is its inventive chord progression.

As with many Van Halen songs, the chorus features a memorable chord progression that captures all the emotion and stylistic elements that make their music unique - namely, a heavy use of three-and four-note chords combined with a syncopated hi-hat rhythm played on drums. The specific chords used for this song are as follows:

Verse: Dm Dm/C BbA Chorus: Am//F G//C A7/D Dmaj7/F# BbE5 Bridge: C F G C F G Em Am Outro: C (x3) E5 (x3).

These simple yet effective chords create an instantly recognizable sound that will have you jamming along with your air guitar before you know it! Whenever it comes on in public places like shopping malls or bars, no one can help but smile at the memory it conjures up - and that's exactly why "Why Can't This Be Love" remains such an enduring favorite to this day.

Who wrote the lyrics for "Why Can't This Be Love"?

Van Halen’s lead singer and songwriter David Lee Roth wrote the lyrics for their classic 1986 song "Why Can't This Be Love". The track was the first single off of the band's album 5150, which has become a fan favourite and legendary in rock history.

Roth famously sang lead vocals on all tracks from Van Halen’s 1984-1995 era, when the hard rock group used its classic lineup. While Roth often wrote his own lyrics, it was collaboration between him, Eddie Van Halen and others that created timeless songs like "Why Can't This Be Love" that have endured decades after its release.

The track stands as one of Roth's most memorable compositions for Van Halen as he tapped into sentimental themes about love and longing in painful relationships. He pours heartfelt emotions into touching lines like “It doesn’t seem to fade away/What am I doin' wrong?/It feels so right but still I'm alone… With no one to touch me tonight."

Lyrically brilliant with uncompromising beats and ferocious solo by Eddie Van Halen, it remains an astonishing emblem of 1980s rock culture. Recognized by critics worldwide as a masterpiece, it is an anthem generation upon generation can relate to even three decades later - demonstrated with heavy coverings at live events across countries.

Is there an official music video for "Why Can't This Be Love"?

No official music video has been released for Van Halen's hit song "Why Can't This Be Love", but no matter the lack of visuals, this classic power ballad has remained a fan-favorite for over three decades now.

The song was originally written by Eddie Van Halen and Michael Anthony, with help from Alex Van Halen on drums. It was then fleshed out and completed in the studio with help from producer Ted Templeman and engine Andy Johns. For those familiar with the band's discography, "Why Can't This Be Love" maintains their legacy as a rock n' roll powerhouse as well as their experimentation within other musical genres - this track being an exploration of funk/soul territory to pleasant effect.

The mid-tempo single is driven by David Lee Roth's soulful vocals that confess his love in layer after layer of harmony, supported further by electrifying guitar riffs going throughout the entirety of the track. With its catchy melodies, passionate lyrics and inspiring instrumentation, “Why Can’t This Be Love” became an instant hit upon release thanks to its widespread airplay on local radio stations across North America - solidifying itself as one of Van Halen's most memorable hits until today!

Though there may not be an official music video to match its passionate lyrics that take us through Lee Roth's romantic yearning into true love, it doesn't really take away from this timeless classic remaining one for all ages!

What is the tempo of "Why Can't This Be Love"?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is the tempo of "Why Can't This Be Love" by Van Halen?” then you can rest assured knowing that it has a moderate rock tempo. The popular song was released in 1986 and remains as one of Van Halen's most beloved songs to date.

As a moderately fast-paced song, the tempo is 175 beats per minute (BPM). Although the song has different tempos throughout due to its dynamic changes in volume and intensity, the main rhythm remains consistent throughout at a regular BPM rate. This makes it perfect for dancing or simply listening along with some choreographed moves!

In between soft chord changes and vocal melodies, there are also some exciting guitar melodies from Eddie Van Halen that support the lively drumbeat led by Alex Van Halen. All this comes together to create an upbeat sound that makes it difficult not to dance when you hear this classic rock anthem!

Whether you're looking for some nostalgia or just want something fun and lively to listen to; "Why Can't This Be Love" by Van Halen is sure to add a little extra energy into your life! So put on those dancing shoes and get ready for one of rock's most memorable tunes – 175 BPM at its finest.

Where can I find accurate guitar tabs for "Why Can't This Be Love"?

One of the best places to find guitar tabs for the Van Halen classic, "Why Can't This Be Love," is Ultimate Guitar. They have an extensive library of accurate and up-to-date tabs for all kinds of songs, including this one. All you need to do is search for the song title and you'll be able to find several versions of the tab for "Why Can't This Be Love."

Additionally, Musescore offers both sheet music and guitar tabs with helpful features such as chord diagrams that make it easier to learn a song with any instrument. As with Ultimate Guitar, it only takes a few clicks on their site in order to locate "Why Can't This Be Love" and they offer regular updates as well.

Finally, if you are more comfortable using YouTube as your source for guitar tabs then check out Afrodescendente channel; he posts regularly updated videos complete with visual tablature that allow users to gain step by step instructions for the tune at hand - in this case it's "Why Can't This Be Love." He also provides additional info about each track such as genre tags in order help filter through his vast archive quickly.

Suffice it say, no matter what platform or format suits you best there are plenty of resources available online where you can find accurate guitar tabs for Van Halen's iconic hit: “Why Can’t This Be Love?”

How long is the bridge in the "Why Can't This Be Love" song?

If you’re a fan of Van Halen’s classic hit “Why Can’t This Be Love,” chances are you have wondered how long the bridge in the song actually is. Well, wonder no more!

The bridge in the song is about thirty seconds long, starting just after the electric guitar solo and lasting until the guitars drop back out leading into Alex Van Halen's drum roll. Within this brief period of time are several intricate baroque-style guitar riffs played by Eddie Van Halen, as well as accompanying keyboards from bandmate Michael Anthony and other instrumental work from drummer Alex Van Halen.

It's a bit hard to believe that such an iconic bridge lasts for only about thirty seconds if you actually listen to it closely - it really underlines just how talented and creative The Van Halens were when they wrote one of their most popular songs yet back in 1986.

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